Sunday 23 November 2008

The Fascist Tide Rises

There comes a time when the mask slips from the face of the rapist, when the years of grooming lead up to the moment when the rapist is prepared to finally violate his victim.

That moment is now.

The police , like an innocent victim of a paedophile, have been groomed by their ACPO pervert masters who have been busily planning and plotting their takeover and seduction of the police service.

With seduction and fear they have ensured that the victim remains silent. If the victim screams out, the victim is punished. So therefore the victim has been gagged and those who can hear what is happening in the rape rooms have been warned to stay silent for fear they will lose their jobs if they speak out.

Now the Police Service is experiencing the rape of its political neutrality, and the perverts can do as they like with the victim.

At the exact time as the BNP membership leak is leaked to the public - the para-military wing of Political Correctness, ACPO, order the police to round up and arrest BNP activists. Instead of assisting BNP members being attacked, abused, threatened, intimidated and firebombed - the police are actually joining in the persecution process.

For those Reds that say ' the pigs is fascist man' - well No, you sad deluded little Marxist twerp. The Police are run by LIBERAL FASCISTS in the pay of the government. The recent actions of the Police proves this.

The only liberal fascist pigs in the police are the Top Brass that wear the pathetic gold braid of the careerist and those arselicking little career chasing sycophants that crawl for crumbs before them.

I have made a resolution not to swear on this blog anymore but today I am going to let rip.

The order to arrest the BNP activists came from the top of Merseyside Police, and it could have been countermanded by the Chief Constable. It wasnt, so therefore we have to assume that both the monkey, Merseyside Police Assistant Chief Constable Colin Matthews, and the organ grinder, Chief Constable Bernard Hogan-Howe, were both in on this ACPO plan.

This arrest is nothing more then a ACPO plan to put pressure on those in the government who are pushing ahead with plans to reform the way people are appointed to local polcing boards - see the avalanche of articles here - ;

The leaking of the list to intimidate ordinary members, the arrest of our activists for the heroin leaflet in Blackpool, the arrest of our activists yesterday for the distribution of the Racism Cuts Both Ways leaflet are simply the ACPO thugs putting pressure on the activist base of the BNP to assist in getting headlines about the BNP to push through two amendments to two bills in Parliament - the Employment Bill which seeks to expel BNP members from trades union and the policing bill which will allow BNP members to get elected to policing boards.

This persecution agenda is run by ACPO, the trade union of the Liberal Fascist scum who are the para-military wing of Political Correctness who use the police as their own army of boot boys to enforce the creedo of multi-culturalism and the Liberal Terror State.

ACPO are the NKVD of the Labour Party.

Look how well the Liberal Fascist pigs in ACPO have been rewarded by this shit government.

New laws to spy on us, to arrest us, to remove our free speech, new recruits, billions poured into Special Branch in the name of ' fighting the war on terror'.

ACPO have been bought like an old whore on the local High Street.

At the same time the scum that run ACPO, like Sir Ian Blair , have been complict in anti-white racism against their own officers and staff - yet have been promoted and richly rewarded with tax payers money.

ACPO is run by bent coppers - they are all on the take.

If it was gangsters giving them money for influence to ordinary coppers they would be in nick for corruption, but because it is the government that is buying the ACPO whores off then it appears that this form of corruption is acceptable.

The Chief Constable Merseyside Police,Chief Constable Bernard Hogan-Howe, is a criminal complicit in the unlawful arrest and false imprisonment of our activists in Liverpool yesterday.

They will not be charged - as they have broken no laws at all in any way.

The arrests were simply state intimidation by the ACPO thugs who use the ordinary copper like a pawn on the chess board of their political games of career and pension chasing.

On his profile on the Merseyside Police site it states ;

" After four years working in the health service he joined South Yorkshire Police aged 22. He worked across the South Yorkshire area in uniform, CID, traffic and personnel. During this time he policed Doncaster’s mining community during the miners strikes. "

Yet now this man works alongside and bends over and thrusts his arse high into the air and invites penetration from Labour ministers who were once Communists being spied on by MI5 for being in the pocket of the Soviet Union during the Cold War and who were organising attacks upon the police during the Miners Strikes themselves.

The Police Service is now a political service, not a policing service.

The police have become agents of Political Correctness going around arresting people for weighing fruit in pounds and ounces, arresting people for flying the Union Jack, arresting people for putting their bins out late, using their Stasi type surveillance powers to peer into people likes private lives some sick, perverted little sexual perverts peering into our windows at night, arresting people for 'wacism' if they something some jumped up jobsworth liberal doesnt like - the Police have become a joke for the ordinary British citizen.

Download and read the Racism Cuts Both Ways docuemnt - in it you will read the findings of a secret report by the Labour government Hazel Blears revealing how much people mistrust the Police.

The police service at the ACPO level no longer serve the people and our communities - they serve their political paymasters like all good whores.

The way to say a big 'FUCK YOU' to ACPO is to go out next week and get busy as an activist.

We must redoble our activities and actions - be that from e mailing people who are hosting the BNP membership lists, to putting out the Racism Cuts Both Ways leaflet in town centres and streets, to writing letters of complaint to newspapers that are outing members and assisting their fellow members on the lists personally.

We need to set up a Buddy System whereby we help and assist those on the list.

If you know the member then visit them and see if they need any help. Organise amongst yourselves local units of security, so that if anyone is harassed those nearby can immediately attend and assist them.

Those people in local areas with contacts should organise tight cellular groups of local security units.

No more than 5 members. Have a car ready to use if anyone is attacked. Get a video camera to film the people ding the attacks if they turn up.

Have the ability to respond with lawful force any attempt to attack you , your family and other BNP mmbers.


1) Get yourself 5 pay as you go cheap mobiles with a tenners credit on each one.

2) Keep them plugged in at home or on you.

3) Do not use these phones for anything else other than in an emergency situation.

4) If one person is attacked then organise a security unit to attend the incident.

5) If violence is being offered by persons against our members or property - THEN MEET VIOLENCE WITH VIOLENCE.

It is not against the law to use reasonable force to defend yourself and your property or the lives and property of others.

If you have been threatened with death or a firebombing, as I have many times in the past, then I work with the assumption that anyone attacking my house is there to either kill me or do extreme physical harm to me - That means I may legitimately use extreme force commensurate with that level of harm being applied against me in order to defend myself.

I will use no force other than defensive force - but force will be met with force.

The time has come for our people to organise at the level of the street and community our own individual security cells - a security buddy system if you will.

That way the people that oppose us know that the moment they come for us we are ready - and the moment they enter our areas then they are taking a very dangerous step.


As the old saying goes ' It is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 '.

In times like these we must organise our own defence, not rely on the police or the government to protect us.

We have been attacked, victimised and persecuted and no-one has has helped us - the Church has not condemned the attacks, the police have persecuted us and the government have done nothing to stop the attacks.

We get the message.

Now the time has come for us to organise our own defence.

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