Monday 17 December 2007

No Surrender to Blackmail or Treason

After having to wade through the bile, excrement and filth of the Lancaster UAF site and the plotters blog, both of which appear to be containing postings from the SAME PEOPLE, it appears that the demands 1 to 9 below are the minimum demands the plotters and their supporters are calling for ;

1) Expel Mark Collett immediately regardless of the BNP constitution, his rights as a member and his rights in civil law in relation to the right to appeal that expulsion. Also the dismissal would leave the party open to full legal actions on the grounds of unfair dismissal as no Gross Misconduct had occurred in his employment role.

2) Expel John Walker immediately regardless of the BNP constitution, his rights as a member and his rights in civil law in relation to the right to appeal dismissal.Also the dismissal would leave the party open to full legal actions on the grounds of unfair dismissal as no Gross Misconduct had occurred in his employment role.

3) Expel David Hannam immediately regardless of the BNP constitution, his rights as a member and his rights in civil law relation to to the right to appeal that expulsion. Also the dismissal would leave the party open to full legal actions on the grounds of unfair dismissal as no Gross Misconduct had taken place in his employment role.

4) The BNP party constitution to be be disabled and removed and replaced with an arbitrary power to expel any members at any time for any reason on the basis of Mob Rule.

5) The BNP constitutional disciplinary procedures to be removed for expelled members and the Rule of Law and the Right of Appeal to be replaced with Mob Justice.

6) A new internal leadeship structure to be imposed with no debate with the members of the party that would replace the AC and the role of the Chairman with a committee headed by Sadie Graham, Kenny Smith and Steve Blake and that would also remove the powers of the voting members.

7) That the criminal actions and various breaches of the party constitution by Sadie Graham, Kenny Smith and Steve Blake to be ignored and they be allowed to return to their official positions, or that Sadie Graham be made Chairwoman of the party and Nick Griffin removed from power by ignoring the BNP constitution and its rules on leadership challenges.

8) That the BNP constitution and the rights of members to be protected whilst in office to be replaced with a popularity contest dependent upon which faction has the largest braying mob. Those who lose the popularity contest or the support of the braying mob to be removed.

9) Nick Griffin to be removed and the plotters replace him in his role.

If you think that the Chairman is going to give in to ANY of the above demands then to be frank - you people must be mental.

For us to capitulate to ANY of the above demands would mean the destruction of the party.

It would be an invitation to chaos, disorder and mob justice of the most foul kind reminiscent of the Jacobin horrors of the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Terror of the Russian Revolution.

The revelations of the last few days of Sadie Graham, Kenny Smith and Steve Blake bugging and intercepting the internal confidential e mails of their colleagues, passing those stolen e mails to each other and then posting them on Lancaster UAF in order to incite dissent within the party, DEMAND THAT THEY ALL BE EXPELLED.

This alone is enough to expel them, regardless of the other things they have been doing including running the blog and inviting the mob to vent its demented bile on it in public.

Those that are in denial of what the plotters have done, or who are so motivated either by deluded loyalty or utter stupidity that they cannot accept the inevitable, THEN RESIGN NOW.



The decision to expel themselves from the party was made by Steve Blake, Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith the moment they agreed together to bug, intercept and steal the e mails from their colleagues.

The Chairman merely confirmed for them the price they knew they would pay for their treachery.

There is no going back from what they have done - as Steve Blake himself admitted in the e mails he passed to Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith.

They knew that if they were caught they would be expelled, and the parade of fools and friends that are currently trying to shield them from their actions are deluded if they think anything other than expulsion is the price they will pay for their betrayals and plots.

If you as a member, as a councillor or as an official are so warped and unable to face reality about this situation - then we dont want you in this party.

We dont want people in the party who think that bugging, intercepting and then stealing the confidential e mails from colleagues is acceptable.

We dont want people in this party who think they can blackmail the party into capitulating to their demands.

We dont want people in this party who would deliberately seek to cause chaos and conflict within the party as part of their own petty vendettas and personality clashes. The party is not a vehicle for your own inflated ego's or petty spites.

We dont want people in this party who regard the Constitutional rights of members and the Rule of Law as abstracts, to be removed and thrown away at the demand of the Mob.

We dont want people in this party who think collaborating with the filthy reds on the Lancaster UAF site is EVER acceptable.

We dont want people in this party who will use blackmail to force the Chairman to not punish the traitors and plotters in our ranks.

If you still support any one of the above and still want to support the plotters - then leave the party now.

There will be no surrender and no reversal of what must be done.

If you refuse to accept reality - then we dont want you, your skills or your money.

You are the enemy within.


Anonymous said...

Well said. The point of no return is long passed, effectively it passed the minute they used the UAF.

alanorei said...

I've received a note this morning giving some further details of the South Park goings-on, as set out in the earlier post.

A sense of rapprochement is apparently in the air.

However, regardless of whatever peace overtures may have taken place at one particular meeting, my understanding is that nothing could be decided officially until due process has taken place.

And this won't happen for some weeks, I would guess.

I'm wondering if my understanding is correct?

In any event, it is encouraging that any insurrection against the Party leaders seems to have run into the sand, with at least some former protesters abandoning the main conspirators and re-affirming loyalty to the Party leaders.

The note I received indicated that the eie blog is soon to be pulled, if it hasn't been already?

(Although this appears at present to depend on the Party going easy on Wendy T. If so, I am uncertain how this fits with due process. The plotters must surely bear some consequences for their actions, as the current post rightly declares.)

Defender of Liberty said...

There is no rapproachment - there is only due process.

The constitution decides what the process is as regards punishment - not the plotters or their deluded supporters.

They crossed the line with full knowledge that what they were doing was wrong - therefore they will face the full consequences of their actions,

There will be no comprimise, no retreat and no surrender from both what the constitution demands and what justice demands.

It is time to stop the delusion that the plotters in a position of demanding / asking / requesting anything.

They have choice - either obey party discipline or resign. Thats it.

Those who are expelled will face the disciplinary process and NOTHING will stop that.

The idea that the chairman could or would surrender to blackmail and treason shows how out of touch with reality and the constitution of the party they were.

Therefore there is no reason for the plotters and their allies to carry on fighting as their is nothing -REPEAT NOTHING - they can win.

Your choice is either
capitulation, resignation or expulsion. Thats it.

The plotters decided upon their own fates when they embarked upon what they did.

No one forced them to do it - they were not children.

The idea we have to do anything to assist them / help them is delusional.

We are not here to help them or try and engineer a comprimise - as there can never be a comprimise nor could their ever have been one,

the fact people thought their could be a comprimise just shows how pathetic, infantile and incompetent their actions were.

We are going to follow the clearly established disciplinary procedures that are set out in the constitution.

If you dont ilke that then resign.

alanorei said...

Thanks, Lee, this clarifies a great deal.

It is reassuring that due process will go ahead as set out. Anything else is clearly the road to anarchy.

I have gone back and re-read your comments w.r.t. the Andy Sykes case.

From which I see that an expelled member is entitled to a Disciplinary Tribunal. This is the only course of action whereby their future relationship with the Party could be addressed.

If the Tribunal upholds the expulsion, then they are expelled for life.

They could no doubt waive their right to a Tribunal and simply disappear off the radar but this is effectively the same outcome.

Clearly it has to be this way, otherwise, as indicated, anarchy reigns.

Given that a Tribunal is likely, is it possible to say at this stage what the projected timescale might be?

Defender of Liberty said...

At the moment the investigation stage is in mid flow and discovering more and more evidence every day. I have no idea when the investigation will be finished as we are still deluged with data and information - the pit keeps growing ever deeper.

The investigation has to be finished before the next stage begins which is the preparation of documents, the notification of formal charges on a point by point basis, liason with them as per dates and times for the hearings etc etc

It will take a while - but it will be done in public, with all the evidence released so that no-one can say this tribunal and disciplinary process was anything other than fair and transparent - both for the accused members and also the BNP members and officers who have been so badly betrayed and let down.

Greg said...

I will say one thing: the blog of the "rebels" seems remarkably similar to the far let blogs. It is full of anonymous, badly written comments. Many of them see to be made up. I sent a comment begging for reconciliation and it got rejected. Hmmmm, censorship, who does that remind us of?

Defender of Liberty said...

sorry folks,

I accidentaly deleted some comments when using the keyboard - I type like Les Dawson used to play the piano.

alanorei said...

Thanks again, Lee

Again, most reassuring. It is not unlike cases I saw handled in academia, between union and management.

I've advised some of our people locally who probably received the note mentioned earlier to re-check your posts and comments.

Difficult though it is now, this case must eventually be of huge benefit to the Party - the exact opposite of what the plotters hoped - as a clear demonstration of its professionalism .

And therefore to the electorate and the nation.

Anonymous said...

The longer these fools allow their blog to continue, the deeper the hold they dig themselves in.

Not that they can see the light at the top anymore anyway. What does concern me is how many fools have jumped in with them blindly.

Not to worry, they are so deep in the hole now, the walls are becoming very unstable and the dirt is beginning to slip back in the hole - with them in it.

Oh dear!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas