Thursday 13 November 2008

Energy Security and the Great Betrayal

Only the EU could dream up a plan for Europes future energy security that involves;

1) Relying on Africa for gas and oil - which ensures a future confrontation with China over its African expansion. Resource wars and Eco-conflicts are ahead for Africa.

2) Isolating Russia by no longer buying Russian gas and oil - which ensures that the great bear will become a starving and angry nation on the doorstep of Europe. Better we buy its energy and keep it happy then starve it and make it an enemy.

3) A plan so complex it looks like one of the Eurocrats has dumped a plate of spaghetti over Europe. The more complex a plan, the more likely it is to not work. This plan is the ultimate epitome of the EU - too complex, too technical and can only be built with the EU growing and expanding in size and power.

4) That requires the expansion of the EU into North Africa and the further growth of EURABIA. Relying on Muslim nations means appeasing Muslim demands. This will lead to Eurabia.

The plan itself requires the UK to build vast wind and wave power stations that supply Europe with energy.

Instead of us handing this energy over to the EU - what we should be doing is demanding the British government should form a Bank Of Britain to invest in the creation of a renewable energy and national wind and wave power project that will replace North Sea Oil.

What we require is a Green Industrial Revolution - not the handing over of our energy reserves to Europe.

Then once we have built this 100 % national independent energy system we can sell our surplus energy to Europe - but the idiots in the government instead want to hand the energy over to the EU.

Never mind - we can always nationalise the projects once the idiots in the Labour and Tory parties have allowed the EU to own them.

This is also confirmation that the Obama Democrat Neo-Trotskyites , who have replaced the Bush Republican Neo-Conservatives, are planning too ;

1) Isolate and confront Russia

2) Isolate and confront China

The areas where the confrontations are being planned by the US are not in the US though - they are in Eastern Europe with the US missile shield in Poland and in Africa via the proxy armies of the nations run by the US or China.

This is the Cold War over again - this time the wars will be over energy rather than ideology.

For those dumb asses that thought Obama would usher in an era of love and peace where we all dance holding hands singing ' I'd Like to teach the world to sing ' whilst drinking Coca Cola - you were total mugs.

All that has happened is that Right Wing Imperialism has been replaced with Left Wing Imperialism.

The Neo-Conservatives have been replaced with the Neo-Trotskyites.

Democracy is the rule of the media and the lemmings.

A supergrid of power supplies to protect Europe’s energy from the threat of a Russian stranglehold will be announced today.

The building blocks of the proposed supergrid would be new cables linking North Sea wind farms, and a network patching together the disparate electricity grids of the Baltic region and the countries bordering the Mediterranean, according to a blueprint drawn up by the European Commission and seen by The Times.

EU states will also be asked to pay for at least two ambitious gas pipelines to bring in supplies from Central Asia and Africa. The plans also call for a Community Gas Ring, or a network allowing EU countries to share supplies if Russia turns off the taps.

The EU Energy Security Plan notes that Europe imports 61 per cent of its gas, a figure projected to rise to 73 per cent by 2020. Russia sells about two-fifths of the total, including the entire supply of several countries.

The proposals come a day before an EU summit meeting with Russia in France, which is designed to reopen talks on a pact covering economic and energy links after the crisis in relations caused by the war in Georgia in the summer.

Europe must take “the first steps to break the cycle of increasing energy consumption, increasing imports, and increasing outflow of wealth created in the EU to pay energy producers”, according to the European Commission document. Without referring specifically to Russia, it adds: “Remaining reserves and spare production capacity are becoming increasingly concentrated in a few hands.

“With respect to the EU, this is of most concern with respect to gas, where a number of member states are overwhelmingly dependent on one single supplier. Political incidents in supplier or transit countries, accidents or natural disasters . . . remind the EU of the vulnerability of its immediate energy supply.”

Britain supports the first step of the supergrid scheme to connect all the wind farms in the North Sea, which will channel electricity into a central hub from the waters of several countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and the UK.

Supporters argue that a shared system will make each country less reliant on local weather conditions for renewable energy in the drive to replace Russian hydrocarbons.

Nick Medic, of the British Wind Energy Association, said: “This follows an agreement between Norway and Holland to connect the two countries with an undersea cable. The logic is that hydropower [in Norway] can offset the variability of wind power [from Holland]. If the wind power goes up, you can switch off the hydro. It is something that Denmark and Norway have also done for years.

“The proposed North Sea grid means that if you have less wind in the British sector, you can access wind blowing off the German coast.” An EU-wide network will mean that wind power becomes even more reliable.

The Government supports the plans. “We have been calling for the EU to do more on energy security. The idea of a supergrid could support the Government’s aim of developing offshore wind power and other renewables and implementing more interconnection between European electricity markets,” a spokeswoman said.

Similar link-ups will be outlined today for the Baltic region and the Mediterranean, with the long-term goal of a single European grid.

The common EU gas ring will require construction of the southern corridor pipeline to bring gas supplies from Azerbaijan and a trans-Saharan pipe for gas from Nigeria. The EU faces tough competition, however, from Gazprom, the huge gas company in Russia, which is already negotiating to buy supplies from both countries for rival projects.

All of these measures will run alongside the EU goal of a 20 per cent increase in energy efficiency by 2020, as well as a 20 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions and 20 per cent of energy to come from renewable sources, the so-called 20-20-20 targets.

The European Commission will spell out the urgency of making progress with energy security, because of the dominance of Russia and because of the economic uncertainties surrounding imports. “This work appears as a key element of the EU response to the current financial crisis and thus should be accelerated,” the draft document states.

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Anonymous said...

Utter insanity, no other word for it.

CO2 isn't harming our planet, it isn't causing AGW - the earth is cooling - but these inconvenient truths apart, there is a en even more ridiculous aspect.

How can this claim be taken seriously when the EU is encouraging and pursuing mass immigration? It is causing a population boom, not just in the EU but in the third world.

The more human beings, the more environmental impact. Methane, a pollutant far more harmful than CO2 and belched out in vast quantities by various cattles and herds will increase as more animals are needed for the food chain.

Not forgetting of course that humans also produce CO2 - perhaps we should all cut down on our breathing so we don't cause global warming? What nonsense.

What the devious marxist commissars want here is to prevent EU nation states being independent for energy. It's another nail in the coffin of nations and another step towards their nationless soviet totalitarian rule.

And it's all based on the biggest load of bollocks promoted by profiteering liars such as Gore and marxist organisations such as Greenpeace, the UN and of course vote grubbing, power seeking politicians who prey on public ignorance and disseminate false information through their media lickspittle lackeys.

These evil bastards are all causing far more damage to our planet than a trace gas that is a poor adsorber of heat and that is essential for all life here on earth toflourish.

Utter insanity.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing such Eurabia except in the mind of some conspiracy theorists.