Monday 10 December 2007

War of the Muppets

Image - This is not the Beast of the Apocalypse. This is a muppet. There is no reason to be afraid of muppets. Muppets usually kill themselves by strangling themselves on their own puppet strings in their own time. There is never any reason to begin a holy war against muppets, as muppets are only ever a threat to themselves and an annoyance to others. Muppets cannot destroy the world, though some people will destroy themselves by waging idiot wars against muppets.

There is an old saying that has particular relevance at this point of time - If you cant do the time, dont do the crime.

Those who so lose grip with reality that they get involved in juvenile, stupid stunts which they are know are wrong before they undertake them, should not then complain if they get caught.

Regardless of the righteousness of their cause, it is according to their actions how they will be judged.

Those who have a true cause, but who do stupid things in support of that cause, deserve no support or loyalty.

Loyalty is predicated on loyalty, it is not predicated on tolerating stupidity.

There are some problems that can only be resolved with the problem using its own rope at their own time.

Give them enough rope and they usually end up hanging themselves.

This is the lesson that I have learnt over recent years, that all REAL problems resolve themselves according to their own nature. That in time the problems resolve themselves without too much pushing or forcing.

Trying to push the problem to a premature solution through tactics that are bound to blow up in your face, is the actions of idiots who undermine their own cause.

Trying to make a monster out of a muppet and then undertaking a crusade against it as though it a fearsome beast that we all need fear for it may destroy us all, is the basis of a psychosis not a political solution to a problem.

Once you lose perspective on a problem, then you become part of the problem.

It is their stupidity that undermines their cause, and this stupidity therefore discredits them and their cause. In such cases where those who have a true cause do stupid things, all they do is strengthen the problem.

This is even more true when they incite others who understand the nature of the problem, to leave the struggle and decamp with them into an army of stupids led by stupids going nowhere fast.

This is because it leaves those that understand the problem in the position where they are then left alone to face the problem, as all those who have also understood the problem have left. This merely strengthens the problem and makes it even less likely to be resolved.

In war as in politics, the last man standing is always the winner.

By inciting others who understand the problem to abandon the game, is to hand total victory to the problem.

Those that do stupid things and then who get caught and then demand that people follow them deserve no loyalty - primarily as they were stupid enough to do it in the first pace, stupid enough to get caught and then stupid enough to incite others to follow their stupidity.

Regardless of the righteousness of a cause, once you have been caught doing something stupid in pursuit of that cause then you cannot plead for forgiveness on the grounds that you were doing wrong in the name of right.

Those who say 'we did this for the benefit of the cause', reveal their true nature when they refuse to admit what they did was wrong and stupid and then incite others to do even more stupid things.

Loyalty ends when stupidity is compounded by inciting others into disloyalty.

Those who like to cheat when they play their games, should understand that when they have been caught cheating then they have lost.

Pretending they have anything at all left to win by trying to stay in the game, is simply delusional.

When you are in a deep fucking hole, it is best to stop digging.

In war as in politics one must strike only when the enemy is vulnerable and you are strong.

To attack an enemy in a strong fortified defensive position when they are strong and you are weak, in a way that will guarantee you lose before even the first shot is fired, is suicide. It is the equivalent of planting landmines in your own path of attack.

Such idiocy is judgement enough on those that embark on that strategy.

Those that complain and whine when they have been caught out should also not seek to incite others into supporting their stupidity.

An army of stupids is an army that will simply kill itself going nowhere fast.

In politics it is not the righteousness of your cause that matters, it is how you play the game.

So here endeth the lesson.


The Green Arrow said...

Brilliant article. I must link it.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Oh we know you have had your arguments with Kenny, get the boot in eh Lee. But stillyour post does not hide the truth. I will not be loyal to liars, that would be stupidity. Hannam Collet and Walker are Liars.

We all know it and we will not shut up. Believe me if you think we are an army of stupids you are so so wrong.

I have never read a more stupid post in all my life what a heap of shit....... Go on back the three arse holes vast majority of the Bnp are not we all know the truth.

Now you are the stiupid one still trying to hide the truth. My fuck you must think we really are muppets,

To attack the enemy when they are strong. You mean whimpering Collet and Hannam, strong the are liars and by default are weak... I will not post as anon because I have integrity. Hannam posts as all sort of names the sad little twerp.

Anonymous said...

This is a very good article, writen in the usual creative and thought-provoking Barne's style.

I assume that the nature of the article is concerned with the recent revelations concerning the expulsions of BNP officials Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith.

I agree that their tactics can be construed as stupid but one must also ask how else can protests be made against a deaf dictatorship that is currently the BNP leadership? Any criticism of it from officials or members, or questions asked about finance or conduct of that leadership is ignored, or answered by expulsion or the attack dogs being set on to the BNP dissidents.

It seems that Graham and Smith were criticising the conduct of officials like Collett ( who is unversally hated and reviled)and were seemingly raising questions about Collett and Hannam, whose behaviour have been protected by Griffin time after time (yet other BNP people had been expelled or forced out for minor trangressions or disagreements).

"Loyalty is predicated on loyalty, it is not predicated on tolerating stupidity."

Agreed. Loyalty is predicated on loyalty. But loyalty is a two-way street and the current BNP leadership has never shown loyalty to its members and officials, preferring to promote its own personal interests except when it comes to those who seem to have something on that leadership eg Collett.

As far as I am concerned the present BNP leadership does not deserve loyalty. It has trashed too many decent and loyal BNP members and despised theiir loyalty by treating them with utter contempt and disdain.

Those who have committed disloyalty for personal gain and ideology deserve contempt. Those who have committed "disloyalty" by raising valid questions and criticisms or have differed in opinion to the leadership do not deserve to be treated in the sometimes despicable way by the present leadership.

Karma happens.

And those who sow the seeds of disloyalty and deceipt and pride will surely get to reap the seeds of their own destruction.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous back again!

Re-reading your article and reading between the lines I get the impression that you are subtlely indicating that the leadership are struggling against their own internal contradictions and vanity and that they are the real 'muppets', who will deestroy themselves - in time.

The BNP membership I believe must stand firm and united, but if the problem within the BNP is to be solved then reforms must be made and the protagonists (Griffin, Collett, Hannam and Walker) must be ejected.

The leadership are waginga civil war on its own membership. The nationalist cause embodied within the BNP cannot sustain such a paranoid, egotistical and stupid mafiosi of a leadership. It is engaged in a death wish.

Let this problem be solved by the membership waking up and taking action without too much harm to the body politic.

Anonymous said...

Neither Kenny nor Sadie actually seem to be complaining about being caught!!

After I read that misinformation I couldn't be arsed reading the rest. Sorry!

At least Kenny and Sadie are honest!

Defender of Liberty said...

I have never had any problems working with any of the people that have just decided to exit the party, only a problem with how they went about doing what they did.

Anonymous said...

I think those sentiments echo what many of us left to pick up the shards of this debacle also feel Mr Barnes.
Your article is excellent.
Its a sad day when one looks at UAF boards to see Nationalists pleading to justify their odd position for the gratifacation of a handful of gleeful Trots.
In the long run this will be good for the party loyalists who remain.
its just nauseating at the moment.

Defender of Liberty said...

Do you know what I am dissapointed about - that sensible, intelligent rational people can be so stupid and that others can be so stupid as to be swept long with the tide of stupidity.

I never knew so many weak kneed, hysterical, drama queens were in on this pantomime. Its like watching amateur dramatics, with the players all hamming it up mercilesslly for the spectators.

This is not a crisis, this is evolution based on the principle of punctuated equilibrium.

The fact that so many intelligent people can not differentiate between a matter of principal and a matter of procedure is very sad. Cut through the rhetoric and see the facts - then judge them on the facts not the rhetoric.

Regardless of the rights or wrongs of any situation, there is a procedure. This procdure may be slow, inefficient and a pain in the arse - but it is the procedure.

Sometimes it works , sometime it dosnt. Life goes on.

We were not facing any crisis when dealing with just one idiot, but a crisis did begin when it was obvious just how many other idiots really were in on this idiotic farce.

This party is based on loyalty, and this is why sometimes this party gives a lot of slack to people on the basis of their loyalty to the party, as we all make sacrifices to be a MEMBER/ACTIVIST of the party.

The fact that we take shit from people means we dont expect to be taking shit from our own people. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of specific indiduals, what others did was so stupid, so incompetent and then made worse by the extent of it - meant they had to go.

If they had just waited then in time the problem would have resolved itself in its own time, please remember that we are not dealing with Stalin here.

More like a whoopee cushion that keeps reinflating itself and then making regular farting noises. Its annoying, but it aint the end of the world.

Know what I am saying.

If they had bided their time then they would have been proved right all along , but instead they confused personality clashes with politics and went ahead and did the stupid thing instead of the smart thing - and now they are paying the price for not thinking before acting.

They are not being punished for what they think, but simply for what they did.

Doing what they did was so monumentally stupid, they deserve to be removed for acts of gross stupidity and then the amatury hysterics afterwards.

Shut the fuck up and stop whining. It is embarrasing you did something stupid, you got caught - so get over it.

Posting on Lancaster UAF, using Lancaster UAF faciltiies, looking for attack documents on Searchlight, setting up a blog that utilises left wing propaganda to attack the party and officials because of personality clashes, inciting dissent within the party by liasing with the left, leaking information to the left - ON ANY FUCKING GROUNDS IS OUT OF ORDER !

This has been going on for months and now it will stop. This rot all stems back to that vile banshee Ebanks, who poisoned sections of the party. People saw what she did, and thought they could do it as well.

Those that play that sort of game must go. As someone who has had death threats from the left, been threatened with murder by Islamic terrorists, had an alarm fitted in my flat by the police because some crazy Jihadi fuckers were going to try and cut my head off - then those who liase with the enemy are the enemy , regardless of their rhetoric or proffessed cause.

Once you cross over to the dark side motherfucker, you aint coming back.

Anonymous said...

Can some rational fellow party member/supporter please explain what all this poison is about? I have been a member since 1999 and I can't understand why certain people in the party can't work together! Is is envy or is it some other petty reason? Parties have to have a certain level of self-discipline and loyalty in them if they are to work effectively. I can't stand all this infighting, especially when it is over petty things like personalities who can't get on with each other.

The Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, UKIP, and the anti-British fanatics of the UAF ect must be laughing at us! I joined the party because I love my country and want to see it saved from the abyss it is sliding towards. Its time certain people grew-up and started to act like adults. I am getting very disilusioned. I hope this sillyness ends soon as our party will be destroyed if it isn't and our country will have lost its only chance of survival.

Defender of Liberty said...

Will you please drop this ridiculous hysteria. The party isnt going to be destroyed - the fact is about 20 people will clear off, and thats it.

If those people had just been doing THEIR JOBS for the last year instead of wasting much of their time and considerable talents indulging in juvenile cabal building, then their would have been no problem and no boil of idiocy that needed lancing.

These are clever, competent, intelligent people who succumbed to the problem of all nationalist organisations throughout history which is they have a personal fall out with someone and then allow personality politics to replace real politics.

I am despised by a considerable number of people both in the BNP and outside the BNP ranging from right to left ;

1) Stormfront Hollywood Nazis
2) White Nationalist Pan-Aryans that confuse Nationalism with National Socialism
3) Reds pretending to be Nazis all over sites like Stormfront
4) Security Services / Police agent provocateurs pretending to be Nazis

5) US Bible Fundamentalists 'End of Days' nutjobs Third Temple in Jerusalem / Red Calf, Throne of the Anti-Christ types,

6) those paid to be Nazis by state security apparatus attacking me as a Jew / 'Kyke'(sic)/007/alien shape shifting 12 foot lizard

7) Liberals
8) Socialists
9) Media Journalists
10)Communists and communist groups
11) Islamists and Jihadists
12) Zionist - Nazi Collaborators
13) The UAF
14) Searchlight
15) The BBC
16) The Labour Government
17) Tories
18) EU stooges from groups such as Common Purpose
19) Councils
20) Trade Unions

But it doesnt get me down. If the enemy isnt attacking you, then its because you are probably being stabbed in the back by someone on your own side.

The fact our enemies attack us is our greatest validation, as our complicity with them would be our greatest crime.

The fact our own people are also stabbing us in the back, is unforgivable.

People interact with me as a person not because they WANT too, but because they need too. This ensures efficiency. If someone seeks some assistance I help them. I do not seek thanks or friendship, I ask only their efficiency in return. That way the job of getting into power is accomplished, faster, more efficiently and with the minimum of resistance.

They do not confuse politics with with friendship and neither do I. I am not in politics to make friends, but simply to attain political power in order to save this nation. Clausewitz stated that war is an extension of politics, so therefore one must regard politics as a process of logic and reason, not passion and irrationalism.

Those who consider this as a 'crisis' in the party are those who have not been in the party long enough to know what a crisis is, or have been in long enough in the party to know enough people to generate enough puff on the internet so that people think there is a crisis.

I can think of plenty of real crises over the years in this party, and this aint one of them. Try the closing down of the bank accounts, certain legal threats to the parties existence, Nick being prosecuted, certain death threats and terrorist threats, the Leeds Court security crisis - these were real examples of a crisis. This isnt.

Nor are the allegations of examples of the behaviour of certain people in the party also a crisis. Wearing fetish uniforms, praising dictators and talking bollocks to journalists is not just a problem of the nationalist right throughout its history (including a young John Tyndall), it is also a problem of the left. There are plenty of people in all parties in this country who cannot throw the first stone on this issue. The Far Left wore the uniforms of Young Pioneers in the Soviet Union and praised Stalin up until 1989. Jack Straw was in the Communist Party then, calling the killers of the Gulags his comrades.

It is not pleasant being in a crowded lift when someone farts, but thats not a crisis. Thats nasty, but it aint a crisis.It is the nature of a fart, that its offensiveness is always transient but sure does stink at that moment.

The crowing of a cock is not the equivalent to an eruption of a volcano.

Its just a cock crowing.

This whole sorry affair was down to people simply losing perspective and confusing the political with the personal.

If you want love get a dog - if you want to get power then do not confuse politics with personality politics.

The job of party officers is to get their job done.

Their job is not to fawn over each other in the name of some cosy nationalist love in, or to fall out with each other and form cabals. Their job is to simpy get the job done.

People do not contact me to gossip, chat, moan or bitch about people as most of the people that hate each other also do not like me, and that is a good thing as it ensures that they only ever contact me when they need my assistance and therefore do not waste my time or I theirs.

I expect nothing of them except that they do their jobs when they need too. If they dont, then next time I either do it myself or I ensure they get their arse kicked for not doing it.

Thats called promoting effiency - and its a pity that more people dont concentrate more on scoring the goals, instead of trying to look good on the playing field whilst not concentrating properly on playing the game.

Anonymous said...


You summed it all up in this one statement...

"they confused personality clashes with politics and went ahead and did the stupid thing instead of the smart thing - and now they are paying the price for not thinking before acting".

As a matter of fact, we are all paying a price now for their gross stupidity!