Friday 21 December 2007

Zionist Front Group Attacks The BNP - Zionist Racism is Kosher

There is nothing more nauseating than a racist, extremist , terror supporting front group calling the BNP 'extremist'.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, a grand sounding title for a clique of self serving Zionist racists, has written an article attacking the BNP in the Totally Jewish newspaper.

Interesting title for a newspaper Totally Jewish - does the title seek to imply that there are different degrees of Jews ? Perhaps the paper believes that the 'Total Jew' is a 'Zionist-Super Nazi' which is the ideal of a Jew whose bloodline is totally Jewish, who is an orthodox religious Jew and who is Jew who supports the concept of the Chosen People and the race state of Israel - in other words the Zionist-Nazi Superman.

Does the title Totally Jewish imply that those British Jews who are not 'Zionist-Super Nazis' are not true Jews, just as the Nazis thought the slavs were not true Aryans ?

The race relations act covers not just racism against other racial groups, but also the internal racism of the racial supremacist of all racial and ethnic groups. It appears to me that this newspaper is in breach of the Race Relations Act, though I doubt that anyone will ever prosecute them for it.

I wonder what the Totally Jewish newspaper would say if someone set up a paper that was called Totally White, or Totally Black or Totally English ? I bet they would scream racism until blue in the face.

The BOD has never represented BRITISH JEWS, as an organisation it represents the interests of 'Jews' as a Race or a religious group and this is proved by its support of Israel.

British Jews do not need self appointed Zionist front groups like the BOD to 'represent' their interests, as their interests are represented by the political parties that represent all British citizens, including the BNP.

If British Jews need independent race or religious based organisations to represent their interests in the British nation, then by logical extension so do the indigenous English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Northern Irish, Christians,Druids, Odinists etc.

But the moment any of those groups DARED to state, as the BOD state, that their RACE IS THEIR NATION and supported the concept of a racial homeland where only the English by blood or their Christian / pagan religious inheritance are the real English - then the hypocrites in the BOD woud be jumping up and down screaming racism.

The BOD's very existence is in reality predicated on the basis that there can be no British Jews, only Jews with British citizenship - which is the exact same position of Hiz But Tahrir which also states that there are no British Muslims, only Muslims with a British passport.

The very existence of the BOD is therefore a provocation and in itself a statement of exclusivity, for the BOD exists to represent those Jews that do not see themselves as British Jews, but simply as Jews living in Britain.

As stated on the Wikkipedia site ;

The uncritical support of Israel by the BOD has itself led many British Jews to split from the organisation. On 5 February 2007, a group of prominent British Jews, such as Nobel laureate Harold Pinter and lawyer Sir Geoffrey Bindman, launched an organization called Independent Jewish Voices to counterbalance what they perceive as uncritical support of Israel by major Jewish institutions in the UK, criticizing particularly the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

The idea therefore the BOD represents British Jews is mere propaganda, it represents Zionist Jews whose RACIAL LOYALTY is to their RACIAL HOMELAND which is Israel.

Therefore the organisation is itself a ZIONIST-NAZI organisation, not an organisation that represents the community interests of British Jews in Britain.

The British Jewish community are those British citizens who self define themselves as Jewish, but who are totally loyal to Britain and British culture.

British Jews are those who lived in this country for hundreds of years, who have married and assimilated into the wider British community, who have retained their Jewish culture and identity whilst assimilating totally into the British community, whose loyalty to is solely to Britain, who have worn the uniform of our nation through the many, many wars in our history and who today are serving with valour and pride in every theatre of war wherever the British army are.

Unlike the relatives of people who work for Searchlight and who are linked with the BOD, British Jews join the BRITISH ARMY not the Israeli Defence Force.

There can be no clearer expression of the 'chosen race' concept than to leave this country and join a foreign army and fight for the concept of a racial homeland.

Just as we imprison those British Muslims for leaving the country and fighting for Al Qaeda, then why is it we still tolerate British citizens leaving this country to join the IDF and fight for Israel.

No British citizen should be allowed to join and fight in any foreign army - and if they do then they should be stripped of their British citizenship for doing so.

Once you join the army of a foreign nation and fight for a foreign nation, then you are not a British Citizen. British citizens join the BRITISH ARMY and fight for Britain.

British Jews do not regard Israel as their RACIAL HOMELAND, they see Britain as their ONLY homeland.

British Jews join the British Army, and have done so for hundreds of years and fought with bravery and honour.

British Jews do not see themselves as a race apart, and do not see themselves as members of the CHOSEN PEOPLE first and British Citizens second.

The very concept of 'The Chosen People' is itself a statement of racial superiority akin to the National Socialist 'Aryan Super Race' concept, and this is why the Zionists and Nazis worked with each other and supported each other before and during World War Two. Each saw in the other, the refelection of themselves.


In an article on the Totally Jewish website the BOD says ;

" That is why, even prior to the Canons Ward by-election, the Board of Deputies set up a telephone bank with Searchlight, the anti-fascist organisation, to alert the public to the danger of racist candidates standing in their wards during the local elections in May 2007. Similarly, last summer, the Board supported the London Jewish Forum at the Rise against Racism Festival where the “Racism: it’s not kosher” slogan was coined, and it’s why we launched an awareness and voter registration drive prior to last Thursday’s election."

Lets analyse this statement ;

1) The admission the BOD work with Searchlight is further confirmation of their racist / Zionist / Chosen Race mentality as Searchlight is an extreme Zionist organisation which has led to its split with the UAF group for its uncritical support of Israel.

2) The BOD has funded Searchlights campaigns and interfered directly in democratic elections, which shows it is a subversive organisation that is working for the interests of a foreign power which is Israel. Just as Hiz But Tahrir work for the interests of the global caliphate, the BOD work for the interests of the Zionist Race State of Israel.

Kosher Racism is Zionist-Nazism. This is the racist belief system that Jews around the world regardless of their nationality are a 'Chosen Race' and that Israel is a race state where Zionist Jews have a right to rule simpy on the basis of their bloodlines or their religion. This is also the same belief system that is at the heart of National Socialism.

Organisations like Searchlight and the BOD are a disgrace to the name of BRITISH JEWS, and the very existence of such organisations is a disgrace to the name and memory of all those British Jews who have served with honour and bravery in the British Army through our history.

The continued existence of groups such as the BOD and Searchlight allow the Neo-Nazi fringe and the Muslim extremists of groups such as Hiz But Tahrir to portray the British Jewish community as a racial community apart.

As stated by Brian Klug in the Gyardian article linked below " On its own account, the Board of Deputies of British Jews (which calls itself "the voice of British Jewry") devotes much of the time and resources of its international division to "the defence of Israel". When a "solidarity rally" was held in London last July in the midst of the conflict with Lebanon, it was the board that organised it.

All of which suggests that British Jewry, speaking with one voice, stands solidly behind the Israeli government and its military operations."

The fact the BOD does this is the basis of the delusions of the Islamists and Nazis that British Jews are not British but simply Jews living in Britain whose loyalty is to Israel first. This is dangerous, extremist and a disgraceful slur on all British Jews who are British patriots.

The very existence of such groups as the BOD merely perpetuate the delusions of the Islamists and the Nazis that Jews in Britain are loyal to Israel and not Britain.

Searchlight and BOD are themselves the instigators of the very extremism they profit from fighting.

It appears that whilst the ordinary British Jews suffer the violence and the brunt of the attacks from Muslims and Nazis, organisations like Searchlight and the BOD profit from those attacks. They do this by peddling their papers, periodicals, getting subscriptions from their members and begging for government and trade union cash to 'fight extremism'.

It appears that 'Racism is Kosher' when it is is Kosher Racism.

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