Saturday 22 December 2007

Nationalist Update

I was speaking to an nationalist colleague a few weeks ago, Tess Cullnane, a lovely lady, who is one of the most dedicated and hard working nationalists on the planet.

Tess and I have known each other for years have always had our disagreements on policy, but I know she is one the most dedicated and decent nationalists you will ever meet.

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Anonymous said...

There a a few scenarios regarding this little escapade.

Either those involved are naive, or else they are Stata Agents, or they once thought they were doing right but now their over-inflated ego's demand they continue with this sorry game rather than openly apologise for their acts.

But the truth is none of this matters, and we do not need to make judgments, for their ongoing acts are all that is needed for the wider membership to make the simple decision to support Nick and his actions.

If Nick and his Intelligence team had not taken the steps they did, our chances in the GLA would have been destroyed.

Once, some time ago, I silently wavered regarding a similar dispute. However I waited and listened before jumping to conclusions, and I learned a great lesson.

If the wider membership can learn a similar lesson, we will certainly achieve all we set out to achieve.