Wednesday 19 November 2008

The Blowback Begins

I have just had two law firms on the phone offering to represent any BNP members or activists who have suffered any problems at work.

They are also offering free advice for any BNP members.

We are also in the process of organising legal funding and legal activists to assist with the Data Protection Act and other issues that arise.

Those who are members know where and how to to contact me.

I note the Home Secretary, the utterly vile Jacqui Smith has said ' I wonder why BNP members are ashamed of their details getting out in public '.

Actually Jacqui no-one is ashamed - its just that the red thugs linked to your Labour Party and the career chasing bent cops in ACPO that you control are linked to attacks on our members and the police do nothing.

I wonder how your members would feel if they had their windows done in when they stood for election ?

If you were doing your job and craking down on the red thugs that terrorise the political opposition in thic country, instead of funding them and the Labour Party actively working with them, then no-one should have any fears for their safety.

Its your incompetence and corruption that is to blame.

I accuse you, Jacqui Smith, of being involved in the persecution of political dissidents in this country as you are directly involved in the activities and funding of these red groups such as the UAF and LU and that your corrupted PC Police elite at ACPO are also linked with this process as they refuse to act against the thugs.

Jacqui Smith is the most corrupt Home Secretary we have had since Blunkett - and he took some beating.

The British people do not like their governments acting like the Stasi or the Gestapo - and this whole affair will blow right back in their faces.

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Anonymous said...

one day one address will read

Nick Griffin

10 Downing street


Anonymous said...

Lists -

Anonymous said...


Isn't this the same party who are fighting a legal battle to prevent the details of what the speaker of the house has been spending taxpayer's money on being made public knowledge?

All under the auspices of the Data Protection Act if I'm not mistaken.

Lying, duplicitous, hypocritical marxist scum.