Wednesday 19 November 2008

Time for transparency

Seeing as transparency is the order of the day - lets start listing the home addresses of Labour MP's and Guardian journalists and BBC executives and Searchlight staff on this site here.

Anyone have Jacqui Smiths home address ?

Anyone have the home addresses of the owners of the Guardian and its journalists ?

Anyone have the home addresses of the BBC executives ?

How about the home addresses of Gerry Gable and those that fund Searchlight ?

How about the home addresses of the leaders of the Trades Unions that oppose the BNP ?

Send them to me here and I will post them up and then put them on the Peer 2 Peer networks for the whole world to study and share.

Get posting folks.

I would ask that all the internet linked nationalists of the world begin to list the home addresses of all those that oppose the BNP.

If its okay to leak our details then lets see if action starts to happen when we start to list the details of those that are busy gloating at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Remember this not long ago?

a last-ditch appeal to the High Court - arguing that if MPs' addresses were published, it could compromise their security.

Anonymous said...

It's sort of a catch-22. People should certainly not be fired or harrassed because of their political beliefs. At the same time it might provide peace of mind to know that your doctor or teacher is not a member of the BNP. Whether right or wrong, some people would not feel comfortable with others who hold certain "ideals" just like many BNP members are uncomfortable with nonwhites.

I don't think it's right to post or link to such a list, but I'm sure many would like to know who their neighbor, doctor, or local police officer is.