Saturday 1 December 2007

Is George Galloway a Sawney Bean clone ?

Did anyone else see George Galloway being interviewed on the News at Ten outside the Oxford demonstration ?

I was shocked at how much like the famous Scottish cannibal , Sawney Bean, he looked like. I guess the genes are beginning to arrange into their proper form as he gets older.

With a stare that could neuter a pole cat at forty yards, a smile that could terrify a rabid rat into submission and a sincerity that has as much substance as angel delight - the man is obviously a deeply disturbed individual.

As I have repeated before he is beginning to resemble a sewer rat on meth amphetamine.

Now that Respect have effectively disintegrated into another Cult of personality around him and his ego, it appears that the Sharia Socialist Front is now limited to the Isle Of Bangladesh, formerly known as the Isle of Dogs.

Never mind there will always be a place for him in the Gaza strip alongside the butchers of Hamas.

From Gorgeous George to the ghost of genocide past.

One minute cock of the walk, the next - well, just a cock.

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