Friday 7 December 2007

The Jizya of Multi-Culturalism and other news stories

The Jizya of Multi-Culturalism

In states ruled by Islamic law, jizya or jizyah (Arabic: جزْية; Ottoman Turkish: cizye) is a per capita tax on all non-Muslims. The tax is not paid by any Muslims, but only by Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims who all have to pay the tax. The tax is levied on slaves, women, children, monks, the old, the sick, hermits and the poor, for as long as you are a non-Mssulim you have to pay the tax to the state. Only non-Muslim citizens who pay the tax are permitted to practice their faith and to enjoy a measure of communal autonomy as well as being entitled to Muslim protection from outside aggression and being exempted from military service amongst numerous other exemptions to levies upon Muslim citizens. If they do not pay the tax, then the state does not protect them.

This is the servile status of Dhimmitude as regards non-Muslims that has afflicted the world wherever Islamists have managed to take political control of a nation or state.

In Britain today we have to pay the Jizya of Multi-culturalism, which is the money we will have to pay for the price of black educational underachievement over the next fifty years. The Reach panel, a body that advises the government on issues affecting the black community, calculated that a cycle of underachievement could cost the UK £24bn over the next 50 years through taxes and criminal justice costs.

The government is also going to fund with public money the absurd Black Boys' National Role Models programme which it thinks would be an "antidote to a culture of low aspiration".

Why do we as a tax payer have to subsidise this race relations profiteering bullshit. Its time the black community were not allowed to keep blaming 'whitey' and Da Man for all their problems and faced up to their own problems.

It is not white hands that are holding the guns that are killing their youth, it is blacks killing blacks.

It is not the fictitious spectre of racism that drives young black men to listen to gangsta rap, sell drugs instead of getting jobs, make hundreds of thousands of pounds a year from drug dealing, wear designer clothing, wear obscenely expensive diamond and gold jewellery, drive expensive sports cars, treat their women like shit, glorify misogny, celebrate gun and gang culture, worship the gangster and the thug, celebrate conspicuous consumption and worship pure evil greed.

Bling Culture is a death culture. It celebrates the criminal and greed, violence and hate and it is the dominant cultural force in the black community today.

It is not racism that blights the black community, it is its tolerance of a variant of black culture that feeds on their dead children.

The time has come for all of us who are not black to stop paying the Jizya and instead start demanding the government begin imposing responsibility on the black community itself.

We need to pass laws that utilise taxation at the point of sale as a method of diminishing the popularity of certain anti-social cultural forms in our society.

Those in the black community that produce anti-white, racist, crime glorifying rap records should be allowed to do so, but they should also pay higher taxes when they do profit from doing so.

Albums and records that glorify crime and bling culture should be classified as socially damaging Music and taxed higher than those that do not.

Albums that have anti-white racist lyrics or that celebrate violence, drugs and crime should be classified as Hate Music and put into a higher tax bracket in relation to their sale in record shops.

I do not believe in censorship or restricting free speech, but I believe in taxation as a mechanism to ensure those that peddle hate dont profit from hate.

I believe in your right to total free speech, but that doesnt mean I have to accept that you have the right to make a profit from peddling hate to the public.

You can say it, but you cant profit from saying it.

If your free speech is provably damaging the fabric of society, then society should be able to tax you for it if you are making a profit from peddling that speech in society.

Take the profit out of the process and you remove the motivation to produce the problem in the first place.

The day that the UAF organise demonstrations outside HMV record stores to demand they no longer sell rap albums rthat glorify the racist killings of whites is day they will have any credibility in any way.

For a list of racist rap records that tell blacks to kill whites in your local HMV or Virgin Store here is a list ;

At the same time as the problem of black culture is being fought, the criminals that have infiltrated the black community must also be fought.

The death penalty must also be imposed on all immigrant drug importers, smugglers, suppliers, financiers and dealers who bring drugs into the country and all those foreign nationals involved in the supply of drugs in the country.

In August, the Reach advisory panel suggested that role models for black boys and young men were often rappers - some of whom glamorise crime - and sports stars.

Young black men want and need to see role models from everyday life who have been successful

The report, by experts from fields including education and business, said this narrow focus meant there was a culture of low aspiration, which contributed to poor educational attainment.

Ms Blears said the new initiative was an attempt to provide a wider diversity of images of successful black men.

The Reach panel calculated that a cycle of underachievement could cost the UK £24bn over the next 50 years through taxes and criminal justice costs.

Department of Education statistics, leaked to the press last December, suggested that black pupils in England are three times more likely to be excluded from school than other students.

The New Racism ;

When are the government going to understand that youth failure in the black community is simply because of a culture of failure that has developed in the black community that can never be stopped or dealt with as long as the liberal consensus still controls the country.

The idea that young black kids will see teachers in their local schools as role models instead of gangsta rappers with fur coats, diamond rings, ferrari sports cars, big guns, covered in bikini clad babes, coke dealing millions, gangs to back them up and respect from the police is idiotic.

If the black community wanted to deal with black failure, first remove people Lee Jasper from their jobs who have exploited the black community and who have peddled the mindset of the Victim Culture, dump all the race relations profiteers and parasites and apologists and then finally demand that the police get tough with black criminals instead of the police acting like wanker social workers in uniform who seek to 'emapthise' with the gangsters instead of arresting the bastards.

A major drive to get more black teachers into the classroom will be launched this week by MPs and campaigners who say the change will improve the performance of black boys. The campaign, which will be led by the MP Diane Abbott and Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London, has the support of government ministers but has already been attacked by parents who say children simply need good teachers, whatever their race. 'One thing that makes a difference is teachers who are culturally literate,' said Abbott. 'The teachers do not have to be black, but the mayor's main policy aim is to have a teaching workforce that looks like Britain.'

In London, she added, just 12 per cent of teachers were black while in some areas half the children were. On Saturday a black teachers' network will be launched to provide support to teachers but also encourage them to explain cultural differences to their non-black colleagues. According to Abbott, some white teachers misunderstand the way that black boys behave, seeing them as aggressive because of a 'culture gap', while others stereotype pupils.

At her own school Abbott was taught by a teacher who she said expected her to be good at netball but was sceptical when she wanted to apply to the University of Cambridge, where she later studied. 'I am not saying there are not white teachers who get excellent results with black children,' she added. 'But if there is a critical mass of black teachers in the workforce you get a more culturally literate workforce overall.'

Steve Sinnott, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said: 'The reason we want more black teachers in the classroom is not about quality of teaching but aspiration. If they see black teachers, they will aspire to be teachers themselves.' But, he said children most wanted good teachers whatever their ethnic background.,00.html


Typical of the soppy twats that are the British judges that they refuse to imprison a female Islamist terrorist supporter in the UK just as the Islamist terrorist groups abroad like Al Qaeda are changing their tactics to use women more often in their terrorist operations.

Today a female suicide bomber killed 15 people in a blast at the offices of an anti-Al Qaeda group in Iraq whilst two weeks ago another female suicide bomber blew herself up in Iraq.

Just as the terrorists have started to recruit and deploy females as suicide bombers, the Judges in Britain have sent a signal out to all the terrorists in Britain that if they recruit, train and deploy female terrorists that they are less likely to be caught, arrested, charged, convicted and jailed. This means that they will now seek to target more women specifically as terrorists.

The fact we now have this absurd state of affairs where women in a Burkha are not even forced to display their faces even when to not do so may jeopardise security for other people in that area is not acceptable.

The fact we have two cases where male terrorists in the UK have evaded arrest, and even fled the country, by hiding beneath a Burkha means the law has to be changed to demand women reveal their faces in security sensitive areas such as shopping malls, airports, theatres, trains, tubes, buses etc etc. It should be a legal duty to reveal ones face in a defined security zone, and a failure to do so means the person should be denied access to the area. This would also apply to people in motorbike helmets, hoodie tops, balaclavas and other face hiding clothing.

I will be asking the BNP to adopt a policy that we create a new National Security policy that includes a committment to the following new law ;

" Public areas where the public may be put at risk of terrorism, eg shopping centres, ports, airports, train stations, tube trains, trains, buses, designated shopping centres and streets, designated facilities such as sports stadiums and other areas that are security sensitive will be designated as 'Designated Security Areas'. In these places the law will require that all those in, using or passing through those areas will have to have their faces fully uncovered at all times when they are present in those areas so as to be monitored by the police, security staff and electronic surveillance in those areas. Those that enter the designated areas will be required to reveal their faces or they will be refused entry, removed from the area or arrested for failing to comply with the request to reveal their faces. At the same time as this requirement becomes law we will pass new legislation that requires councils to impose strict controls on all private CCTV cameras that record the public and to require all businesses to have a license to deploy CCTV that films the public in public places and also to have in place strict privacy controls regulated by council inspectors with powers to impose fines and imprisonment for abuse of personal data obtained by private CCTV cameras. "

A 23-year-old former Heathrow Airport worker was today spared jail after becoming the first woman convicted under new terrorism legislation.

Samina Malik, who called herself the "lyrical terrorist", wrote poems called How To Behead and The Living Martyrs.

Malik, described as an unlikely but committed Islamic extremist, was last month convicted by an Old Bailey jury of a charge under the Terrorism Act 2000.

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