Tuesday 25 November 2008

Same Shit - Different Government

The Credit Crunch Budget, as it will be known, has revealed the entire ideological bankruptcy of the mainstream political parties.

Both the Left and Right political parties of British politics are dominated and controlled by the same tiny elite of corporations, financiers, bankers, hedge fund traders and both the Left and Right of British politics are hostage to the same subservience to the Liberal Consensus.

They dare not defy the Tyranny of the Liberal Consensus, for if you ever say something that challenges the ideological orthodoxies of the creedo of the Liberal Consensus, which is Political Correctness, then some little Liberal Fascist lickspittle of The Servile State will pop up out of nowhere and then point a pale, thin, skeletal, trembling finger at you and then bellow loudly at the top of their whining rat like voice " WWWWWWAAAAACCCIIISSTTT - YOU ARE A WACIST", until someone slaps them on the back of their legs.

Therefore both Left and Right = The Liberal Consensus = Political Correctness = more of the same old shit, just a different government.

Whoever is in power, the government still serves up the same grey greasy porridge of political correctness to us every day.

The New Labour solution to the credit crunch crisis is to increase public spending and burden us with ever more debt.

The Tory solution is to cut public spending and give tax cuts.

Neither will work.

This is because both of them miss the real problem - and both of them will not, and cannot , deal with the real problem.


The Servile state is ;

1) The entire parasitic Race Relations Industry - the race relations quangos, the local race relations councils, the race relations lawyers, the diversity advisers, the lifestyle officers and the rest of the race relations gravy train riders specialised in moral extortion, social intimidation and the grievances culture.

2) The 150 BILLION a year EU monster that is killing our country

3) The Nanny State and the HSE / public busybodies who stop firemen climbing ladders to rescue innocent little kitty witties ( I like cats ) and who close down school fetes for fear of the egg and spoon race degenerating into a melee of scrambled egg, cracked shell and twisted bodies where limbs may be sundered and lives lost.

4) The entire class of public servant parasites - the jobsworths that work for the quangos, the NGO's, the government funded projects and the rest of the liberal intelligentsia that exist on our taxes. The little Hitlers with no balls, let alone one.

As long as the nation is burdened by the Servile State then neither tax cuts nor public spending will save our country from economic collapse.

The nation is yoked beneath a legislative burden by the servile state and the EU that is destroying British liberty, innovation and enterprise.

The British worker is being made redundant as the British businessman is driven to bankruptcy.

The Servile State is the ideological relic of the 20th Century Liberal Consensus.

It is the product of perverted politics, in which the state see its role not as to serve the people or the country, but to socially engineer the nation towards its own ideological imperatives. It is liberal fascist movement in that it sees both the individual and the nation as secondary to its own ideological goals.

The ONLY political party that will destroy the Servile State, and defy its terrorist supporters who use their Marxist Leninist Terrorism of The Word technique against anyone who dares defy them by hurling the words 'racist, Nazi, thug' etc at them, is the BNP.

Only the BNP will throw the entire lexicon of Political Correctness into the bonfire of history and with it the entire parasitic structures of the Liberal Fascist Terror State.

In order to do this we will be labelled as 'nazis, racist, thugs' etc etc at every step forward in our goal.

If you are afraid of being called a racist by our enemies as we fight to save our nation - they you need to grow a spine.

Nations are not saved from inner treason by dinner parties and consenus building.

We will be attacked, abused, targeted and despised whilst being called 'nazi, racist, thug' etc etc - not because we are, but because our enemy is so evil, corrupt and cruel that it will stop at nothing to keep its death grip around the throat of our nation.

The moment the fangs of the vampire are withdrawn from the jugular vein of the nation, which is the moment they begin to lose power, is the moment the people will awaken from the spell and realise how much of a victim they have been.

The criminals cannot allow themselves to be discovered, for if their crimes were revealed to the people - they know the judgement of the people will be harsh.

If we are to save our nation we must destroy the Servile State.

In order to do that we will have to confront the people who control the servile state - and these are the same scum that call anyone a 'racist, thug, nazi' etc who dares disagrees with them.

They are political gangsters, the heirs of the NKVD and Maoist Red Guards - they are terrorists and will use terror, including the terrorism of the word, to try and prevent us taking power.

That is the price we will have to pay for victory.

If that is a price you cannot pay then do not call yourself a Free Born Briton.

Our great grandfathers spent four years knee deep in mud, shit, piss, dead bodies and blood in the trenches in the First World War to fight for our country, they didnt face the terrorism of the word - they faced nerve gas shells, mustard gas, artillery bombs and machine gun bullets.

They lived a life of pain and hardship - we live a life where we are scared of being called racists.

The fact that British people these days are so gutless, timid and weak that they would rather run away and hide when some little Liberal Fascist screams 'wacist' at them sickens me.

Our great grandfathers didnt turn tail and run from the trenches in the First World War just because the Germans were shouting out over the bloody mire of No Mans Land " Hey Tommy, You iz a racist ja ! You xenophobic little englanders must go home as ve are offended by your parochial ethno-communalism, iznt zat true Fritz ? " Ja Hans , ve dont like it. Go home tommy racists !" or that our grandfathers would have been terrified as German soldiers of the multi-cultural German Empire of the Kaiser hurled over the black knots of snarled barb wire on the front lines terrifying insults such as " Ve zink zat you is institutionally racist englander pigdog, and ve vill be sueing you for any anti-german singing of ze songs around ze camp fire tonight ja" or that British troops would fear a German shouting out, " Herr Kommandant send for Trevor Phillips from Ze British race relations board - someone in ze britishers trenches just called me a kraut! I must be zeeing a lawyer right now to sue the tommy swinehunten. I feel zo vounded ! ".

Politics is a giant playground.

If you cant handle being called names in the playground, then dont play in the playground.

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S E Pearson said...

Hey Barnesy,
Why do you sit there writing all this stuff, lecturing people from on high like some wild eyed Presbyterian preacher? Your supposed to be a democrat arn't you? Why not come on down and mix it up on the forums where people can answer back on a level playing field? I'll be over at the British Democracy Forum, waiting.

Big audience, lotta disillusioned UKIPers waiting to be saved, target rich environment, all that. Its perfectly respectable and a lot of your boys are having a hard time off of some Brummie lout, they could do with some big gun support.

Oh and use your own name, it's not like your a BNP spokeman or anything so you don't speak for the party. We're all transparent now anyway, no more hiding in the shadow and all that gay shit.


NB Check out the 12 BNP's arrested thing, gotta a beauty freebe for ya, you'll love it. Oh and the heroes of nationalism thread, its hardcore radical. make your eyes bleed.