Saturday 22 December 2007

The Ten Lies of Four Traitors

Lie 1) The computer belonged to Sadie Graham - Total Lie.

total lie as proved by the receipt for the computer and software installed on the computer that proves the computer was the BNP computer owned by the BNP. Sadie knew this and lied to her supporters AND the police about the computer. This was simply an attempt to use her own supporters to attack the BNP, whilst she was spreading lie after lie to cover her own lies and treason.

Lie 2) The computer was stolen - Total Lie.

total lie, the BNP cannot steal anything that already belongs to the BNP. The computer was reclaimed, not stolen either in fact or law. One cannot, under the Theft Act, steal ones own property and the idiots that thought the computer had been stolen were fools to think so. They merely betrayed their total ignorance of the law. They were used by the plotters and lied too by the plotters.

Lie 3) Sadies house was broken into - Total Lie.

As stated by Nina Brown on her public statement on the EiE blog, she let the BNP security team into the house with her key. There was no illegal entry either, contrary to the idiotic ramblings of the idiot named lawyer who was representing Sadie and the traitors in their plot. The offence of 'Illegal Entry ' exists in British law only in relation to illegal immigrants using fake documents to enter the country or other unlawful means to enter the country. No such offence as Illegal Entry exists in the criminal or civil law that applies to a situtation where one person is allowed to enter property at the invitation of another who is an authorised agent of that person who is allowed to let people into that property with a key supplied by the house owner.

Lie 4) Nina Brown was deceived into letting the BNP security team into the house - Total Lie.

As her public statement on the EiE website says there was no representation in any way from the security team, either direct or implied, at any time that the BNP team were acting under any permission from Sadie to enter the house. There are also six witnesses to this fact. The team entered the house under the authority and with the permission of Nina Brown who was present all the time they were in the house taking back the BNP equipment. Nina Brown assumed they had permission to enter the house from Sadie and then gave them express permission to enter the house under her express authority.

Lie 5) There was no need to enter Sadie Grahams house as they could have asked for the computer back - Total Lie.

The fact that Kenny Smith was allowed to retain his computer meant that he was able to steal the BNP membership lists and BNP member data base he had been allowed to hold whilst acting as an officer of the party in his authorised role as an officer of the party. Kenny Smith was only been given permission by the BNP under the Data Protection Act 1998 to hold and use the membership data base whilst acting as an appointed officer of the party and solely for authorised party reasons. Once he was informed of his expulsion from the party then any permission for him to hold and use the BNP member data base was also immediately rescinded. Kenny Smith then stole the membership data base as defined under Section 55 of the Data Protection Act 1998 and then used the membership data base to send out the illegal 'Real BNP' begging letter and propaganda pamphlet to BNP members using the stolen data base.

This clearly shows that the party was right to seize our computer equipment and membership data bases back fom Sadie Graham, and it was unfortunate that we were not able to do so with the thief and traitor Kenny Smith.

As the party were investigating theft, illegal interception of e mails and attempts to frame party members and other criminal acts then the party had to act to protect the interests of the members and to ensure the party was in line with the legal obligations imposed upon it under the Data Protection Act 1998 as the owner and controller of the data on the computer used by Sadie Graham.

As it was also suspected that Searchlight and Special Branch were involved with the plotters, we had to ensure that the full details of the conspiracy was discovered before Sadie Graham could wipe her computer and remove the evidence we needed to discover the depths of the plot. We also needed to find out if any information had been passed to third parties outside the party. As Sadie herself states in the transcript of her conversation with the traitors, she was well aware that only if we had our computer would we be able to discover what had been going on.

Lie 6) The plotters were acting in the interests of the party - Total Lie.

Matt Single was the head of the BNP security team whose repsonsibility in the party was to protect BNP members and officers from attacks by red thugs and others. The fact that whilst in this post the traitor Matt Single was working with the plotters to attack fellow Nationalists / BNP members and BNP officers was the ultimate betrayal of all. How could we ever trust again a man who break the vow of loyalty to his fellow BNP members and who worked with the plotters, the Lancaster UAF and searchlight to attack, subvert and abuse fellow BNP members whilst in their positions as BNP party officers.

The same goes for Kenny Smith. He was one of the people that ran the Civil Liberty organisation that was set up to protect Nationalists from attacks by red groups etc. At the same time as he was running Civil Liberty he was plotting with the rest of the traitors to attack, subvert and undermine fellow nationalists. In the transcript that records his treason he can be heard laughing with Sadie Graham and Matt Single that he was using his Civil Liberty e mail address to set up the EiE Blog to attack a fellow Nationalist. He also boasts in the transcript of contacting Searchlight to get back copies of Gerry Gables filthy rag to use to smear a fellow nationalist and also that he used the Lancaster UAF site and its video attacking Mark Collett by linking it onto the blog he set up with Sadie Graham and Matt Single.

These two traitors betrayed their oath to all their fellow nationalists. Whilst they had assumed the responsibility in their roles and posts in the party, and Kenny in Civil Liberty, to protect their fellow party members and Nationalists - in reality they were betraying them and their fellow nationalists.

These traitors were the lowest of the low, whose actions broke every trust they had ever been given.

As Verses 39 and 40 of the Voluspa state of oathbreakers and traitors, there is a special place for them after Ragnarok begins ;

39. A hall she sees standing far from the sun
On the shores of death, with its door to the north.
Venomous drops fall in through the weave,
For that hall is woven of serpents.

40. Therein wading the streams she saw
Oathbreakers, murderers, adulterers.
There Nidhogg sucks cadavers,
Wolves tear men.
Know you as yet, or what?

Lie 7) The plotters acted honourably - Total Lie.

In the transcript of the conversation between Matt, Kenny and Sadie Graham they discussed buying back copies of Searchlight, linking to red sites, they linked to videos on the Lancaster UAF site that attacked fellow nationalists and they talked about collecting back copies of Searchlight to post up attacks on their fellow Nationalists and BNP members on their vile little blog.

Take a look at the comments they allowed to be posted on the site by the supporters of the traitors, they allowed all those comments to be posted on the sites with all the disgusting allegations made by the supporters of the plot.

Note also the same scum posting on the plotters blog were also posting on the Lancaster UAF blog. It appears that though many of the supporters were deluded saps, there were amongst them many poisonous scum traitors and collaborators with the red scum.

Those that act like the enemy or who work with the enemy, ARE THE ENEMY.

Lie 8) Matt and Sadie are moral people - Total Lie.

Read the transcript of their conversation and note how Sadie has a foul mouth like a sewer rat in private, but acts like Mary Poppins when she is trying to exploit and abuse people in public. For Matt to try and act all moral whilst being involved as major plotter in this conspiracy has about as much substance as mist.

The 'family friendly' image they try and portray on their traitors blog is about as family orientated as the Manson Family.

They lied too, used and exploited their own supporters and friends.

They broke their oaths to their fellow nationalists and comrades.

They are traitors who can never be trusted by any nationalists again.

Lie 9) Their legal fund was to help them fight their corner - Total Lie.

The legal fund they set up and are using to try and scrounge money from people with, is nothing more than an attempt to get enough money to protect them from the price of their treason.

We have complained to the police about them and their activities, and full details of other pending police complaints will be revealed at a later date.

Lie 10) They did a good job for the party - Total Lie.

The idea they did a good job for the party is laughable. Whilst they were supposedly working for the party and the interests of the members as officers of the party, they were undertaking this pathetic conspiracy to set up and undermine their fellow party officers.

The party has incurred fines from the Electoral Commision for their duplicity and actions to delay the party accounts. Kenny Smith deliberately did not provide copies of the receipts required for thousands and thousands of pounds of expenditure knowing this would mean the party would be late filing its accounts and making the Treasury Team look incompetent.

Sadie Graham admits to doctoring and altering internal account statements in order to make Dave Hannam look incompetent. Steve Blake was deleting e mails to fundholders / organisers and other party officials sent by them to Dave Hannam so that it would appear that Dave Hannam and the Treasury Team were incompetent. Steve Blake was intercepting confidential internal e mails from the auditors sent to Treasury to see how much damage they were casuing the party. All these actions caused the accounts to be late and led directely to the party being fined for late accounts by the Electoral Commission.

It is the members who have had to pay for this plan, as the fines had to come out of members subscritptions fees and donations.

Instead of the party having the money available to defend our Nation, Folk and Culture - we were having to waste it on fines due to their idiotic actions.

Those who still stand alongside these people after reading all the facts on the BNP website, then tear up your membership cards and leave the party right now.

We do not need fools who would support such treachery either in the party or in the Nationalist movement.


Lionheart said...

Very convincing argument against the people in question, but what are your thoughts on Young Nazi and proud and his paedophilic activity?

You are Nationalists but do not own the Nationalist cause, unless being a neo-Nazi is a condition of membership into the BNP and your view of the Nationalis cause.

There is a new Nationalism arising that is concerned about 21st Century British affairs and that is free from neo-Nazi's, and those who support and protect neo-Nazi's, a nationalism that peoples parents, brothers and sisters can vote for.

Those votes that have the potential to get the BNP into power.

The line in the sand has now been drawn between the old age thinking traditionalists and the new age modernisers.

There is no place in British society and politics especially in leadership for neo-Nazis.

You say that if people work with the enemy then they are the enemy, then all those supporters of the BNP who are neo-Nazis including Collet are in the camp with the Islamists even though they might try to deny it.

The truth is now being revealed and NG has made some bad decisions, that he may never recover from.

Is the BNP a party for the British people or is it party led by neo-Nazi racist extermists like the media portray you to be?

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Lionheart,

Hope you are well.

1) There was no padeophiliac activity - Collett met someone in an over 18 night club drinking alcohol and assumed ( as did the door staff and bar staffwho let her in the club and served her drinks ) they were over 18. There was no sex, sexual activity or any illegal behaviour. As soon as Collett was informed she was 15 (nearly 16) then he sent her home in a cab he paid for. If their had been any illegal activity I for one would have demanded he be expelled. We can only punish people for what they do not what they DIDNT do.

2) I am a constitutional nationalist, not a Neo-Nazi. The BNP is also a British Nationalist party, not a National Socialist party. The first victims of the Nazis were not the Jews in the countries they conquered but the nationalists, as the nationalists and patriots were the ones who could organise to fight the nazi takeover of their nation. The BNP are despised by the Neo-Nazis.

3) Yes there are ex-nazis in the BNP, just as their are ex-Communists like Jack Straw and Peter Hain in the Labour Party. Just because someone was an idiot when they were young doesnt mean they cannot grow up and politically mature. If Jack Straw can be trusted in government when he was a member of the communist party when it was in the midst of the socialist genocide and slaughtering tens of millions of people around th world, then we can forgive those who were also extremists in their youth. If they are no longer extremists of course.

4) Collett WAS an extremist when he was younger but he is NOW no longer an extremist. As for the Islamists, Collett has had more death threats from Islamists in thic ountry than anyone else in history bar Nick Griffin. No one gives him any credit for still fighting on even though he is one of the main targets of the Islamo-Nazis in the country. That takes guts mate.

5) Sure Nick makes some bad decisions, as do we all and as do all politicians. But he always makes good on them again. Never write Nick off, he has an uncanny knack for still being always the one left standing when the bell finally rings.

6) The people who lead the BNP ARE NOT NAZIS - THEY ARE BRITISH NATIONALISTS. The real Nazis are the media scum that call us nazis whilst using their propaganda to brainwash the masses with their lies - the media are the heirs of Goebbells not us mate.

The only people who slag the BNP off all the time are the communists, the islamists and the nazis.

You are known and defined by those who attack you.

The Nazis on sites like Stormfront spend more time attacking Nick Griffin and Mark Collett and myself than they ever spend attacking Osama Bin Laden or George Galloway - this is because the Nazis hate British Nationalists.

The BNP is a nationalist party mate, not a nazi party.


Defender of Liberty said...

Further the idiots on stormfront comments ;

1) Even intelligent women get pregnant by accident - it takes one sexual act and one sperm just one time and thats it. Even intelligent women have no control over an accidental event.

2) The idea that the BNP would have promoted any infiltrator to a senior position within the when they had done little work or were incompetent is an idiotic idea. The ONLY way any infiltrator would rise through the ranks is by working hard and getting promoted.

The more succesful a person, the faster they would rise.

True infiltrators are always the hardest workers - as that is always the easiest way to get peoples trust and to get a senior position in a political party.

3) I think sadie was looking for a way out of the party and this was the fastest way possible to do so and the best way to cause as much chaos as possible on the way out of the party.

Lionheart said...

Hi Lee,

1) Yes agreed, the un-crossable line was not crossed, but from the perspective of the general public looking on upon this type of behaviour, what is their perception and view, especially when it concerns a high ranking BNP official?

We all make mistakes and I am not standing in judgement, i am presenting an outsiders view for the good Britain.

The BNP has a responsibility to blameless in the eyes of the world, because of how bad the media has portrayed you, and for the sake of the country that you wish to lead.

If one of your leaders is consistently bringing the good people of the BNP down in the worlds eyes then what should the right repsonse be for the good of everyone not just the few?

2) I have personally been trying to break down barriers with my blog with regards to the neo-Nazi label that has been levelled at your party, for the sake of my country because you are the last real resistance for the British people and you are my kinsfolk.

When you have NC and NG both with neo-Nazi backgrounds it is very hard for people not to believe you are a neo-Nazi party.

3) I know as much as the next man about messing up when you are young and then growing up into adulthood, this is a part of life.

Forgiveness is the key for me as a Christian.

Labour have destroyed our homeland and childrens futures and these peoples actions will not be forgotten, they forget this point!

4) Yes agreed it takes guts and i do not dispute that fact, but if he is a neo-nazi then he is just as bad as them and in the same camp as them from my view point.

You say he was an extremist but he is no longer one, then where is the evidence to back this up because all i can see is a video of a high ranking BNP official promoting his neo-nazi ideals.

Where is the apology and explenation about this video and about his new mature stance?

5) NG has brought your party a long way and i have written as much on my blog, but from what i have personally witnessed twice now, shows that he might have just come to the end of the road in all that he can do for your party and the Nationalist cause, maybe the time has come for the next level of BNP politics.

You must think about the bigger picture!

No disrespect to NG

6) I know all about the propoganda and media lies but your actions in this instance and the instance with Solidarity cements what they say in the eyes of the masses.

The damage it seems has already been done, so you must repair and move forward not backwards.

New BNP with new untainted leaders or old tainted BNP leaders?

A new future.

Now is the time for the BNP to make the decisions for the good or the party and the British people rather than the good of a few.

There will always be a place in British Nationalism for NG, and all good things must come to an end at some point, is this not the natural course to life?

You cannot escape the fact that there is now a battle raging within your party and it is peoples responsibility to do what is right for the good of the BNP and the country.

There will only be one winner now NG at the expense of the BNP or the grass roots BNP who want new fresh leadership.

NG sold out some good people within Solidarity for the sake of a bad apple, believe me i know this to be a fact because i know the people and i watched it unfold.

Bad decisions to secure his personal seat at the expense of the larger party and the British people and covered up by the NG controlled BNP propoganda machine.

I would like to know Mark Walkers take on all of this because this is the new generation of BNP.

People in politics have a great responsibility to the people who vote them into power!

God bless you

Defender of Liberty said...

1) if we got rid of all the people in the party who had a shady past, then we would have to get rid of all the plotters as well as about 200 people. All parties have people with shady pasts - if they are sorry for their past then we have to give them another chance.

2) No one has ever not voted BNP because of mark collett - they dont vote for us because they believe the media bullshit about us, and even if we had a black leader with our party anthem 'One Love' by Bob Marley they would still call us nazis mate.

If we only did what the media sayed was aceeptable we would be the tories mate.

3) the fact a video of mark exists from ten years ago is irrelevant - it will always exist. What matters is what he does today and tommorow for the cause.

Its not like we have millions prepared to help us.

4) We trust those we know we can trust mate, as too may bad uns have worked for the other side whilst betraying us.

Nick is not perfect and nor will anyone ever be, but he is the best we have got mate.

Trust me,

I know,

All the best,


alanorei said...

A businessman noted for making good decisions was once asked how he managed to do so.

He said, "Because I made a lot of bad ones."

It is interesting that the recent engagement of Cllr Barnbrook and Ms Clarke has captured some considerable media attention - not entirely welcome for the couple but it has somewhat eclipsed the plotters.

It could be argued that they both have 'pasts' but they seem to be setting course for the future in a time-honoured, traditional English fashion.

That is a good example of 'moving forward.'

And the members voted in favour of Nick's leadership by 10:1. On behalf of the membership, he should therefore stay.

The others can vote with their feet.

It occurs to me, though, that security ought to be tightened around BNP personnel in any area where some notable success might be anticipated in the not-too-distant future.

Always remember the Murphyism:

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that everybody isn't out to get you."

Lionheart said...

1) This is a political organisation seeking to control the reigns of power over the United Kingdom, not a football club where reputation and image doesnt matter.

If you want the mainstream electorate to vote for you then you must be electable in the eyes of the people.

You know people have changed but the British people do not, and when you have your own people wanting certain individuals removed because of there behaviour, bringing the BNP into disrepute, this speaks volumes to the ignorant masses who dont know the truth.

2) How do you know no one has never voted for the BNP because of Mark Collet?

Mark Collet is the image of the BNP because of the court case, and when people look into that image what do they see?

You say about people not voting for you, that tide is now turning and people are beginning to wake up and vote for you but what do they see when they look that switches them back off again?

It is not about being acceptable in the medias eyes, it is about being acceptable in the publics eye, again image is everything and what do people see, they see Mark Collet and your own people wanting him out.

Why can Nick Griffin not see that, for the good of the party and the people?

3) The video proves peoples fears who do not know the truth.

Again, where is the apology and explenation to counteract what is on film or is Mark Collet really a neo-nazi at heart and is lying to the people?

Dont you think after what damage internally and externally Mark Collet has caused your party it is the least he could do?

4) You sound like a Mafia with that attitude, get rid of all descenters no matter what the cost, so long as the top tier who trust each other keep their positions of power.

Nick Griffin might not be the best, no body is perfect and yes he probably is the best you have at this moment in time, but he is making bad decisions that are going to be the downfall of him and the party.

If he was to accept his mistakes and rectify them everyone would look at him in a new light and he would take the party to new levels, while he digs his feet in the groud through pride and will not accept the truth for whatever reason then he is causing his own downfall.

No disrespect to Nick Griffin, Mark Collet or the other liabilities in question because I do not know them, i just watched what Mr Griffin did with Solidarity and the people concerned and bottom line it was wrong, and now another incident where he has protected his die hards over the good of the party and the British people says to me that he has made bad decisions, then you have to question why he has made these bad decisions.

I want to help support the BNP for the good of the country but I cannot because of the decisions Nick Griffin has made and his unwillingness to change them.

I even left a Solidarity request on my blog even after knowing what happened to my friend by Nick Griffin and Pat Harrington, because i respect Mark Walker.
So please dont think this is an attack on people i dont know, this is about the political party the BNP and helping it become a voice for the British people.

No persons should be above the party, I just hope that Nick Griffin sees sense and is humble enough to do a U-turn for the good of everyone.

I believe he can do it and i believe he can take the party to new levels, but at this moment in time and in the future unless he makes the right decisions now, he will lose alot of support from alot of quarters and not just from within your own party which will damage your journey into the political realm and set it back years.

Exactly what the main three parties want, so you talk about Miss Graham being a plant, what about Nick Griffin and his actions and decisions and what knock on effect it causes, or is he beyond question.

I am sure i could write a similar more plausible post about Mr Griffin being a state asset if i really wanted.

You have to stop being paranoid about infiltration and the reds.

I am a Christian and believe God is with the political party the BNP, and He will lift people up and remove people for the good of the British people and their country.

Crunch time it looks like to me and Nick Griffin has taken the wrong stance at this moment in time.

God bless you


Defender of Liberty said...

1) Our image is a product of the media not us read my articles The Lens in november, The Massers in November and The masses and their Massers in November - that way you will realise how the media use Paradigm Control to control politics and peoples perceptions of political parties.

2) Mark Collet is an irrelevance - the voice of the BNP in public is as an ant compared to the bellow of the media elephant. Pretending we can compete with the media is delusional - running the party on the basis that 'hey, if we ditch everyone the media doesnt like then the media will then like us ' is simply nonsense. The media attack us because they are corrupt, and they will never support us. And since when did the media ever tell the truth about us !!!!!

3) The BNP will not collapse due to Nick Griffin, though it would collapse in a week without him.

We expect loyalty above all other virutes, as without loyalty the shield wall colapses. We can never tolerate someone who is meant to be in the shield wall fighting alongside us slipping the knife into the back of the man standing next to us.

Treason = expulsion.

Thats what all political parties do.

If you think this arty would survive the plotters coming back and spreading their factionalism and treason, then you know nothing about the history of nationalist politics.

Thise that surrender to blackmail and treason are in the end destroyed by it.

Tolerate the intolerable and it will destroy everything you have built.

Stupidity and talking like a prat when you are a teenager we can tolerate, treason we cannot.

Greg said...

You've convinced me. I'm staying put and standing firm with the BNP.