Monday 10 November 2008

The Utter Stupidity Of The UK Capitalist Elite

The markets have risen with the news that China is going to pump 375 billion dollars into improving its own internal national infrastructure.

In other words China is going to improve its productivity, national energy efficiency and transport infrastructure to ensure it continues to grow and destroy the entire manufacturing base and industrial base of the planet.

The fact that the markets rose is evience of the stupidity, criminality and treason of the markets and the capitalist scum that profit from globalism.

This plan of China will mean more British factories close, more British jobs to go to China, more Chinese imports into the UK, more debt owed to China and more of our money pumped into china to pay for the crap it pumps out of its factories.

This plan is the death of manufacturing and industry in the west.

The fact the markets rose on the release of this news is proof that the markets are the enemy of the west.

Shares in London rose by over 130 points in early trading as mining stocks soared on China's surprise plan to pump four trillion yuan (£375 billion) into the world's fastest growing economy.

The FTSE 100 index of leading shares rose to 4,495.72 following strong gains in Asia, in particular on companies that specialise in construction equipment on hopes that China's stimulus plan will be directed at public projects and other job-intensive infrastructure schemes.

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