Saturday 22 November 2008

Boris and Ethnic Bloc Vote

By god, Boris Johnson is a little creep.

He is like that little snotty nosed fat kid with ADD who you went to school who used to nick your sweets and then kick you in the shins and run off laughing.

You could never give him a slap though as his older brother was captain of the school Rugby Team, and the little bastard always got away with it.

I am pleased to say that he gone up in my underestimation of his character.

His recent announcement that he wants to see all the illegal immigrants in London given the benefit of an amnesty so that they can become full and equal members of society.

Its a pity that Boris doesnt extend the same care, respect and concern to the BNP members who are being abused and attacked at this moment in time. It appears that as is usual with the clowns that control the Liberal Elite, he is more fixated and concerned with the interests of illegal immigrant criminals than for the rights of the British people.

If this campaign of persecution were directed at a racial group, an ethnic group or an religious group then there would be hell to pay in the media, but as it a pogrom based on individual political belief and the indigenous people of Britain organising to protect their community interests in our society , it appears that a state sanctioned, media directed and police protected pogrom is allowed in our nation.

This week has revealed that the real fascists in our society are the Liberal Fascists, the Corporate Media, the gutless politicians in the Tory Party that have refused to condemn the leak, the pompous fool Farage that sniggered like an idiot and the rest of the Quizlings, cowards, hypocrites and crawlers that have stayed silent.

This Dehumanisation process as regards BNP members by the government, media and various organisations is the exact same process that occurred in the lead up to the genocide in Rwanda.

This is currently being investigated as a crime against humanity.

If people think our people are going to sit on their hands as they are attacked, and the state does nothing to protect them and their families, then they are sadly mistaken.

This is the process ;

1) First designate your opponents as the enemies of society - in our case the BNP are designated as the 'enemies of the multi-cultural society'. Blame them for fictious woes , such as institutional racism, and for bringing 'disharmony' to the potential 'utiopia' which awaits all society - but only if the scapegoats are got rid off who are responsible for causing all of societies woes.

2) Then begin to dismantle their individual and communal rights to legal protections - such as removing the right of the BNP members to join a trade union at work, thereby leaving them weakened in the workplace and economically marginalised in society. With no money we are not able to defend ourselves.

3) Then pass bans to prevent them working for the State - this is what Hitler did with the Jews when he got into power and what Stalin did those who were opponents of Communism - they were made into 'non-persons' within the state and their civil rights were removed. By banning members from the state jobs, the state only employs those who are willing to arrest, torture, imprison and execute those the state targets as its 'enemies'.

4) The use the media to demonise and attack the group - by demonising the group the idea gets loose in society that the state has sanctioned the attacks on the group and also that the state will not intervene to help the group.

5) When members of the group are attacked the media can blame them as 'criminals' who started the trouble by defending themselves against attack - this then gives the state the pretext to arrest members of the group ' to restore public safety'. The victims are blamed for the actions of the criminals, and the victims are imprisoned and their attackers hailed as 'positive social forces'.

6) Then the arrests, torture and killings can begin as the people are prepared to tolerate the killing and the state apparatus equipped and prepared with people who are willing to do the killing.

When we see where this process of directed dehumanisation of our people leads to genocide, as it did in Rwanda then the time comes for lawful moral, personal, community and national resistance.

We are at Point 4 - soon I fear we will tip into Point 5.

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Defender of Liberty said...

Sorry mate,

but you aint gonna find in this blog, nor nowhere see, me ever saying ' vote for Boris'.