Sunday 30 November 2008


The day after the attacks on Mumbai I said that the attack was designed to target Whites - this has now been confirmed by one of the suriving terrorists.

" He described how its mastermind briefed the group to ‘target whites, preferably Americans and British’. "

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Anonymous said...


The question is why they were told to target whites and I don't think it was due to race as I explained in an earlier comment. I firmly believe these attacks against whites were tactical designed to gain maximum publicity and damage India. It is classic Islamic intimidation by terror, not racism.

And look at the numbers. To make this a "they were racist attacks against whites" diminshes that around 200 people of their own colour were murdered. Yet more victims for the never-ending jihad in India that began in 638 and of which 80 million hindus have been slaughtered ever since.

One issue I would like to see focused on more and more is why the west continues to appease Islam, to fund the sham "Palestinian" cause, to continue to provide billions of petro-dollars to these Islamic murdering scumbags without ever responding to these acts of war in kind.

Indeed, the UK continues to allow muslim immigrants into the UK, placing our own people in great peril.

The Saudis and the Pakistanis are conducting a global war by proxy. They are funding and inciting war against infidels yet claim that the terrorists and not the state are guilty. That the UK and the US has collaborated with these murderers in Serbia is sickening.

We debated about 9/11 a while ago Lee and I mentioned that Saudi Arabia was responisble for acts of war against the US. We now have Pakistan to look at. I asked you then what your thoughts were on why the Saudis (and now the Pakistanis) are not being regarded as enemy states by the west (USA and UK especially)who have commited acts of war and I'd really like to read your thoughts on this.

I believe we are at war with both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. I believe the acts of terror commited against our people along with the use of the oil weapon and of course da'wa funded by Saudi petrodollars are deliberate acts of war carried out by these 2 nations.

We should be responding to these acts and we should be defending our people from Islamic terror. We aren't and I really would like to know why. My theory is that it is a marxist plot that will lead to civil war which the powers that be will crush. The aim is chaos, out of which the new world order will emerge. The question is who is using who? Are the marxists using the Islamists or is it the other way round?



Bert Rustle said...

Pickledpolitics has a long post on this topic where an abstract of report from the Times of India has ... they mandated to kill indiscriminately, particularly white foreign tourists, and spare Muslims ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Bert, your comment adds more weight to my position, is Islam and not race that is the defining issue here.



Anonymous said...

There are to many people within the BNP who are trying to turn the islam thing in a racial thing.

The attack was not against whites, it was an attack against Americans, Euroeans and Jews, and against against Indian

Only three of the targets could be classed as non Indian, that being the two hotels, and a Jewish center, who also happened to be white Americans

There is no evidence that this was an attack against whites, and in the link to the daily mail

The reason why they where told to target whites was not a racial issue, the reason being the chance are that the whies would be non-muslim

Claiming that this was a racial attacked against whites by some one high in the BNP ranks is very damaging to the BNP

No where in the Islamic scriptures is there any mention of killing whites.

By focusing on only the "kill the whites", and overlooking that they attacked a railway station and a children hospital s only giving the enemies of BNP more ammo

Defender of Liberty said...


The terrorist himself said ' we were told to target WHITES '

Thats not me distorting what happened - that is what the terrorist said.

The jihad is a racist jihad - it is about Arab expansionism and hatred of blacks, Jews and WHITES !

That is the reality - the Pakistani Jihadists are despised as converts by the ARAB leaders of Al Qaeda. They may not know they are dupes being led by an Arab racist elite who peddle them a facile interpretation of their religion, but that is the reality

The PRIMARY target of the attack was WHITES - not 'non-muslims' IT WAS WHITES _ THAT IS WHAT THE TERRORISTS SAID !

The secondary targets were Jews and Hindus.

It is not me misquoting the terrorists - they said WHITES !

They did not say 'non-muslims westerners ' they said WHITES !

In this country that is classified as RACIST HATE CRIME AGAINST WHITES - it is not classified as a religious hatred crime.

By stating that the targets were WHITES that makes it a racist hate crime under the terms of the law - the attacks were targeted at white people.

You are trying to distort reality about the attacks - it is not me - I am repeating what the terrorists said and what UK LAW SAYS !


Defender of Liberty said...


sorry but I rejected your comment as I was purging the comments from the usual red and their pathetic death threats etc - can you repost it and I will put it up