Saturday 29 November 2008

Merseyside Police Chiefs - False Arrest and Torture

We all knew that the arrests last week in Merseyside were due to an e mail I sent to the Merseyside Police earlier that morning. Whilst the slug slime at the top of Merseyside Police were busy hunting down their own officers for daring to be married to someone with a lapsed BNP membership instead of hunting down terrorists and criminals, I dared to send the top brass an e mail reminding them that they are not above the law.

I must say sorry to the chaps who were arrested that day.

It appears that some gold braided tosser in the top ranks of Merseyside Police musT have nearly choked on his doughnut and coffee and then raged away at his minions from behind his desk


" Jahwol Mein Fuhrer "

A copy of the e mail I sent - which as still not been responded too by Merseyside Police is attached at the bottom of this article.

Note the time it was sent - the activists were arrested a couple of hours later.

I sent a copy of this e mail to both the Data Protection Department of Merseyside Police and the office of the Chief Constable - so it appears that the Merseyside police think they are above the law and that they are not accountable to the public.

Today the CPS have announced that the liverpool 13 will not be charged.

The announcement is on the BBC website and attached below.

This is confirmation that the arrests were false imprisonment, false arrests and breaches of the Human Rights Act 1998.

The fact that our activists were also tortured by the police, means they are going to be sued.

A Public Inquiry may need to be held over these arrests - if the Zanu PF New Labour government think that the police are their stormtroopers they need to think again.

Thankfully the fact that a Tory got a good taste of the fascist methodology at the hands of the New Labour Mugabe ACPO thugs this week means even they will now be forced to wake up.

As we have been saying for years ;

First they will come for the BNP

Now they have come for the tories. Dont worry though as anyone who dares disagree with Mugabe Brown and Jackboot Jacqui Smith will also be ze list.

Zere is plenty of room in ze New Labour Gulags for all of you democracy pigdogs !

No charges laid over BNP leaflets

The men were arrested in the Whitechapel area of the city

Thirteen British National Party (BNP) members arrested on suspicion of giving out racist material in Liverpool have been released without charge.

The men were arrested by Merseyside police on 22 November after leaflets were distributed in the Whitechapel area of the city.

A police spokeswoman said they were released after consultation with the Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS).

Nick Griffin, BNP chairman, said the booklets were anti-racist in content.


----- Original Message -----
From: Lee Barnes
To: ****.******* ; Nick Griffin
Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2008 10:30 AM
Subject: Legal Notice

Date ; 22 November 2008

Re ; Stolen BNP Membership List

From ; L.J. Barnes LLB (Hons)


Formal Data Protection Cease and Desist Processing Order and Pre-Action Warning.

Formal Data Protection Act 1998 Data Disclosure Order.


It has come to our attention that your officers and staff are in possession of a copy of the stolen BNP membership list and are using this list to search for officers who may be in the BNP.

The officers who have obtained, used and ditributed this copy of the BNP membership list are in breach of ;

1) Setion 55 of the Data Protection Act 1998 - a criminal offense and also a civil offence.

2) In receipt of stolen property as the list has a commericial sales value

3) In breach of a contempt of court order.

The use of this list in any internal police 'withchunts' as per seeking the identity of any officers in the BNP also constitutes the use of illegally obtained evidence and therefore would be inadmissable in any employment proceedings - unless of course the police wish to confirm in any employment tribunals that they are using stolen documents, illegaly held and obtained by themselves in order to be used as illegal evidence in the sacking of a police officer for having a political opinion that David Blunkett, who authorised the policy to bar BNP members, disagreed with. David Blunkett if you may remember was later sacked from his job for repeated ethical standards in his role of Home Secretary.

Unless you confirm to me within the next four days when we will be going to court to apply for an injunction, costs and damages against your officers, that the BNP membership lists your officers have in their possession are destroyed then we will have no choice but to initiate legal action and formal complaints of Gross Misconduct against the officers involved in the obtaining, holding, storage, use and transmission of the list in the IPCC.

The attempt to use the BNP membership list as way to threaten serving officers with expulsion is an act of perverse political discrimination in breach of the ECHR and will not stand up in an employment tribunal. If the police seek to base any dismissal action using illegally obtained evidence then this will result in a case both in the employment tribunals and the higher courts and the ECHR.

Please be advised we are in contact with one of the top employment law firms in the country and will not hestitate to defend our members interests in this matter of protecting the list and also to seek to represent the interests of serving police officers who are disgusted at seeing the impartiality of the Police Service sold out to a bunch of corrupt transient Labour politician liberal fascists, many of whom were once investigated by MI5 and Special Branch as threats to British National Security in their days in the Communist Party and for their involvement the Miners Strike riots where serving police officers were killed and injured.

Please pass a copy of this e mail onto ACPO and all chief constables in the country as we intend to serve the same e mail to all police forces in the country who have been witless enough to go public with the announcement that thyey are using the list to search for serving police officers.

We seek the following information assurances that ;

1) We demand that you confirm whether or not your officers have obtained, collected, hold and have stored and are using a copy of the BNP membership list.

2) That the membership list is still in your possession

3) That your officers are using the list to search for serving officers

4) That this formal Data Protection Case and Desist Processing Order and Data Protection Act notice has been acknowledged and is being undertaken

5) Details of who have had copies of the list, where they were held, who is holding them now and what the police intend to do with the information on the list

You have 4 days to respond to this e mail with the information I ask.

If you provide me with the assurances below this would ensure we do not have to go to court, make the formal criminal complains to the police for theft and obtaining of stolen property, not seek an injunction and contempt of court order against your officers and that we do not have to initiate formal complains for Gross Misconduct against your officers in the IPCC ;

1) That the list is destroyed

2) That no copy of the list will be kept by the police in any form

3) That no attempt to use the illegally obtained information in the list will be made against against any serving officers

If we recieve these assurances then I am sure that our lawyers will take this into consideration when they consider their next legal steps.


L. J. Barnes LLB (Hons)

The furore has also led Merseyside police to launch an investigation into whether a serving officer belongs to the far-right party.

A spokesman said: "We understand that the British National Party names a Steve Bettley for an alleged association with the party.

"Whether Merseyside Pc Steve Bettley was, or is, a member of BNP is subject to an ongoing inquiry."

"I don't think it's the correct policy because in politics people are entitled to believe what they like."

Former policeman and BNP member explains why he does not agree with the ban on serving officers joining.

"We will be keeping an open mind until all of the facts have been established," it said in a statement.

"We are very clear - membership of the BNP is totally incompatible with the duties and values of the police service and Merseyside Police.

"We will not accept a police officer or police staff being a member of the BNP."

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