Saturday 29 November 2008

Superb Article on Majority Rights Site

A superb article here on the Majority Rights site ;

My favorite comment was this ;

This has got to be the comment of the year:

Yes lets stop the BNP. If they ever attain power we’ll end up fighting wars killing countless numbers of brown and black people. Your neighbour will become a spy for the government and you’ll be reported and locked up for even the pettiest offense, like not sorting your rubbish. Opposition MPs will be harassed and intimidated. The police will become an instrument of state power, with ‘anti-terrorist’ legislation’ used to shut down political enemies and subversives. Large swaths of the economy will come under direct government control to the benefit of their corporate cronies. All communications would be closely monitored to prevent subversion. They might even bring in ID cards using bio-identification (though I don’t think even they would go that far!). So yes lets stop these evil Nazis in their tracks and save the British way of life.

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Enough said.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting a link to that article Lee. It is absolutely superb and has added yet more ammunition to my anti-marxist, anti-liberal, anti-fascist debating arsenal.

And what a brilliant comment as well. Great stuff mate!