Wednesday 19 November 2008

Legal Advice

How to deal with nuisance calls: i.e. contact their local Police immediately on the basis that they are being harassed; contact BT on the Nuisance Calls Helpline 0800 661 441 (very effective as I have found from personal experience); contact the Telephone Preference Service on 0845 07 007 07 and register for free to stop unsolicited direct marketing calls; some telephone providers offer a facility which will block calls from withheld numbers. As an aside, I believe that with some 'phones if you do not replace the receiver or cut off the call the line remains open and unusable by the caller, thereby racking up costs for them (oh, dear, how sad)!

Advise members how to deal with unsolicited mail: register with the Mail Preference Service for free at or by phone at 0845 703 4599; do not collect unfranked mail from your local sorting office (there is a fee of £1 plus postage); retain any abusive/offensive mail (try not to handle it too much) and take it to the local Police station and report harassment as per telephone calls.

Advise members to immediately report to the Police any suspicious persons/activity near their homes or places of employment. I appreciate that this potentially could be a very sensitive issue, but we as a Party have an obligation to ensure the health and safety of all our members and, therefore, we should make them aware of any risks, even if this has a negative impact.

Advise members to join Solidarity, but if that is not possible to report any harassment or threatened disciplinary action in their workplace, due to their political affiliations, to the local Regional Organiser.

E mail the Wikkilist site here - Wl-office-mail.png - and demand that they remove the document and your name off it as it was added unlawfully and without ou being a member or without your permission.

Write a formal complaint to the Data Protection Registrar if your local paper prints your names or details - links here for ull information -

Also contact us at any time for free legal advice and lawyers are ready to help you.

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Defender of Liberty said...

the internet is the wild west, there is no law in cyberspace - the law only applies to legitimate sites not ones that dont care less about the law .

Once its up then it out there forever.


The BNP Chronicle said...

Hi Lee,

How likely do you think it is that regional newspapers will publish a "name and shame" style article?

In my city there are few members, is it possible that they would be breaking the law by publishing our details?.

BNP Chronicle

spiv said...

Excellent advice, Lee. Remember that everyone in employment (except maybe the police, although I would question the legal status of their rule which says BNP members can't work in the police force, but note that NuLabour ones can - a classic case of discrimination) cannot be discriminated against, nor sacked because of their political beliefs or affiliations. As an accountant that as my understanding of the law.

Seems to be quite illegal to discriminate in this country, unless the NuLabour war criminals decide otherwise.

Anonymous said...