Wednesday 26 November 2008

The BBC and Radio 4

Today I entered the realm of darkness and depravity. I have entered the portals of the BBC in London. The building in Portland Place is like an old WW2 air raid shelter - a large bunker in fact.

Luckily I was escorted by Mr. Colin Smith and his partner, who acted as lookouts as we entered the Death Star of the Bolshevik Broadcasting Empire.

When I entered the building I half expected to hear the ‘dum, dum, da dum, dumda dum’ of the theme tune of Lord Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, to be played over the loudspeakers as I entered the place. If the BNP are the panto villains of liberalism, as least they can make a show of it when we attend.

As soon as I walked in I noticed that there was a very nice and polite Asian chap at reception, a pleasant black guy doing security on the door, a chirpy white working class woman on the reception desk and a black woman busily cleaning the floors.

So much for diversity in the BBC = whites work in the offices and ethnic minorities do the cleaning etc etc

I made a formal complaint straight away as this was obviously Institutional Racism and Anti-White Working Class’ism. I noticed that there were scores of young well spoken blonde women with nice posh accents going in and out of the BBC studios - but no ethnic minorities.

I spoke to a woman who was escorting us to the interview and said ’ Not many ethnic minorities work in this part of the BBC is there, that’s institutionally racist isn’t it ? Its like Hitlers Bunker in here with the amount of blonde Aryans going in and out of the place “.

No reply. Hopefully she realised I was trying to lighten the mood.

As usual the staff at the BBC all great people and were very polite and affable - the problem is always the liberal fascist plonkers at the top of any institutional pyramid.

Then up to the Green Room - or the airing cupboard as its usually called.

Met the producer of the show - nice chap, very tall, very polite.

Met the lady from Index on Censorship and introduced myself to her as ' Lord Vader' - she laughed and got the joke.

Had a good chat with her about the Danish cartoons issue and the way that the liberals all attacked the free speech of the cartoonists as a 'provocation'.

Apparently everyone can be upset and offended eg Christians with the jerry springer show - and that is free speech, but if anyone upsets one of the anointed 'special cases groups' such as the usual suspects, then we are abusing free speech when we do so.

I then had the misfortune to have to listen to the ramblings of some Liberal Fascist in the NASUWT who went on the show before me who was advocating a ban on any individual who dared think, say or do anything that she and her cronies at the NASUWT disagreed with.

Its nice to see that modern liberalism and equality and diversity as defined by the NASUWT is basically banning anything and anyone that doesn’t fit into their model of diversity.

It appears for the NASUWT that equality and diversity = fascism and gulags.

On the show was Kenan Malik who is one of the most interesting intellectuals in the country today. His latest book ‘ Strange Fruit’ is brilliant.

He almost fell of his chair when I said I had read it. I think he thought the BNP couldn’t read.

Then I met Melanie Phillips. Melanie loves to hate me. She looked at like a hungry cat looks at a fat mouse.

Michael Burke and Michael Portillo seemed like nice people. In fact Michael Portillo spent most of the interview with his trademark ‘© Cheshire cat grin’ and said nothing to me. I think we bonded though.

All was going well until Melanie blew a fuse.

From out of nowhere and with a howl of hysterical rage she screamed out, with a gnarled finger pointing at me, ’ You said on your blog that I should go and live in ISRAEL ! “.

At first I thought she had had some sort of involuntary spasm , a ’ did I say that out loud moment ’as it had NOTHING at all to do with the debate - which was on the BNP membership issues.

I was a bit flustered as I wondered what the hell she was talking about - what did that have to do with the debate !!!!!

A little spat ensued between us which was ended by Michael Burke placing his hand on melanies arm and physically restraining her from saying anything more.

I warned the producer before the show that if they ganged up on me and all spoke at the same time without giving me time to answer - then I would just continue to talk over them with my reply until they shut up.

When they realised that was what I was going to do, they stopped Melanie in full flow.

Then some pompous fat bloke on the panel kept asking the same stupid question about the Police - in order to waste time I think, so that we could not debate the real issues.

It was a real shame that I had no chance to debate anything interesting with Kenan, who was the only reason I went on the show to be honest.

To have a real debate with a real intellectual about real issues is what the BNP have been denied for years - which is a real paradox of the No Platform Policy - as if we are so thick, as the media constantly say - then why are they afraid to debate with us ?

If we are thick then why not debate with us ?

Oh well, it was a wasted opportunity. To see grown ups resorting to facile Ad Hominem attacks on me and the BNP as a replacement to debate is a sad waste of everyones time.

One day hopefully someone will make a show where we can have a real debate - hopefully with Kenan.

I suggested to the charming lady who runs Index For Censorship who was also on the show that a radio / tv show with Nick Griffin and Kenan Malik debating would be in interesting on.

One day - who knows.

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alanorei said...

Er, something a bit odd here, Lee. I once said to Mel by email that she should be ready to emigrate to Israel, in case things got too anti-Jewish here.

She seemed to take it OK. This was in relation to one of her articles on Terrorism, the exchange of emails being on 29/09/2005.

I don't think my suggestion can have been a million miles away from yours. Melanie must have had a sudden attack of BNP-itis, which I understand is catching these days.

See below, Mel's response is first and my original note is below.

I hear what you say. Many thanks.

Best wishes


alan.oreilly wrote:
> Dear Melanie
> Thank you for this article. I believe the following sums up the issue.
> "Such short-term expediency, however, is storing up a long-term economic
> disaster. For pharmaceutical research, which is worth billions to the UK
> economy, will simply relocate to countries with fewer scruples about the
> human rights of protesters - and with far lower ethical standards about
> the welfare of research animals."
> I think that explains the police inaction. An enforced relocation of
> the research centres would be yet another step in the destruction of
> Britain, while the 'anti-terror' police are nevertheless immediately on
> the scene when even a loyal, long-term Labour octenagarian dares to
> exrecise free speech. That is the other arm of the pincer, giving (if
> it's not an awkward mixture of metaphors), the full face of fascist
> Blairite Britain.
> At the risk of sounding melodramatic and in the hope this can be taken
> as supportive advice from a Gentile, pre-millenial Baptist friend, I
> would urge you, and those close to you of like beliefs, to keep handy a
> pre-packed suitcase and an open-dated, one way, El-Al air ticket to Israel.
> Best regards
> Alan O'Reilly

ba ba said...

I heard is Lee - It was fantastic! Damn brilliant. Do you have a link to a 'listen again' mp3 or similar?

Anonymous said...

Man but I was geed up after listening to you Lee - I was tired and due to play in front of a corporate audience and until I nipped out and got bored by the NASUWIZI and then lifted by your spirited performance - I had no energy. I came back into the gig with a huge smile on my face and played rather well (though I say it myself).

Anonymous said...

One problem with the interview was that you allowed yourself to be provoked into anger.

Indeed it seemed like you almost became hysterically angry.

No doubt you believed your anger to be right and just; however, it does makes it hard for the average member of the public to want to listen to your arguments.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the BNP should stop being "racists" and start being "anti-racists".

When people like Melanie Phillips are acceptable establishment mouthpieces, yet are demonstrably "ethnic nationalists," in her case Zionist, the question immediately is raised, "WHAT ABOUT OTHER PEOPLES? -- DO THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO LIVE AND OWN THEIR HOMELAND?".

At the moment our politicians say european peoples do not have equal right with the Jewish people. Isn't this an opportunity for the BNP? After all, we all know no establishment party will deny the Jewish people the right to a state devoted to their survival, how can they deny us equality without being demonstrably racist?

Or is the BNP anti-"gentile" and of the view that we non-Jews are not deserving of equality with Jews?

Anonymous said...

You're such a pr*t. And what a perfectly ugly representation for a really ugly organisation (I'm talking about BNP and not the BBC, just in case you or your readers are too dim to understand).

Anonymous said...

I think you should have pointed out the fact that Melanie Phillips and Michael Portillo's party and the government are all passionate ethnic nationalists for a certain middle eastern people, and that the BNP simply think other peoples including our own deserve the same advantage. Their support for Israel is absolute, and therefore gifts you an unimpeachable moral claim for your ethnic nationalism: equal rights. This double standard is the best example of the establishment's racism.