Wednesday 5 November 2008

The Nail In the Coffin Of Marxist Theory

Do you remember the old Marxist thory that the 'last stage in the breakdown of Capitalism is Fascism ' ?

Well heres the rub - in the midst of the most dangerous crisis in the history of Capitalism what does the worlds premier Capitalist nation do - it elects a Black Liberal President.

So much for the old crap Marxist theory that the penultimate stage in the breakdown of capitalism is fascism eh.

We can now see, as I have been saying for a long time, the penultimate stage in the breakdown of capitalism is socialism - in the form of Obama and the Democrats.

Both the Left and Right of politics are run by the same financial and media forces - and the final stage itself in Capitalism will be Islamo-Capitalism, where the Arabs who will own the last of the oil and the last of the capital spent on buyingh that oil - will control capitalism .

Obama is the third stage before the breakdown itself - Obama is the mechanism whereby Democracy is surrendered to Islamo-Capitalism.

Who would dare criticise the Black Jesus, the Melanine Messiah of the White self hating elite.

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