Wednesday 12 November 2008

White Children Failing At School

There are times when I loathe my country and detest the British people.

A large mass of the British people are selfish, stupid, cowardly, greedy, idiotic lemmings who know nothing other than what rubbish is inculcated into them via the media.

I am more shamed of them than the artificial sense of shame they adopt towards the BNP as a badge of their loyalty to the system.

Whilst the lemmings of the British people were busy applauding like trained seals the election of a Black president in America - white children in Britain are ignored, their interests minimised and forgotten and left to rot at the bottom of society.

Whilst mewling pathetic white liberals and the liberal media with its cabals of token ethnocentric activist ethnic minority journalists and hypocritical Jewish journalists fixate and agitate in the media about the 'plight' of minorities, their own racial groups in other words, whilst the plight of British children in our nation are barely even mentioned.

This form of racism is not one Trevor Phillips will ever address - instead that mug will bang on about how Britain will never have a black prime minister - even though Phillips has more power than any prime minister in history. Through the Race Relations Acts Phillips and his communist lackeys have manged to create a racist Marxist state.

Nothing will be done to assist our children.

Not until one day we become as militant as the Islamists.

That is the lesson that our people are learning - that the system only listens too and rewards those who are prepared to confront the state.

Note how even in this report the whining liberals are saying ' this is not about race ' when it is obviously about race.

They are WHITE CHILDREN who are failing, so it is about race - just as it is about race when the issue is BLACK CHILDREN.


Here is an article on how the government spend millions per year on helping BLACK CHILDREN - even though the most deserving children on the grounds of educational failure are poor white children - so whilst the government funds blacks to try and create a black middle class who will take white jobs and create a perpetual labour voting middle class - the white working children are denied the help they deserve.

Dont hold your breath expecting Trevor Phillips to say that under the race relations acts this money is being spent unlawfully as the racial groups most in need are white - such as the white working class and white Irish traveller groups.

White British pupils a 'forgotten group'

The poorest white British children are the lowest achieving group in England, apart from gypsy and traveller children, according to a study

White working class pupils should get more help at school.

The study, commissioned by the National Union of Teachers and the National College for School Leadership, found that after more than a century of free compulsory education, social class was still the most important factor when it came to exam results.

Researchers examined what could be done to break the cycle of white working class under-achievement and looked at how some schools were "bucking the trend".

They visited a number of schools where white working class students did significantly better than the national average for their social group.

The study said many heads of these schools also came from poor backgrounds - and refused to accept social class as a reason for failure.

John Bangs, head of education at the NUT, said white working class pupils were a "forgotten group".

"What I would say is that great strides have been made in identifying this group's needs in the last couple of years," he said. "The extra mile project the Government has done, which looks at the issue of deprivation, is one of the best things they have ever done.

"This is not a race issue, it's a issue of class, it's about social class, and I think that now, the department is waking up to the issue of social class.

"What's vital now is that the Government takes on board this report. We need to do more in terms of teacher training and there has to be enough guidance and support to local authorities."

Many of the heads came from poor backgrounds themselves, and showed a "profound respect" for the people and areas they were working in. Many had specifically chosen to work with these kinds of communities, said the report.

They were "creative" in their use of funding, but wanted greater flexibility, the study said.

It called for more resources targeted at white working class pupils.

Funding should be "reconfigured and used sensitively, particularly in deprived areas, in part to recognise the impact of deprivation on the achievement of white working class pupils," said researchers.

At the moment, schools are funded per pupil - and then receive extra money for various areas, including targeted funding for disadvantaged pupils and communities.

A spokeswoman for the Department for Children, Schools and Families said: "We know underachievement, regardless of background or ethnicity, can only be tackled by changing the aspirations of young people, their parents and the education system.

"But we firmly believe that with all the support on offer for parents and schools, no child is on a pre-determined path to low results - whatever their ethnicity and wherever they go to school."

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