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The Nationalist Lexicon

Indigocide = The systematic displacement, replacement and eventual cultural and social demographic destruction of an indigenous people and culture by economic, political, cultural or social means and via mass immigration and social / cultural / political / legal / economic repression. Genocide is the direct and deliberate physical extermination of a racial group. Ethnocide is the direct and deliberate physical extermination of an ethnic group within a nation state. Indigocide is the systematic destruction of an indigenous people and indigenous cultures of an nation state via multiple indirect methodologies other than direct physical extermination. Sections of the present Genocide Convention of 1951 cover aspects of the crime of Indigocide as listed in sections A - C.

(A) Killing members of the group - such as declaring war on another state for false reasons and then sending British soldiers and troops to fight in that war eg World War Two and The Iraq War

(B) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group - such as legalising abortion and legalising or de-criminalising drugs and legalising the sexualisation of children in the name of sex education. Also placing children in care in the custody and control of homosexual paedophiles and then allowing those children in care to be abused and then covering up the scandal for political reasons. The deliberate and negligent poisoning of young children with industrial toxins that affect fertility and reproduction allowed by legislation. The prescribing of Ritalin and other psychotropic drugs to children for unproven psychological illnesses.

(C) Deliberately inflicting upon the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or part - such as the breaking of up of kin based communities and extended family networks eg the slum clearances of the 1960’s, the breaking up mining communities, fishing communities etc and other state examples of social engineering projects to replace national industries with globalist imports.

(D) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group - the state funding of abortion and the provision of free contraeception and abortion pills to children under the age of consent.

(E) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group - by removing British children from the UK and sending them abroad ( eg orphans and kids in care in the 1900’s, the early 20th century, the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s who were sent to Australia and New Zealand etc ) and also the use of the Family Courts to deprive fathers and grandparents of their rights to have access to their children and grandchildren. Also the taking and placing of children of the group in care for illegitimate and unlawful reasons regarding unfounded allegations made against parents by politically correct social workers who are employed by councils.

Indigocide is also any of the following acts committed by agents of a national state with the intent to destroy in whole or part the indigenous peoples, an indigenous culture or religion.

It includes social, economic and state policies ;

1) designed to reduce the reproduction rate of the indigenous people such as the legalisation of abortion on demand, taxation policies that discriminate against families and taxation policies that encourage married women to abort children due to financial problems

2) the imposition of state funded social and health policies and publicity campaigns that encourage abortion and that use state funds to fund abortions. End the teaching of sex education to children and free contraceptives being given to children.

3) the use of economic means to impoverish and disenfranchise a people - the British government obeying the EU rules that ban state subsidies for national industries and the communities dependent upon them

4) by diverting social resources to recent immigrants and thereby failing to deal with long standing social problems affecting the indigenous people and exacerbating already pre-existing social problems

5) by undermining their culture and traditions such as the removal of free speech eg Public order Act 1986 and the Race Relations Acts that removes the rights of private ownership of property and laws that ban traditional music in pubs. The refusal to allow the indigenous people to celebrate their cultures eg St.Georges Day a national holiday.

6) by refusing to legally recognise their existence in the law and passing laws that discrminate against them eg Race Relations Act 1976 sections 35,37 and 38 and laws that ensure charities are not allowed to be established for the English racial group though others are for all other racial groups.

8) by imposing economic and social policies that cause the breakdown of kin based communities and extended families - eg closing down state industries such as coal mines, the fishing industry, the steel industry, the car industry, the ship building industry and the farming industry. These broke and destroyed indigenous kin based communities and broke apart extended family networks.

9) by using the law to remove fathers from the family and assist in the legal break up of extended families ( The Family Courts rulings held in secret that discriminate against men )

10) by using the law to impose Positive Discrimination laws and Affirmative Action polices that discriminate against the indigenous people eg RRA 1976

11) by the systematic targeting by the state, and state apparatus, of the social, political and cultural groups that represent the interests of the indigenous people of a nation with the intention to damage their right to social organisation and to promote their culture and ideas

12) by the systematic targeting by the state, and state owned media, of the social, political and cultural groups that represent the interests of the indigenous people of a nation with the intention to damage their reputations and right to organise

13) Using the civil and criminal law to legislate changes to the religious traditions and teachings of an indigenous people - eg The Civil Partnership Act that gave legal status to gay marriage and also the Equality Act 2007 which forced religions to provide services not connected to the religion itself

14) The promotion of alien religions - the state funded promotion of alien religions in the school syllabus through the Education Acts 1996

15) The promotion of Multi-Culturalism in schools, on the BBC state media and in the universities and in the public bodies.

Heterophobic = Fear of heterosexual white males and the lifestyles and culture of the indigenous British majority

CHRISTIANOPHOBIA - The fear of Christianity, attacks on the constitutional role of the Church of England in British society and the undermining of our indigenous Christian culture and traditions in the name of political correctness, Islamaphobia or cultural relativism.

Democratic Re-Nationalisation - The repatriation and return of powers over our National Economy. The power of the British people to control their country has been given away to supra-national institutions such as the UN, EU, NATO, WTO, World Bank and the Round Table Groups. We have also allowed the politicians to sell our powers over our country to global corporations, foreign owned firms, foreign control of stocks and shares, foreign ownership of Strategic British businesses related to National Security considerations. We will also demand the return and empowerment of ancient British constitutional liberties, rights and laws. We will give back to the people the powers of the British Constitution re the government and the nation itself. We will restrict the power of media to exert political influence and control over society, politicians and and political parties, reform the power of Judges and allow the creation of a Community Justice System based on local people dealing with local problems using community punishment and restorative justice, reassert control over the Police by the local people not the media or the politicians. All this to be enacted through Parliamentary process and in accord with the Rule Of Law and the British Constitution.

Constitutional Nationalism - This is our indigenous British Nationalist legal and political tradition predicated on the basis that the government must obey the British Constitution which is the basis of the Rule of Law for British society. The citizens of Britain obey the law and the government because the government obeys the laws that protect our rights as citizens which is the British Constitution. By by obeying the British Constitution this ensures the government obeys the law itself and defends the British constitutional rights and liberties for all citizens and facilitates the re-empowerment of Magna Carta, the Bill Of Rights , the Acts of Union etc at the same time as the gvernment demands the citizenry obey the law. The latter depends upon the former as the people obey the law simply because the government obeys the law.

Revolutionary Constitutional Nationalists - activists that seek to restore our British Constitutional rights and liberties as active principals in social relations between British citizens and also the re-creation of the British Constitutional State system of government. These are the activists who fight against the poison of Political Correctness that has imposed its revolutionary communist agenda on our society, along with consumeriam, liberalism etc. This is the legal, cultural, financial and civil rights aspect of the nationalist political struggle.

British Constitutional State - the state we seek to recreate where British Constitutional rights are restored as active principals in social relations between British citizens, and the government as well as the citizens abides by the Rule of Law.

PC Racism - the new form of Institutionalised Racism sanctioned by Political Correctness.

Examples ;

1) The way that the police target whites for stop and search under the Anti-Terrorism Acts in order to ensure that they are not criticised for racially targeting Asians and Africans who are the predominant Muslims in British society. Though not a single white person has been involved in Islamic terrorism in the UK such as a suicide bomber or convicted terrorist, the majority of police stop and searches have been against whites. Whites being racially targeted in order to ensure the police cannot be accused of racially targeting ethnic minorities. This is racism.

2) The fact that the indigenous people have paid for council houses with their taxes, National Insurance contributions and Council taxes but have to compete with new immigrants and asylum seekers for council houses on the basis of need. The fact that the council homes have been built with money they provided means they should have priority. The fact our ancestors died in two world wars so that the Welfare State could be created, and that they and their relatives have built and funded it since that time, means they have made direct social and individual funding contributions that fairness would dictate should be reflected when it comes to the allocation of welfare services such as council housing. This is why we stand for Community Housing as opposed to Social Housing. A Community Housing Policy is a Locals First Housing Policy based on community and social needs as regards local families, instead of just welfare needs for individuals.

3) The fact that the police are only capable of understanding racism in one language which is English. The fact that over 150 languages are spoken in London and that the police are only capable of assessing and defining a racist incident directed at whites only in the English language is both racist and discriminatory. It discriminates against the white victims of racist crimes as the police are unable to investigate and understand the racist language of ethnic minority attackers who use a language other than English during their attacks. It also Secondary Victimises the white victims of racial crime as the courts do not ask for the offence to be registered as a racially motivated crime and therefore allow this to be taken into account under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 to increase the sentence.

4) The targeting of white football fans at away games abroad who have to have their tattoos and pictures taken and to hand in their passports. The fact that over 90 % of the banning orders are against whites is evidence of racism against white fans.

5) The refusal of the police to classify racist crimes against whites as racial crimes eg the racist grooming of young white girls for sex by Asian Muslims

6) not assessing the interests of white indigenous British citizens in organisations, public bodies and corporations under the Race Relations duties.

7) Not charging ethnic minority criminals with race offences against indigenous whites.

8) the failure of the police to demand race based DNA testing on DNA samples found at crimes scenes that could have caught criminals earlier and ruled out white and black suspects from the crime.

Liberal Fascism - Rule by political correctness - We live in the worst of possible worlds with political correctness in the public sphere and consumerism in the private sphere. Political Correctness is where the Scylla of Socialism meets and merges with Charybdis of Capitalism. This is New Labour Fabianist Capitalism where the corporations pay their taxes and the government uses those taxes to subsidise the politically correct Servile State and its legions of public employees who all vote Labour as without Labour they would not have got their jobs. The concept of Liberal Fascism also includes the removal of free speech for hate crimes eg Public order Act 1986 where the truth is no defence, the removal of the fundamental right of private property eg the race relations acts that tell us who cant and who we can employ and also the racial targeting of whites under the Anti-Terrorism Act in the name of PC Racism.

Slut Culture - The sexualisation of children and young women by contemporary culture, the celebration of prostitution by the media, the glamorisation of promiscuity,etc - the sexualisation of children via the media

Ethno-Masochism - white liberal self hate caused by media conditioning - a pathological process capable of being diagnosed due to its symptoms on the individual and society - manifests on many levels both individual and social

Sharia Socialism - The left wing and Islamic alliance - eg Respect organisation - united by hatred of Jews, Christians, America, Nationalism and Israel and Zionism.

Corporate Democracy - control of British society by media and media corporations and also the control of politicians and political parties by the media. Capture of democracy and subversion of the British Constitution by corporations that control the politicians and political parties. The New Labour Third Way - International Corporate Fascism (British corporations and companies owned by Saudi Arabian banks and investment groups). The Corporatocracy.

The Servile State - the millions of public employees doing politically correct and state jobs who vote for Labour in order to keep their jobs. The Politically Correct minions of the state.

The Tyranny of the Minorities - the control of the state and legal system by minority groups such as single issue sexual / lifestyle pressure groups and ethnic minority lobby groups, the manipulation of laws, judges, the media in the name of political correctness. The cabal of politicians and political parties that are puppets dependent on Arab oil or US political support or EU approval before they can act in the national interest, also the rule of politically correct organisations eg the CRE

Community Housing - This is housing designated for local families in order to ensure local families, extended family groups and communities based on family networks are protected and created in order to create cohesive communities. New building and planning laws will allow councils to quickly build up new Community Housing stocks of housing to supply to local people on the Housing Lists. New allocation rules and procedures for the allocation of those Community Houses will exist alongside the present Social Housing only housing system which is prioritised to assist any individuals or families who enter an area simply on the basis of welfare needs. Community Housing is local housing for local people based on long term family connections to an area and family, social and community need as well as welfare needs.

International Health Service - no more foreign doctors allowed to enter and work in the country - British doctors get priority for jobs - no more allowing immigrants to enter the country and access the NHS - end Health Tourism and ensure that developing nations can keep their doctors and nurses instead of the NHS stealing them. The lack of doctors in the developing world is one of the main reasons why people leave the developing world to come to the West.

Energy Imperialism - Iraq War for oil, control by Middle Eastern oil owners, the power and ability of the Corporatocracy to undertake imperial energy wars. Peak Oil will lead to economic collapse leading to endless Eco-Conflicts around the world combined with mass human migrations due to climate change and resource wars.

Debt Slavery - the future debt and pension crisis faced and inherited by British youth and also the Jizya of Multi-Culturalism.

The Green Revolution - the creation of a 100 % Nationally integrated renewable energy system where we have full and complete national energy independence and full energy security.

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pangaeamed said...

As an American I can totally understand the debt crisis.

Debt Slavery - the future debt and pension crisis faced and inherited by British youth and also the Jizya of Multi-Culturalism.

We are worse of than you.