Sunday 16 December 2007

Our Miltant Moment

The revelations of the last few days are what I call our 'Militant Moment', the same moment the Labour Party went through in the 1980's when the party acted to remove all those in the party that put personality politics, factionalism and sectarianism before the interests of the party itself and its pursuit of political power.

Up until that point the Labour Party was virtually unelectable, riven as it was by by in fighting and by cabals and plots.

The BNP cannot become a major political force when people in our ranks are so stupid as to do as Kenny Smith, Sadie Graham and Steve Blake have done.

There are some things in Nationalism that are unforgivable - and first amongst them is working with the Far Left to attack fellow nationalist parties and fellow nationalists. We in the parties of the right may fight amongst ourselves, but WE NEVER work with the scum of the Far Left to attack each other.

You work with the reds, you are a filthy red.

Those in any nationalist party that collaborate with the Far Left in any WAY, even by posting on the Lancaster UAF site, in order to attack another nationalist Party or another nationalist are scum.

Take a look at the so called 'BNP members' posting on the UAF site and what they are doing and saying also take a look at the nasty little blog of the ploters and see what filth these people are, and if you have posted on those sites then tear your membership card up and leave.

The comments being posted on the plotters blog are the same comments being posted on the Lancaster UAF blog by the same people.

Go onto the Lancaster UAF site and read the comments sections - over 50% of the posts on the site in the comments sections are by so called 'BNP members'.


The BNP members who are posting on those Far Left sites calling for the Chairman to be sacked, Mark Collett to be sacked , Dave Hannam and John Walker to be sacked regardless of their BNP Constitutional rights as members, the party to be reformed and anyone they dont like to be removed from the party with no regard to their constitutional rights are the enemy within that must be removed from our ranks.

If Nick Griffin were to ever give into any of their attempted blackmail then the only result would be the total destruction of the party itself - this is why we will resist you and remove you from the party as soon as possible if you think that ignoring the party constitution is ever acceptable and that working with the enenies of our Folk, Nation and future is acceptable.

If you do think it is acceptable, then you do not belong in this party.

Those in the BNP that think hacking into private BNP official e mail accounts, hacking and intercepting the e mails between party officials, posting attacks on the Chairman or other officials on Far Left blogs like Lancaster UAF or who set up blogs to attack to attack other nationalists is acceptable, have no place in our ranks.

The ends do not EVER justify the means when the means are against the party constitution and possibly criminal offences.

More damage has been caused by this insane outburst of petty hysteria than ever caused by the actions of any one member.

If you think that the methods that Sadie, Kenny and Steve have used in their crusade against those in the party they wanted purged are acceptable - then leave now.

Tear up your membership card and leave, as we dont want you in our party.

If we lose a few idiots over this, then as a result we will be a thousand times stronger than when they were in the party.

For all those that have been directly involved in the plot - then leave now and go with some dignity before the full extent of your betrayal is revealed and full details of how you have used and abused people who stood by you is revealed.

For all those who stood by these people in the name of friendship - the time has come now to walk away.

If anyone within the ranks of the plotters or their friends carry on posting up on the Far Left blogs or on the blog of the plotters then you will be regarded as the enemy and removed from the party.

You may have been motivated by friendship - but stop now.

Just wait a few weeks until the facts are revealed in their entirety. Those who have done nothing but stand by those they consider friends are welcome back into the party and into their previous official positions - but those that carry on with this pathetic charade are put on final warning.

Stop now or pay the price.

The e mails below are just the tip a vile iceberg. Every day we are discovering more and more about what has been going on.

For example we now know that not only was Sadie Graham changing account statements in order to make David Hannam look incompetent when the accounts did not add up, but that Kenny Smith was also refusing to provide the party auditors with receipts for 17,000 pounds spent by him - knowing that this would delay the accounts being passed by the auditors and thereby allowing him and the others to spread poison on sites like Lancaster UAF by saying Hannam and John Walker were incompetent in their jobs.

At the same time as this attempt to delay the accounts was underway, Steve Blake was hacking into the BNP server and stealing confidential e mails sent by the auditor to david hannam and sending them to Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith so they could monitor the extent of the damage they were causing.

The fine that the party has had to pay for the late return of accounts is a direct result of their vile plot - and YOU as members of the party have had to pay for their stupidity.

E mails sent to Treasury by members and fundholders/ organisers were deleted so as to create the impression that Treasury were incompetent. We have all been subjected to extra work, hassle and expense because of the actions of these idiots.

The confidential e mail below from Tony Brewer to Nick Griffin was stolen by Steve Blake and posted up on the Lancaster UAF site within hours of it being sent, so that it could be used to damage david hannam.

For all those party officials with BNP e mail accounts, now we know why the BNP server kept going down and we could not access our e mails - it was because Steve Blake was intercepting them, reading them and then passing them onto Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith.

Whilst Sadie and Matt single are on their nasty little blog talking about how their 'privacy was violated' for the party removing OUR computer to prevent them causing any more damage to the party, they do not mention how for months Sadie with Kenny and Steve had been working together to hack into our private e mails and then passing them to each other - and then laughing about it !!!

How low is that - to play the violin for public sympathy and demand help from the very same people they have been stealing information from, intercepting their e mails and passing around to each other like teenagers with a grubby pornographic magazine.

Unlike Kenny Smith, Sadie Graham and Steve Blake and a few of their deluded sympathisers who would have denied Mark Collett, Dave Hannam and John Walker their constitutional rights, I look forward to them excercising their constitutional rights in an open disciplinary tribunal.

That is a right they possess as members, that they would have removed from those members they wanted purged from the party.

I want all this revealed to th members so they can all see how badly they have been betrayed.

I want all of this to be open, public and to be seen by every member, so that their actions and treachery are revealed in all its iniquity.

Those in this party who want Mob Rule and the BNP Constitution to be thrown away in order to appease the demands of a demented minority of hysterical and deluded people, are the real enemy within.

In the last few days the party has truly crossed the Rubicon, by standing firm and disciplined the massive majority of the party have shown their political and individual maturity and common sense.

The tiny cabal of fools that have been part of this plot are the poison that needed to be excised before this party could achieve its full potential as the sole vehicle for the survival of our people, nation and culture.


Anonymous said...

I had sympathy with the plotters and agreed with their concerns - so long as the dissidents acted within the framework of the constitution and the rule of law.

Now I feel that I have been betrayed - like many others - by seeing evidence of their unconstitutional work.

Their concerns are still valid and need addressing, but sadly their conduct has not been.

Defender of Liberty said...

I will not be posting any personal attacks on the plotters that involve allegations I cannot prove. What they have done is bad enough without using unsubstantiated rumour to divert the attention from what they have actually done.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this information Lee.

It's their emotional appeal about having their home "violated" placing stress on pregnant Sadie that sticks in my craw.

Saying this knowing full well they had invaded and violated the privacy of their colleagues - and laughing about it - is absolutely dispicable.

Good riddance to the lot of them.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for this. I too was very concerned when I heard the allegations that Sadie's house had been bugged -- but now I see that she, Smith and Blake were "bugging' everyone's emails for ages.

Now they cry because they have been caught out -- what a bunch of lying hypocrites!

Quite frankly, the thought that all of our emails were being tapped, fills me with rage, and absolutely destroys any sympathy I had with Sadie.

I also see now why Nick Griffin had to act against these traitors. I retract my previous position, and fully support the party chairman. Let the traitors be expelled, once and for all.

Anonymous said...

You are probably right that this purging will be in the best interests of the Party long term, but at the moment its hard to see. The Red angle is unforgiveable and I'm extremely worried about data they may have on individual members.
Many members hold jobs in the public sector where membership of the party has to be discreet or face hounding, ostracism or job loss.
These people put their faith in the BNP to hold this Data.
Certain individuals have proven by their actions that they cannot be trusted with information without posting it on UAF.
Naively I had hoped that this episode was over and that we could get back on track, the traitor blog is still running (aided no doubt by their friends on the Left ) and a vicious Scottish one is even more damaging.
We must be very careful who we confide in as these "sleepers" have been embedded for a long time and we may not have heard the last of them.

Defender of Liberty said...

All those who want to correspond with me or talk to me leave a number and I will call you back.

All in total confidential. I cannot give out my telephone number on here as I will have Denise Garside stalking me again to come round and give her a portion of helmet so as to 'turn her' from her present fondness for tongue paddling the pink canoe, so leave a number and I will call you back.