Tuesday 18 December 2007

The South Park Gang - Episode 2 ' After The Victory '

Image - exclusive still from Episode 2 of the new South Park Series -

The Real BNP " After the Victory, the fallout "

In this episode Kenny realises that their cunning plan to takeover the party has failed, so he declares himself as Fuhrer of The Real BNP, little knowing that Cartman and Wendy Testaburger are planning to kill kenny and take over The Real BNP for themselves.

Poor old Kenny.


alanorei said...

Kenny should do a runner while he still can and form either 'the Continuity BNP' or 'the National Liberation BNP.'

There is a precedent for both.

Anonymous said...

Or he can continue to be a one man Party back on his remote island (and fly the flag..like the old days?)

Defender of Liberty said...

I think The Real BNP is the name of the party they intend to set up.

Though the electoral commission will not allow them to register it in that name.