Saturday 29 November 2008

The Curse of Nationalism

I note that after a long and rather upsetting absence of public vilification and hate, I have now been attacked with simultaneous articles on Indymedia, Stormfront and Lancaster Unity.

The idiot on Stormfront attacking me is the loathsome , gutless little retard Sean Hadley, a scumbag of the highest order who is linked with the leaking of the BNP membership list via his association with Ebanks, John Holloway, Pete Barker and the sites they all post on - these being Lancaster Unity and NWN.

It is obvious that one of the VoC people, and I have my suspicions who that is as that person we know had been leaking e mails to Ebanks for years, gave Ebanks a copy of the list and that this copy of the list was then passed onto Lancaster Unity, Searchlight and others.

Ebanks posts on Lancaster Unity attacking the BNP more often than Ketlan and Garside who run the site.

The copy of the list was then passed by either someone in the Lancaster Unity or Searchlight orbit to an idiot in Northern Ireland, a red whose name we have, who set up the blog where the stolen membership list first appeared - but the initial act of treachery of stealing a copy of the list and then giving a copy of the list to Ebanks and her idiot scumbag friends can be traced back to one of the VoC people.

Note how Hadley, or Tactics as he calls himself, has reappeared on Stormfront attacking me at the exact same time as Indymedia and Lancaster Unity have put up articles online attacking me.

It appears that the cabal of list leakers and the Reds are all working together directly and all attacking the same targets.

They are not content with posting on each others websites - it now appears they have adopted the targeting of the same enemies at the exact same time.

It looks like they all fear the truth is being revealed.

In the article below I will detail how Nationalism has become its own most powerful enemy as it tolerates the Inner Traitor who is prepared to work with the reds, the media and the liberals to attack the nationalist movement itself.

The curse of nationalism has always been the Intellectual Snob, the cowards, the malcontents and the purists.

Nationalism is an ideology of action, it is not an ideology of solipsism.

The intellectual snob is incapable of any action - for them nationalism is simply an academic intellectual exercise.

For decades the split in nationalism has between the self appointed 'intellectual snobs' and the main body of the movement.

The intellectual snob sees anyone with a working class accent as beneath them. Frequently the intellectual snob will be heard moaning and groaning on the internet about how the nationalist movement must become more middle class and have more middle class people running things eg THEM.

For the intellectual snob they see themselves as the saviours of nationalism, yet because nationalism is 'not worthy of them' they must therefore sit on the sidelines sniping at those who do the real work.

The schizophrenic split in nationalism whereby the Mind despises the Body is based simply on the old adage - that those who frequently talk the talk the talk will never walk the walk.

The intellectual snob nationalist is usually the ultimate keyboard warrior - busy penning missives attacking those not ' up to their intellectual level' yet doing so from behind a pseudonym and an avatar on some remote corner of cyberspace.

They can talk and talk and talk and yet do nothing.

They are like spineless jellyfish adrift in a sea of their own bullshit - they simply drift and drift and go nowhere.

Then we have the purists - those for whom a million excuses can be found to do nothing but snipe, attack and abuse those who are actually getting on with the job of nationalism. The purists use the excuse of ' the BNP ETC ETC ETC are selling out because they wont do as I want ' - these are the dummy spitters and hair splitters - those for whom the debate on how many angels can dance on the head of a pin is the very definition of political action.

Along with the purists we can lump the cowards, the crawlers and the gutless. Those who at the first sign of any sort of public censure or criticism of the party they have joined will throw their hands in the air and wail one pathetic excuse after another ;

I filled the membership form in whilst suffering from a bout of sleepwalking

I was a member once but since then I have found god / allah / the glory of Multi-Culturalism etc etc

I joined but left after the papers said something nasty about the party.

I joined but left because someone in the pub called me a nazi.

These are the sort of surrenderists that people in the past used to deliver a white feather too. For them their social position, as an ant in the ants nest of our dying country, is more important than the future of our people.

For them their social position is the ultimate reality of their dedication - they would rather watch our nation and culture die than be looked down upon by the idiots in their streets or clubs.

For the coward what matters is that the idiots that they live near do not dislike them - they fear any sort of social contempt, even if the people who hold them in contempt are the most loathsome, selfish, idiotic scum on the planet.

Along with the cowards we have the malcontents.

These are the various nationalist losers, idiots, fetishists and racially confused self loathing freaks that have been kicked out of various parties over the years.

You can find these loathsome scum posting on Lancaster Unity and the NWN site - usually at the same time.

They often live in some remote corner of Europe surrounded only by cows and Nordics and then spend all their time attacking those in Britain who are actually getting on with nationalism.

They are usually disgruntled members of various parties - sad inadequate little men with big mouthes who hide under a thousand fake names on the internet posting their ridiculous conspiracy theories to the handful of pathetic retards they surround themselves with via cyberspace.

The malcontent will work with the reds, the media and the state to bring down any nationalist party that they have taken a personal affront too. For the malcontent their primary motivation is to feed the fires of their own damaged egos - they dont care less about the thousands of decent, ordinary nationalists who are doing the hard graft in order for nationalism to take power.

The malcontent is the whining maggot on the fringes of the movement, that hides whenever someone shines a light into their maggot hole. They will set up websites, forums, blogs etc etc to wage their own little wars against their own chosen enemy - regardless of the damage they are doing to the movement.

They are list leakers, the e mail leakers and the conspiracy theorists.

Most of the malcontents are reds or state agents.

Nationalism has been burdened with the scum for decades.

They are the inner enemy.

The time has come for nationalism to purge itself of these people.

The reds, the liberals, the media etc etc will always attack us as they are the enemy - they are frankly an irrelevance.

It is their job to attack us so we dont give a toss what they think or say.

But the Inner Enemy is the real enemy - the poison that must be cut out of the movement.

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