Wednesday 5 December 2007

The UAF and the A-E of Socialist Genocide

Image - mass grave of victims of Communist massacre

Image - Slave workers in Siberian winter

Image - Slave workers in USSR Gulag

Image - Katyn Massacre

There is no greater evil than that which hides behind a moral mask. Such an evil is Socialism. Socialism is the lie that Communists have always sought to hide behind. Organisations like the UAF, who are a front group for the Socialist Workers Party are the apologists and heirs of the Socialist Genocide. Unlike the process of De-Nazification that was imposed at the end of the Second World War, there was no De-Communistification process at the end of the Cold War. The butchers that ran the Gulag and Laogia were allowed to carry on with their lives whilst their victims were forgotten.

Senior politicians in the Labour Party, like Jack Straw, John Reid and Peter Hain were all members of the Communist Party during the era of the Soviet Union. Gerry Gable of Searchlight was a Communist Party member, and even stood as a Communist Party candidate, whilst the gulags of the Soviet Union were busy slaughtering millions in the name of 'equality'. Trevor Phillips, head of the CRE was a member of the Young Communists, and visited Cuba when it was still sponsored by the Soviet Union. Today Phillips preaches about 'fighting racism' but never mentions he was once a supporter of the killers of communism. Whilst Trevor Phillips and Frank Dobson were attending the state parades and the red flag waving festivals, the democrats of Cuba were being shot by Castro's killers and dissidents imprisoned for daring to criticise the regime.

Today these scum are the Establishment. They sit in Parliament and besmirch our democracy with their feculent presence. These are the people that appear on our TV screens and write articles in newspapers who dare to lecture us about civil rights and wrongs. But there is blood upon their hands. Their crime is complicity. Communism justified the crimes, and they and their comrades committed them. The hands they shook were the hands that held the rifles and starved the babies. Their friends were the ones who did the crimes, their brothers in arms the architects of the famines and purges.

Look closely at them and you can see the evil beneath. Open your eyes and perceive the perversions that they once appeased and assisted. They have never apologised, never atoned and never admitted their crimes. Because of this they cannot ever be forgiven. They are damned by what they have done. Even today they use the same socialist words to empower themselves, words like equality, anti-racism and social justice. These words are the steps to the gulag. First they speak of equality and then they begin the killing.

Under Socialism the dead found their equality, in the unmarked graves into which they were cast.

Today the Unite Against Fascism groups mocks the millions who were slaughtered under communism, when they defile our democracy with their presence.

The A-C of Communism begins with the UAF, seeks it mechanism in socialism and ends in the final solution of the Gulags of Communism.

The maggots that swarm in the still festering wound of the UAF are the shocktroops of socialist genocide. The UAF red mob is the stain that has never been removed from our society. They are the minions who once manned the gates of the gulags, the petty state officials in their cheap suits who signed the death warrants and who drove the trains that carried women and children into the death camps. These were Stalins willing killers, the faceless mob that filled the state jobs and who facilitated the genocide itself.

Today the monster seeks to conceal its true nature beneath the mask of moralism. The UAF talk about 'defending democracy' whilst supplying the thugs and terrorists of Anti-Fascist Action, Red Action and the IRA. The UAF seeks to infiltrate the Church and the government, by seeking the fools amidst the Establishment who are seduced by its poisonous rhetoric. It dilutes its poison with a lexicon of lies that it then pours into the young minds of students at universities and schools, and grooms the naive. Even Bishops and Priests are tricked into standing alongside them at UAF meetings and demonstrations. Like all criminals they seek to cloak themselves in the robes of respectability by gathering about them the gullible and the deluded.

The crime of democracy is forgetting the crimes of socialism.

The crime of Liberalism is that it prepared the rape.

Over 100 million people were slaughtered in the name of socialism and communism in the 20th century. The evil that was communism was first spawned in London, in the sick mind of the German emigre Karl Marx, but the beast itself was born in Russia when Lenin arrived in Petrograd on the evening of April 3, 1917. It was this moment that the first terrible symptoms of the the madness that would one day sweep the world was first transmitted and infected.

There was no liberation for the people of Europe from Nazism, there was only the surrender of the US and Britain to the evil of Communism. Those who had lived under the Swastika, were left to die under the Sickle and Hammer. Those on the left that today call George Bush a 'war criminal' were once the cheerleaders of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and the supporters of the Katyn massacre.

The ghosts of the gulags can never rest in peace, as long as the killers are still free. Today the beast no longer cloaks itself in the red flag, instead it seeks to hide behind the Union Jack and the cause of anti-racism. The beast has grown new heads, but the nature of it is still the same. It still finds its root in the graveyards and the gulags, it is still nourished on the same blood and delusions.

The UAF spit in the face of the 100 million victims of socialism and communism.

Excerpts from articles below ;

Some people think Lenin and Trotsky were "not as bad" as Stalin, that the 1917 revolution was not criminal from the start, but only became criminal later. This is one of the greatest lies in history. Lenin and Trotsky killed 4 million people - men, women and children - by mass executions, death camps, and state-caused famine. See [The Black Book of Communism] for a good introduction to their genocide, which started as soon as they got into power in 1917.

He is the 5th greatest murderer of the 20th century (after Stalin, Mao, Hitler and Chiang Kai-shek).

Stalin killed 42 million people - men, women and little children. In all of history, only Mao could possibly have killed more.

The Red Army carried out an orgy of rape of millions of innocent civilian women and children as it swept across Eastern Europe in 1944-45. The rapes carried on for several years after the war. Maybe 200,000 rape victims died.

Mao was responsible for about 40 million total deaths of which most were lost during the Great Leap Forward "which created a famine that killed some 30 million. If we confine our indictment to deliberate killings..." Mao was responsible for about 10 million deaths. 11

"From 1949 onwards, through a succession of failed economic experiments, notably the calamitous 'Great Leap Forward,' and ever more Byzantine political campaigns to suppress 'counter-revolutionaries' - code for anyone perceived to be against the Chairman [Mao Ze Dong]- the citizens of the People's Republic of China went to their deaths in their millions, by execution, starvation or despairingly by their own hands in repeated waves of suicide."

About half starved to death during 1959 and 1960.

China: 72 million, Soviet Union 20 million, Cambodia 2.3 million, North Korea 2 million, Africa 1.7 million, Afghanistan 1.5 million, Vietnam 1 million, Eastern Europe 1 million, Latin America 150,000.

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