Saturday 1 December 2007

Migrants causing mass murder in London

It is the mantra that the multi-culturalists like to spit out at the public the most, that diversity and immigration enrich Britain.

Even though the fact that immigration and diversity is NEVER good for nations and indigenous populations, as proven by research throughout history - link here ;

the fact is that the big lies the media like to tell always overcomes the hidden truth.

Well it appears that both immigration and multi-culturalism are enriching some people, specifically the owners of funeral homes and grave diggers, as a wave of murders linked to immigration is underway in London. Note that the article from the Times below does NOT include black on black gun crimes and black on black child cases. Note also that 23 of the victims of murder may also have been murdered by foreigners as the identity of the killers has not yet been confirmed.

Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police's Deputy Assistant Commissioner- told MPs in February 2007 that black gangs in London were copying Jamaican Yardie tactics.

She said that in London 85 per cent of gun murder suspects were black and so were 75 per cent of victims.

Even Tony Blair, in a rare moment of honesty, stated that gun crime was a problem of the black community and black culture.,,2055148,00.html

This problem is also mirrored in America. A study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that from 2001 to 2005, more than nine out of 10 black murder victims were killed by other blacks, and three out of four were slain with a gun. Blacks, who make up 13 percent of the population, were victims in 15 percent of nonfatal violent crimes.

Most murders in London this year were committed by foreigners, according to Scotland Yard figures obtained by The Times.

Of 47 killings between April and September where the nationality of the accused is known, 26 of the suspects — 55 per cent — are not Britons. In 19 cases the killer is believed to be British. In a further 23 cases the nationality of the killer has not been determined. At least 23 of the victims were foreign, including Somali, Brazilian, Irish and Vietnamese citizens.

Increasingly, police have to travel overseas to trace suspects, liaise with foreign forces and speak to the families of people killed in Britain. The result is that murder cases are becoming more complicated for investigators, more expensive for police forces and more time-consuming for the courts.

Hertfordshire police have had to investigate a murder linked to an Albanian clan feud, and in Cambridgeshire a Lithuanian man was burnt alive. The case was suspected to involve rivalries originating in his homeland. Polish citizens have been killed this year in Leeds, London, St Helens and Wrexham. An Albanian man was convicted over the shooting of a countryman in an Albanian social club in London, and two men were jailed in Tirana for a murder in North London. Four weeks ago Benjamin Marshall was jailed after pleading guilty to the murder of a Lithuanian citizen, Arturas Venckus, in Nottinghamshire.

There is evidence in police budgets of the increased workload of dealing with crimes committed by foreigners. Chief constables are having to pay more for the services of interpreters and translators. With spending at £9.7 million, Scotland Yard is £1 million over budget for interpreters.

The figures from Scotland Yard cannot be presented with scientific certainty as proof of a definite trend. They exclude killings being investigated by the Metropolitan Police’s Child Abuse Investigation Command and by the Operation Trident team which handles gun crime in the black community. "

Yet again the Times has to wheedle out of confronting the truth with by saying it is not evidence of a trend - well that is true, precisely because the government, police and media do not want to discover it is part of a trend.

In fact if the truth ever did reveal it was trend, which we all know it is, then that trend would be hidden by calling anyone who spoke about the trend a 'racist'.

So whilst our people die, the multi-culturalists put all our lives at risk and play the poisonous 'race game' and call anyone who dares confront the crisis of the migrant murder wave in our country as a racist bigot.

Perhaps it is time Trveor Phillips, the premier parasite of the race relations industry, was forced to attend the funerals of the victims of multi-culturalism instead of crying fake crocodile tears about the phantoms of 'racism' that allegedly afflict our society.


Anonymous said...

Something I would imagine the indigenous people in the Americas understood, when raped, pillaged and murdered during the European invasions.

Defender of Liberty said...

The murder of the native americans is the crime of a few people many generations and hundreds of years ago, it is not the crime of the people of Britain today, who would repudiate such events. To say we as a people deserve to be killed today because of some historic crimes of certain individuals in the past in America, is pure psychotic evil. You are a deeply warped individual and therefore either a liberal or a leftist.

And to say the Native Americans were moral beings who did not murdr, rape, enslave and kill each other is simply PC nonsense.

The Native Americans despised each other and united with the Europeans to kill each other. The fact that the Europeans were better killers than the native americans is simply why we won, and not them. If the native americans had been better at killing us than we them , then they would still have their country today.