Monday 3 November 2008

The result is in - THE MEDIA WON !

The result of the US election is in - the media won !

Over a billion dollars have been spent by McCain and Obama on media advertising.

The media corporations made over a billion dollars from peddling lies to the American public.

There will be no change for America, as America cannot change.

Voting changes nothing, unless you vote for a political party that is from outside the system.

McCain and Obama are both pawns of the same system.

The American public will get more of the same.

The same dependence on Arab oil, the same AIPAC in charge of US foreign policy, the same generals running the same wars, the same media, the economic system, the same bankers running the banks, the same elite running the corporations, the same Military-Industrial Block profiting from the wars, the same Shadow Government dominating the economic and social zones of American society, the same politicians, the same political system and the rest of the detritus of a democracy in crisis.

Whether one of the drones of the system has a higher / lower melanin content than the other is irrelevant.

The new boss is the old boss.

The media won.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

With Obama now as president the only difference with this guy and the last few presidents is the color of his skin. Not only will there be the same features of the detrimental system as before but the peoples of color will feel more enpowered against the majority white population. Obama is the greater of the two evils and now he is commander and chief. God help the european decented peoples of America.