Wednesday 12 December 2007

Possible Nuclear Terrorist Attack Foiled

Völuspá - The Song of the Sybil

Surt with the bane of branches comes
From the south, on his sword the sun of the Valgods,
Crags topple, the crone falls headlong,
Men tread Hel's road, the Heavens split open.

All it takes is one suicide bomber to get one bomb into a British nuclear power station and we are in trouble. The Iranian regime has in place hundreds of terrorists in the UK ready, trained and equipped to attack nuclear power stations and other facilities.

One lunatic, one bomb, one time.

Game Over.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007, 07:53 GMT

Arrest over explosive device find

A man has been arrested following the discovery of an explosive device at the home of a contract worker at the Sellafield power plant in Cumbria.
Army bomb disposal experts from the Catterick garrison were called to deal with a suspect package found at a house in Southey Walk, Egremont.

What was described as a "small rudimentary device" was made safe and taken away for forensic examination.

Police later arrested a 30-year-old who presented himself at a police station.

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