Tuesday 18 November 2008

The Rules of Nationalism

For those who have never read the Ten Rules of Nationalism - here they are ;

The Ten Rules Of Nationalism.

1) Those that work with the enemy against the cause of Nationalism are the enemy. Nationalists may disagree and fall out - but anyone who posts information on a red site or assists the reds in any way is to be treated as the enemy.

2) Those that assist the enemy in their attacks on Nationalists are the enemy. Nationalists NEVER assist the enemy. Those that post on sites such as LU or Stormfront information that assists the enemy are to be regarded as the enemy.

3) Those that think they can hide behind a keyboard forever are badly mistaken. One day all traitors will pay for their crimes.

4) Those that undermine our path to power will be treated as the enemy. Those that spend more time organising to undermine any nationalist party or group is an inner enemy.

5) Those that talk about being Nationalists, but who spend all their time attacking Nationalists, are the enemy. Nationalists may despise each other, but they do not waste any time attacking other nationalists. Only the enemy do that.

6) Those who act like the enemy are the enemy. If they act like the enemy, then they must be regarded as the enemy.

7) Those who spend more time attacking Nationalists than the enemy, are the agents of the enemy.

8) Those who espouse extremism but get others to do their dirty work, are the enemy.

9) A nationalist is not a keyboard warrior, a keyboard warrior that spends their time attacking Nationalists is the enemy.

10 ) Those who act in a way that undermines Nationalism, will one day pay the price of treason.

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