Sunday 23 November 2008

Searchlight Plan Fails

Only an idiot would think that the leak of the membership list, the persecution of Adam and Mark Walker and the media outing of BNP members has nothing to do with the passage of final stage of the Employment Bill passing through the House of Lords.

It is obvious that both the release timing and the media stories were designed to show the fact that the BNP had activists and supporters from all professions, and that therefore the Trades Unions needed the legislation to allow them total control over their membership in order to exclude BNP members from the Trades Unions.

They failed though as the whinning little e mail below from Nick Lowles reveals.

Even if they manage to try and get the Judicial Review of the legislation, it will merely mean the government has to pass amending legislation to change the law again. That will take another year or so, and by then the Brownite Junta will probably be out of office - hopefully because the bastards have been found guilty in a court of law for acts of treason, sentenced to capital punishment and are swinging from gibbets all the way around Parliament Square as flocks of ravens feast upon their rotting remains.

Now the legislation to keep an eye on is the policing bill where sections of the government are pushing to prevent legislation that would allow people to be directly elected to local policing boards.

This is why the ACPO perverts, the peeping toms of the Police State, are involved in organising to arrest BNP members and using the BNP list to try and remove BNP member officers. Its their way to help push support for the government rebels that dont want to see the new legislation put on the law books.

They dont want the people to vote for those they are told not to vote for.

Apparently some sections of the government fear that local people may vote for the BNP - which, i believe, used to be called ' The Basis Of Democracy'. It appears that the popular will must be replaced with the demands of the liberal elite.

From Freedom To Fascism via a few oh so humble mumbles of liberal moral cant.

E-mail from Nick Knowles:

The fight goes on

Despite the best efforts of thousands of people and 15 trade unions we were unable to persuade the Government to alter the section of the Employment Bill relating to the expulsion of fascists from unions. The Government claimed that the legislation was sufficient to incorporate the European Court ruling into British law, but dozens of MPs, unions and every external legal opinion thought otherwise.
Searchlight has been advised by barristers from Cloisters that a challenge to the Bill in the High Court is possible. Under s4(2) Human Rights Act 1998 the High Court can make a declaration declaring that a provision of primary legislation is incompatible with a Convention right. If it makes such a declaration the Government would be instructed to introduce amending legislation. Alternatively, if the High Court rules in the Government’s favour then at least unions would have the necessary legal confidence to move to expel known BNP members, something that is clearly lacking at the moment.
We are now contacting unions to discuss a possible High Court challenge and we will certainly let you know the outcome.
In the meantime I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. Thousands of people signed our online petition, over 100 MPs were lobbied and 12 union General Secretaries signed our open letter.
If you would like to continue to support Searchlight then may I suggest that you encourage your union branch to affiliate to Trade Union Friends of Searchlight. TUFS has been at the forefront of campaigning against fascism in the workplace and will be releasing a union toolkit, including a DVD, early next year. If you would like further information on TUFS please email here."

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