Monday 24 December 2007

Now the attacks on me begin

I have just been reading the latest offering from the Lancaster UAF blog, and they do make quite interesting reading.

On the Lancaster UAF blog they are now obviously supporting the bloggers and putting up sympathy story articles to assist them.

What is also interesting is they are also now attacking me. It appears that I may have touched a nerve.

It is a feature of the Far Left that in any leftist regime that gets into power all those that disagree with the government are labelled as 'insane' and locked up in mental hospitals for failing to see 'the truth'.

At this very moment there are thousands of democrats and dissidents in the mental asylums of China and Cuba, North Korea and Uzbekistan who have been labelled as lunatics by their Communist goverments.

What I found most disgusting about these comments was the allegation that I have been making death threats.

As the victim of death threats, to such an extent that I have had to repeatedly leave my flat and stay in bed and breakfasts and friends houses for a period of time, I found that allegation disgusting.

I have always repudiated violence and threats of violence, seeing as I have been a victim of it myself.

After reading of the attempted attack on Mark Collett at the Leeds meeting a few days and the death threats he has been sent and left on his phone, I wrote on my blog that such death threats were disgusting and also that I knew the plotters had nothing to do with them and would not ever tolerate such death threats.

I know that not one of the plotters would ever support any of their followers making death threats and they themselves would never also do that. Their motivations for being in the party may be in question, but the fact is that I do not believe their intention was to incite violence against others in the party.

It may be the intention of the secret state to incite violence, such as they did on the past with C18 and the Green Anarchists, AFA and Red Action and Column 88, but I do not believe that any of the plotters have ever wanted to see any violence in their name.

Similarly anyone in the party or at a meeting who I discovered, or I was informed that was making death threats against anyone, either in the party or outside it, then I would demand they be expelled for it.

I do not have any money to defend myself over any allegations like these by hiring a solicitor, but I am prepared to sue Denise Garside personally and Lancaster UAF and order their ISP provider to hand over the details of anyone making such an allegation on their site.

I suggest that the Lancaster UAF now remove that posting before I issue a writ for it.

I the same post I am now accused of being a psychotic lunatic by one poster who spoke to an 'expert' friend of his 'at the weekend'.

This 'friend' stated that I am a psychotic for believing that the plotters may be MI5and linked to secret state.

Now as anyone who studies psychology will tell you a psychosis is unqiue to an individual - in other words that they, and they alone, believe it is true.

When a psychosis is shared by many people it is defined as either a religion or something akin to a religion, such as Communism.

Now it may well be that if I were a lone voice saying ' lets ignore what has happened in the past with previous plots against the party and compare it to what is happening today' and just stated that the plotters were all MI5 then it may well be that I am a nutcase, but the fact is that all of this has happened before not just in the BNP but in many other British political parties.

From the early days of the BNP with the Column 88 / C18 problems, to Tim Hepple and others the secret state has infiltrated and attacked the party from within.

The BNP is not alone in this targeting for infiltration and subversion, the far left ranging from the Green Anarchists to the SWP to the recent events in the Socialist Party with Tommy Sheridan and the recent splits in Respect all show a distinct similar pattern.

A political party that is on the edge of a breakthrough then suffers an internal crisis that causes the party to splinter and split. It happens time after time throughout British history.

Calling someone a lunatic is the last resort of the person about to lose the argument.

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Anonymous said...

Lee, the following link is not connected with Hain, but I don't have your email addy so I'm putting it here for you:-

"Instead they are ignoring it -- thus also acting as a recruiting sergeant for the British National Party, which is exploiting this legitimate grievance to mask its true agenda of prejudice against all racial or ethnic minorities."

Some Jews just can't stop making enemies eh!