Saturday 1 November 2008

The National Revolution

Clausewitz wrote that war is an extension of politics.

Today both war and politics are extensions of finance.

The political parties, both left and right, are funded and controlled by the exact same corporate and financial elites.

Whoever you vote for the government is the same. If The Tories had been in power then we would still have invaded Iraq and still got bogged down in Afghanistan.

Regardless of who vote for your get ;

1) Political Correctness
2) Multi- Cultualism
3) Mass Immigration
4) Surrender to Islamists and Dhimmitude
5) The Race Relations Industry and The Tyranny of the Minorities
6) Membership of the European Union
7) Globalism
8) The same Media corporations controlling the TV and newspapers
9) The same intellectual elite controlling the Servile State and education system
10) The same bankers controlling the financial system
11) The same dependence on Middle East Oil
12) The same surender of our national economy to foreign buy outs and takeovers
13) The same wars such as Iraq and Afghanistan
14) The same economic policies
15) The same environmental policies
16) The same degenerate social elite dominate our national culture
17) The same legal system and policing
18) The same political corruption
19) The same domination of our national politic system by international forces
20) The same Liberal Consensus dominating the Zeitgeist.

Whoever is elected represents the interests of the same elite. The same people stay in control, the same government runs everything the same way and the same political, social, media and financial elites control the nation.

The political puppets all dance to the same tune of their puppeteer pay masters. The media corporations propagandise the political parties that the corporate elite want to see in power whilst the financial sections of the elite drectly fund and control the political parties.

The only parties allowed to be elected are those that work directly for the elite itself.

Linking both the Corporations and the State is the Servile State structure.

The Servile State is funded primarily by the corporation taxes paid by the corporations to the government and also from the profits derived from the activities of the financal system.

The Servile State enforces the creedo of Political Correctness in the Public Sphere through the coercive use of the law and courts, whilst the corporations control society through advertising and the media.

At all levels our Democracy is subverted, contaminated and usurped.

There is only revolution left - and that is the National Revolution.

The aim of the National Revolution is clear - that of the restoration of our National Liberty.

National Liberty is the restoration of Constitutional rights and liberties, the restoration of our national cultural life, the Nationalisation of the political, social, legal, economic and media systems and the eradication of the Servile State system which demands the people serve the state, rather than the state serves the people.

The Servile State will be replaced with the mechanisms of a National Democracy.

The mechanisms of the Nationalist State will serve at all times the interests of the British people first and foremost. All those forces that stand in opposition to the interests of the British people will be regarded as enemies of the British people. No more will the bankers, the lobby groups, the media corporations, the race relations gestapo and the rest of the liberal establishment be allowed to interfere in the creation of our National Democracy.

One of our first aims upon achieving power must be dissolving, dismantling and dissolution of the entire race relations industry, the servile state structures within the state systems, the removal of all heads of Quangos, NGO's and other government funded group associated with the old political parties to be replaced with nationalists and the removal of all individuals from within all sections of the Civil Service and all who are employed as public sector employees who have directly resisted us on our transition to power.

The precedent for this action has already been established by David Blunkett when he banned the BNP from being members of the Police. We intend to follow this policy as well and we will remove all those individuals employed as public service workers who have expressed hostility to our Nationalist system or who have organised to resist the Nationalisation process.

There has been a revolution in this country that has changed the fundamental nature of our nation. It has been systematic and deliberate treason, widely plotted and well planned.

In order for us to save our nation there can be no half measures. There can be no collaboration with the enemy, there can only be our triumph and their subjugation.

The liberal revolution can only be defeated by a National Revolution.

National Liberty stands in direct opposition to the whore that is Liberalism, which is merely a plaything of the Marxists and the Capitalists.

Liberalism is the most pernicious ideology ever yet created by man. This is because Liberalism is in fact Maoist Political Correctness that uses the language of liberalism as a way to mask its true agenda.

Both the Neo-Conservatives of the Right and the Neo-Trotskyites of the Left are united by the ideology of Political Correctness. Nowhere is this more demonstrated than with China.

In 2008 UK exports surged to China. Direct exports of goods from the UK to China were 38 per cent higher in the first eight months of this year than in the same period last year, at £3.3bn. Direct imports from China rose by 13 per cent, to £13bn.

Between January and May this year, Britain exported more than 2 billion pounds (about 2.94 billion U.S. dollars) of goods and services to China, an increase of 44 percent on the same period in 2007, whereas Chinese imports for the same period to Britain grew 10 percent to 7.763 billion pounds.

In August 2008 Digby Jons of the CBI said , "As China opens its markets, fabulous opportunities will present themselves for UK companies. Exports have grown impressively in our services sector where we now export more than 1.5 billion pounds and where the balance of trade is two to one in our favor,".

The Chinese regime is a regime that is spying in the UK ;

These are just a few examples of issues with China.

I havent got enough space to write about how the Arab hedge funds and banks are now busy buying up vast sections of the UK banking and financial industry ;

The fact that both Liberalism and Capitalism are willing to work with and profit from a nation like China, is proof that the interests of the British nation, our national security and the long term national security of the British people themselves are being placed at risk by short termism, short sighted, self interested economic and political groups.

On issues such as Islamic Terrorism, Mass Immigration, Energy Security, National Agricultural Production, Eco-Conflicts, Resource Wars and Peak Oil our elite is either impassive or increasing the severity of the problem.

The time bomb is ticking. There is no more time to waste.

The only way we can escape this liberal system is to excise it. The liberal system is beyond repair.

Our aim must not be merely to tinker with the mechanisms of system, but to dismantle the system entirely and replace it with a Nationalist system.

The National Revolution cannot be anything other than an emergency operation.

This means that those who think that us taking power, exercising power and keeping power is going to be based on consensus politics are sadly misled.

The choic is clear - the establishment political parties can only work fo, maintain and sustain the present political economic, political, social, media and economic systems as they are hostages to them.

What we have witnessed in recent weeks, and what will become clearer soon, is the demise of both Capitalism and Liberalism.

Liberalism and Capitalism are both aspects of the same system.

The collapse of capitalism will lead to the collapse in liberalism.

The Liberal Consensus is really a Liberal and Capitalist consensus, as both feed off each other via the Servile State.

As the capitalist system begins to contract the servile state begins to contract as public services are cut away as public spending cuts are imposed. There is no longer any money left for the government to inject into sustaining public services as it has just given the money to the bankers - in order to ensure that the bankrupt political parties are able to be economically saved by their big bank backers and prevent a nationalist political movement arising.

Therefore the Servile State will have to shrink. At the same time the bankers are going to see further collapses as the injection of capital into the economic system has not increased liquidity. This means businesses will be denied credit and the economy will go into reccession.

Lower tax revenues equals less money to spend on the Servile State.

The ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ensure that what spare cash the government has is spent on fighting Islamic nutcases in Iraq and in Afghanistan the drug gangs, foreign Jihadists, pissed off goatherders, demented islamic extremists, Afghanistani Nationalists and Pakistani ISI officers and army troops that all resist our presence in the area.

The way to defeat the Taliban is to execute all heroin smugglers caught bringing heroin into the UK, executing all heroin dealers in the UK , sealing our national borders with the British Army returned to the UK from Afghanistan so as to prevent the hroin coming into the country and also imprisoning all heroin users where they are forced to undergo detox and constant drug testing.

At every level the National Revolution must impose its systems, and that will mean drastic action once in power.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting Lee. With Britains drug problem I would agree on harsh penalties for drug smugglers and firm border control. Britain could learn from another island nation Australia, which has good border controls. As regards the actual drug addicts , I would prescribe heroin on the nHS to be taken in supervised clinics. I would also insist that all registered addicts were sterilised because the evidence for the inheritance of addiction is so overwhelming ,although unpalatable to the left.

Me, not you said...

On the money again my friend. Great post, enjoyable but painful read.

Anonymous said...

Liblabcon-trick doesn't want to teach real history -

They don't want to upset their religion-of-peace -

Or their multicult -