Tuesday 4 December 2007

Peter Hain - " The Elves did it, honest guv "

A guide for Peter Hain and the Labour Party to identify elf donors. Please note the above elves in the image are not linked to John Mendelsohn or the current donations scandal.

Money left by the Elves overnight on the doorstep of Peter Hains constituency office but regarded as a legtimiate donation to his leadership election campaign as Elves are not listed as registered donors due to fear of Elvism.

Peter Hain - posing for a cartoon in his younger pre-politics days.

The anti-white ex-Terrorism supporter and armed robbery suspect Peter Hain MP who fled South Africa after reading the eulogy for a convicted terrorist murderer has been forced to reveal that elves gave him the illegal money that he spent in his election campaign to be the Labour Party leader.

The Electoral Commission said it was "seeking clarification" over the Work and Pensions Secretary's failure to report the handout given him by Jon Mendelsohn before he became Labour's new chief fundraiser.

The cash was a personal gift from Mr Mendelsohn, who was later hired by Gordon Brown to swell party coffers.

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