Tuesday 18 December 2007

100,000 Young Britons Thrown On The Dole


Interesting article from the Telegraph - though filled with pro-Fundamentalist Capitalist blather designed to keep the corporations that depend on exploiting British workers and who subsidise the Tory Party, who are pimped out by the Telegraph, happy. In brackets is my analysis of the truth compared to the rhetoric. The truth is that 100,000 young Britons have been thrown on the dole by the capitalist fat cats that profit from globalisation and the infux of foreign scab labour into the UK - and all the while the Labour Party, Tory Party and Liberal Party and the Trades Unions have been profiting from the process.

More than 100,000 young Britons may have been pushed into unemployment by the new wave of Eastern European immigrants, an economic analysis on the impact of migration has revealed.

The study, by the influential Ernst & Young ITEM Club, ( Lackeys of the Fundamnetalist Capitalist elite and the CBI who want low wage workers in Britain in order to allow us to have a sweat shop economy and compete in the global economy with China on law wages ) found that although the recent influx has boosted Britain's economy and kept inflation low, it may have increased unemployment for younger Britons and reduced pay increases for all.

Since 1997, 1.5 million foreign workers have entered the British workplace, with many of these arriving from Eastern Europe in the past three years since the European Union expansion. This new group typically earns 40 per cent less than British workers.( Therefore they are undercutting British workers and are scab labour, whose presence in the country means Fundamentalist Capitalist employers can cut the wages of British workers whilst employing low wage immigrants)

Since 2004, the number of unemployed British 18 to 24 year olds has increased by 100,000, according to the study. "There is some evidence that the growth of immigrant employment seen in the last few years may have come at the expense of the domestic workforce," the report concludes. ( Immigrants are taking your jobs, throwing your kids onto the dole, and undercutting your wages - and the Fundamentalist Capitalists are growing rich from all this whilst the working class grow poorer )

"Given the age and skill profile of many of the new immigrants, it is possible that 'native' youngsters may have been losing out in the battle for entry-level jobs."

However, the report also reveals the wider economic benefits brought by the immigration boom. ( OH YEAH THE MARS BAR ECONOMIC BENEFIT THEORY - the idea that the fact that immigrations economic benefits equals a mars bar for us all once a year, means we should welcome immigrants and immigration regardless of the crime, violence, terrorism and social damage caused by their presence. Stick that mars bar up your arse mate. )

The typical British family has saved thousands of pounds a year in mortgage repayments as interest rates are calculated to be up to 1.5 percentage points lower than they would have been without immigration. ( The typical British family can now longer afford to buy a home as immigration has driven up house supply deamnds, taken all the council houses and caused rises in house rental prices - if the immigrants WERE NOT IN THE COUNTRY AT ALL then house prices would be about 20 / 30 % cheaper than they are now simply because of the supply / demand mechanism as per the demand for housing driving up house prices. )

New immigrants have pushed down inflation, staving off Bank of England increases in interest rates. ( lowered wages for working class workers, raised corporate profits and ensured the rich got richer )

Wage rises, however, are calculated to be up to 0.4 percentage points lower than they would have been, knocking hundreds of pounds off the typical wage rise this year.( not only has immigration undercut your wages, took your jobs, thrown your kids onto the dole it also means that you get a lower wage rise as if you dont bend over and smile as take it up the arse from your employer when they refuse to pay you the wage rise you are due then they can sack you and employ a few cheap Eastern Europeans to do your job )

The impact of immigration on the economy is now a key political battleground with Gordon Brown controversially pledging to create "British jobs for British workers".
( Gordon Browns attempt at spin when it was revealed that over 50 % of all the jobs created undr labour since 1997 have gone to immigrnats and at the same time thrown the British people onto the dole )

Yet figures showed the majority of new jobs created over the past decade have actually been taken by foreigners.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent work Lee.

As a counter-balance,I would like to see what the impact is on those countries who supply most of the immigrants to the UK and Europe.

Over population, lack of skills, economies, interest rates, house prices, welfare - be nice to see how immigration is benefiting those nations too don't you think?