Wednesday 5 November 2008

The Racism of The Obama Black Community

Have you noticed how the media are trying to downplay the fact that the election of Obama has been in fact the most racist election in Americn history.

Obama has not united America, he has divided America.

96 % of blacks voted for Obama.

96 % reveals that they did not vote on politics - they voted on the grounds of race.

That is simply the most racist vote in American history.

That is a racist block vote - that is a declaration of racial seperation, it is not a decleration of unity. That is the decleration of a community that sees itself as a racial block - and it is the declaration of a future civil war.

When a racial group has become so racially polarised that it votes for a politician simply on the grounds of their race - then this is the fundamental precurser to a race war.

That 96 % vote says ' we are black first and foremost and our politics is based simply on race'.

If whites thought like that then they would be excoriated in the media - when blacks do it then they are 'excused' their racism - by the same white liberal journalist scumbags that peddled Obama to the masses as a way to 'redem' America from its 'sins of the past'.

Can you imagine the howls of rage if 96 % of whites had voted for McCain.

What the Obama election has revealed is that black racism is the legacy of the civil rights struggle - not 'unity' as the Liberal idiots peddle.

The legacy of the civil rights struggle is that the white racism that led whites to vote only for white candidates in elections has been replaced by a black racism that means blacks only vote for blacks in elections.

Th civil rights struggle has created the most racist block in American history - and the biggest chip on the shoulder in history.

Obama has not united America, what he has done is revealed the deep racial divisions in America based on race.


Whilst the media focus exclusively on the issue of 'white racism', the racism of the black commmunity has been constantly downplayed.

In fact the media have been complict in the creation of the most racist block in American history - through their constant propaganda of the 'victim status' of blacks in America they have created a black community that are now exhibiting a form of racism that the white community dumped decades ago.

Whites in this election voted for Obama regardless of the fact he was black - or even because he was black - yet blacks voted for Obama BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK.

That is simply racism.

Whilst the white population have fallen hook, line and sinker for the facile rhetoric of 'unity' peddled by the media - the black community have embraced the politics of racial communalism.

The black community did not vote for Obama as he was the best politician - they voted for him as he was black.

That is racism.

If 20 % or even 15 % of the black community voted for McCain then this charge of racism could be refuted - but 96 % is a racial block vote.

It is the same sort of vote we see in elections in the UK when a Muslim candidate gets the Muslim vote.

It is racial block vote - simple as that.


The question for America is now this - when will the black community dump the politics of racism and vote for a white candidate on the content of his character and not the colour of his skin.

Obama has not united America - he has driven the racial communities further apart than they have ever been.

For a few white idiot liberals who have been suckered by the media - what you have done is betray your own people.

When one racial block is voting as a racial block then the only word to describe a white who votes for a racial block that not is of their racial group is a race traitor.

But it will not be they who bear the price of their treason - it will be their children.

One day the soccer mom suckers and the joe six pack lemmings will realise what they have done. It is treason, simple as that.

In a era when blacks are voting for black politicians simpy as they are black - then whites voting for non-white candidates is the greatest act of treason they can do.

They may have the warm comfortable glow of happiness that the media wants them to have, the same warm happy glow a heroin addict has as they depress the plunger and inject the smack into a vein, but what they have done is assist in the suicide of their own community.

Once upon a time the Native American scouts would act as guides for the US calvary during the Indian Wars so they could kill members of the other Native American tribes who were their old enemies.

All they did was accelerate the genocide of their own people and their own cultures.

What the whites have done in America, led by the media race traitors, is exactly what the Native American scouts once did.

One day I hope they are held to account for their crimes.

On a final note - has anyone listened to Obamas speeches.

They are simply trite cliche after trite cliche after trite cliche.

His 'victory' speech was the most trite, asinine verbiage in a political speech I have ever had the misfortune to hear.

Their comes a time when cliches have to become policies - and rhetoric has to be replaced with politics.

From the endless trite cliches pumped out by Obama in his speeches it appears they have a President who thinks he is living in Cosby show, a white population that think they are living in The Wonder Years sitcom, a black population that think they are living in a Spike Lee movie - Fight The Power I presume - and an American public so dumbed down that they cannot even tell the difference between bullshit and brilliance anymore.

Its like a cheesy script written by some second rate hack in Hollywood.

America has become the land of the dumb not the free.

It appears that free thought is rare in the US as the ability to analyse the media propaganda.

God help America - they will need it.

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Anonymous said...

I hope some journalists pop by to read this! When the black vote is split between a white and black candidate then - and only then - will democratic maturity have arrived. One can't help but sympathise with blacks voting for Obama (they would probably have preferred an Afro-American candidate) - but for the media to hark on about "white racism" - well this must end. If they raise the ghost of racism they must analyse this election's result. I suggest they shut up - maybe things will indeed change; especially the syntax!

Ronbo said...

Hear, Hear The Man!

This American cousin couldn't have said it better. Black racism in America has been proven by the 96% African-American vote in favor of Obama. I predict that in time this black racism will be met by white racism. Like many WASPs in this country I did my level best to end racism and supported the efforts of the Government in regards to civil rights. However, it is clear that racism is alive and well and protected by Government edict in the black community. This is unacceptable.

When the history of this era is written may the scholars note that Anglol-Saxon people in America bent over backwards to right the wrongs of slavery, segregation and white racism, but instead of thanks from the African-American community our best efforts were rewarded with hate.

So be it. I hope the blacks in America and the Left (Often the same group) understand it was they who have drawn first blood in the coming Second U.S. Civil War.

Sincerely, Sergeant Ronbo

Anonymous said...

But of course "racism" isn't wrong. That is the false premiss that the liberal house of cards is built upon. If healthy white racism was still operative, then envious black racism would never be the threat to civilisation it always is.

Anonymous said...

We 've all been here before. I remember in 1980 the queues at the polling booths in Rhodesia.The ecstasy of the "media" to the election of...Robert Mugabe. Then came the most exciting event for the media in 1994 with the election of St Nelson . All those BBC reporters giving the usual hush toned reverence to their reports. Same again 2008, this time in the US. Meanwhile Zimbabwe is now a basket case, and South Africa is the rape capital of the world. Where is the US going? probably into decline and hopefully taking the Frankfurt school ideology with it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Its soo hard not to call you people stupid and the author of this piece an idiot. In doing so, i guess i'm not much better than you.

Look at the history of Black voting before you read to much in 96% of African Americans voting. And then take into account 8 years of Bush and the ads by the McCain campaign.

What about the Latino vote? Surprised you don't call them racists as well.