Saturday 8 December 2007

Peak Oil and World War 3

Image - Master of Puppets ( The Corporatocracy and the Fundamentalists )

Image - KLA terrorists now in government in Kosovo.

On Monday 8th December the United Nations deadline for an agreement on the independent status of Kosovo expires. The Kosovan government have said that they will declare autonomy if the Serbians do not declare that Kosovo can secceed from Serbia. Serbia has said that they will not allow the Kosovan terrorist government of the CIA/KLA puppets to split Kosovo from Serbia and that they will go to war to ensure Kosovo remains part of Serbia.

Russia is backing Serbia and thertening to veto any UN resolutions that demand independence for Kosovo. Serbian Nationalists and ex-troops are already organising to resist the Kosovan secession, and you can expect to see tens of thousands of Russian volunteers assisting the Serbian government and irregular troops. Other volunteers will also flock to Serbia from around Europe, as the Kosovan government which is a puppet of the CIA /KLA / Al Qaeda terrorists who have been waging a non-stop religious and ethnic war against Serbian civilians in Kosovo since the creation of the fake NATO /US zone of Kosovo, will recruit Jihadists from across the world into its ranks. Just as in the previous KLA / Kosovan terrorist uprising against Serbia in 1999, the KLA was nothing but a collection of Albanian, Arab, Indonesian, Chechnyan terrorists, criminals and Jihadists from all over the world fighting in the name of Kosovo in order to establish an Jihadist base in Europe disguised as the Kosovan nation.

This was all done with US and CIA funding and military support.

There was no ethnic cleansing of Albanians or Kosovans in Kosovo by the Serbian government, as stated by the German government, yet this lie was the pretext attack on Serbia.

The only ethnic cleansing has been undertaken against Serbians in Kosovo at the behest of the NATO / KLA / Kosovan puppet government.

The German government was duped by the CIA into giving the 'moral' justification for the war in the propaganda excercise of Operation Horseshoe ;

A Jihadist nation was was built in Europe and Serbian Nationalists and Christians were killed by NATO, Britain and the US Corporatocracy in order that Kosovo could be given its own state, army and ability to produce and distribute weapons to supply the Islamist terrorists that run the country and that ethnically cleanse Serbian Christians from the country.

This was done in order to establish a European base for the Al Qaeda terrorist proxies of the Corporatocracy in order to confront the Shiite terrorist proxies operating in the Balkans and the rest of Eastern Europe, and to protect the oil interests of the Corporatocracy in the Balkans.

The Third World War that has begun in Iraq and is now seeping out of the Middle East into Europe where it has been primarily fought since 911 when it formally started, and its spread is simply a consequence of the new Global Order of the two polarities that have developed since the great pretext of 911 was unleashed.

One polarity is led by the US, Britain, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the EU.

The other is led by Russia, Iran, Syria, China, Venezuala and North Korea

These two geo-political power blocs are what I define as ' The Corporatocracy ', which is the US / UK / Saudi Arabia / Israel Bloc and
' The Fundamentalists ', which is the Russian, Iran, China, North Korea Bloc.

Each of these polarities is based on four foundations of shared interests, these being ;

1) Oil - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq supply the West and Iran, Russia and Venezuala can supply the rest.

2) Religion - one side we have the Sunnis of Saudi Arabia and on the others the Shiites of Iran. The Al Qaeda / KLA / CIA terrorists serve the interests of this Sunni religious bloc by destabilising nation states in order to allow the US to invade the place in order to protect its 'interests' in the area concerned. The Shiite backed terrorist groups and militias in places like Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza Strip etc all serve the interests of the Shiite Bloc and undertake terrorist acts in order to advances the interests of the Shiite Bloc.

3)Economics - one side we the force of US Globalism and on the other side Theo-Nationalists like Iran, Russian Nationalists, Venezualan Communists and Serbian Socialists united only by their opposition to US economic invasion.

4) Peak Oil - the new geo-political alignements, wars and conflicts in the world are all the birth pangs of Peak Oil. The Long Emergency has begun. The shadow of the end of the Age of Oil, is already mantling the world.

The article below was printed when oil was $50 dollars a barrel, it is now almost $100 a barrel.

The Kosovo government is filled with Islamists, war criminals and KLA puppets. It is not a legitimate state, but a CI sponsored base for Al Qaeda in Europe. This is where the proxy terrorists of the US / Saudi / Al Qaeda Bloc are trained, equipped and deployed in pursuit of US geo-political interests in the lead up to Peak Oil.

For those that have never heard of Peak Oil - then get an education QUICK.

The end game is being played out, as human civilisation is about to undergo a radical reverse that will usher in an era of perpetual eco-conflict and resource wars.

The era of perpetual progress which has allowed the West to exist in its self created cocoon of liberal delusions for the last fifty years is about to end, and humanity is about to pay the price for its apathy, profligacy and hubris.

The current crop of international crises that are afflicting the planet will not get better, they can only get worse.

The only question is not what can we do to stop it as we cant. This catastrophe is simply the result of humanity breaching fundamnetal physical laws such as the Second Law of Thermodyamics which governs the supply and demand of commodities such as oil. If the oil is gone we cannot produce any more, simply because oil is a finite commodity. Once it is gone, it is gone. Wanting it will not create it.

The question is simply therefore 'Who Profits' from this process.

Those who intend to profit from the Peak Oil crisis are making their plays right now, and the peices on the global chessboard, which are the proxy armies and proxy terrorist groups of the two Blocs, are now being moved into tactical positions in line with their puppet masters post-Peak Oil strategies.

Private armies are being formed to defend the corporatocracy as the power of the nation state breaks down due to Peak Oil in the 21st Century ( see Blackwater in Iraq as the test model for the new 21st century Corporate Armies to defend corporate intersts across national border lines.

The armies of the Fundamentalists are waging their war via Assymetric means and therefore the old concept of war that was applicable in the 20th Century is now no longer relevant. There will be many bloody street battles in these new wars, but few tank battles. It will be wars on pavements, not battle fields. The enemy will not follow the Geneva Conventions nor the rules of war , they will not wear uniforms and shiny hats, they will not march into battle in long columns but instead they will seek to cause chaos in our own towns and cities, they will cut the head off 1 person and post it on the internet in order to terrify a million peopleinto appeasing their proxies that articulate the demands of the terrorists in moderate terms, they will plant bombs in schools and turn children into ticking time bombs.

We need a new army to fight new enemies, those both internal and external.

We require Warriors as well as Soldiers.

But both the Corporatocracy and the Fundamentalists are about to meet their Nemesis. Their bloodlust, greed and hubris will unleash ancient rages upon the world, beyond the control of their plans and strategies.

Both the Corporatocracy and the Fundamentalists think THEIR respective delusions are ' The Truth' and both think that as a result of 'The Truth' that all men have banished both the irrational and our instincts from their minds and souls, and therefore that all men can be controlled or coerced.

This is why they each confront the other with their books of religion, their tired ideologies, waving their tattered flags and spouting their laws of the free market none of which have any meaning other than as symbols of the old order that is about to fall.

Peak Oil is the end of the Old Order and the birth of the NATURAL ORDER.

It is not the New World Order or the Caliphate that will triumph in this clash of delusions, it will be simply the laws of nature.

Only those nations that re-structure themselves internally in accord with their ancestral organic realities will not experience social collapse. States must be reordered in accord with the ideas of was Ferdinand Tonnies (1855-1936) in his theory of gemeinschaft and gesellschaft (Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft, 1887).

Only those communities that will integrate into the ancestral organic cultural, social, political and patriotic structures of the National Community, or those communities that reject the intention of colonisation of host societies for the principal solely of peaceful co-existence based on mutual self interest, will weather the storm.

This theory of Tonnies revealed how early tribal or national (gemeinschaft) societies achieved harmonious collaboration and cooperation more or less automatically due to the common culture and sense of common genetic and cultural identity in which all members were raised. This avoided major conflicts concerning basic values since all shared a common set of mores and a common sense of destiny.

Nor will Reason or Religion raise its laurelled head from the bloody trough of war and proclaim itself MASTER after this conflagration. Each will feed upon the bones of the other, until death claims them all.

Unless Britain abandons the old politics, the old political parties and the old liberal consensus and does not begin the process of national and social re-organisation that Peak Oil demands, then the crisis will fracture, inflame and threaten the existence of British society itself.

Britain will become like the Balkans, where every street will have its armed gangs, where every town will have its its own private religious / political / criminal militias and every city will have its own private security armies each of whom perpetually threaten the other.

Man will become wolf to man.

Once the tinderbox flashes into flame, then the packs of tribe and nation will be reborn in archaic forms, and the wild hunt will begun again.

In the darkness, it is the unconsciousness that is the master, not the mind.

City by city, town by town, street by street and house to house the war will come to all.

The mask of civilised man will drop, the scales of liberal delusions will fall away from his eyes and he will finally face the world as it truly is.

The Liberal Consensus will be swept away by the crimson tide of events, and the choice for Britain will either be Balkanisation, perpetual low level civil war or an Ecological Dictatorship.

An Assyetric World War 3 will be the trigger of all this as we enter the era of Peak Oil and eco-conflict. An Assymetric World War 3 will be the war that will be fought without nuclear weapons, but that instead will be fought WITHIN nation states as proxy terrorist armies supported by the Two Power Blocs of the Corporatocracy and the Fundamentalists begin fighting against each other.

I suspect that an Assymetric World War 3 will cause a low level civil war in Britain that will lead to an eventual Eco-Dictatorship over the next 100 years.

There wont be any UN helmets and boots on the ground in Britain who will be sent in order to stop the fighting, as each of the nations that once provided those UN troops will be fighting their own civil / religious / ethnic / tribal / eco-conflict wars.

The best that can happen is that the British people vote for the BNP and elect a Democratic, Green, Constitutional Nationalist, Ethno-Nationalist political party that is dedicated to 100 % energy independence based on renewable energy production and who will bring all our troops back home, deploy internlly them to protect our national borders, hunt down and eradicate all the terrorists in our midst, deport all the illegal immigrants and illegal entrants in the country that are the pool in which the terrorists swim, and who will re-structure our agricultural and industrial forms of production towards national self sufficency.

We can ensure that Britain survives, all the other political parties will do is watch as Britain is torn apart and destroyed both from within and without.

We are not the enemy of the peoples of the nations trapped in the grasp of either the Corporatocracy or the Fundamentalists.

We blame only the puppet regimes that do their puppet masters bidding.

What Britain must do is stand alone as a nation and prepare for the long hard struggle head.


defender said...

I totally agree with just about every thing you have written here except for one major part.
I do not see a political solution. that option has been closed due to control and timing. We, as you have articulated, are out of time and therefore for the BNP to gain power and influence is not possible. Nationilsm though can be a people led solution which is I think our only hope.

Defender of Liberty said...

Politics is only one part of the totality of struggle that is required ;

This is a full spectrum struggle on all these fronts ;


Anonymous said...

Interesting read Lee but sorry, I'm not buying it. Couple of reasons:

1. The Saudis have the west by the nads. They know it. They know that through demographics - and that is what toppled Kosovo - will conquer the west. They know the west - Eurabia for example - will constantlt appease to secure the oil. In short they are holding the aces. Why play ball with the west? And would they trust the west to the extent needed if your essay is true? I doubt it. The west could sell them out big time with this - and hey, why wouldn't they? Way too risky for the Saudis IMHO.

2. Sporting of the west to allow the saudis to continue mass funding of mosques in the west that spresad the fundamental truth of Mohammed: Kill the infidel until fitnah ceases to exist. What happened in Kosovo will happen in other states throughout Europe. France, Belgium and the UK especially.

3. Sporting of Israel to just lay down and be the scarificial lamb for shia states as their ally the US forces them to hand over territory - which will then be used to further the jihad against the "descendants of apes and pigs" untol they are "driven into the sea".

4. Sporting of Iran - a soon to be nuclear power - to not speak out against this sunni-infidel love in. I'm sure nutjob ahmedinjad relishes his role in this and wouldn't want to destroy the sunnis with it.

5. India and Pakistan - nuclesr powers and India an emerging super power. What part do they play? If any.

6. Africa - not involved at all I take it? Same for Turkey? WHat about Australia, NZ, Japan?

7. The UN: Are all member states in on this? Again, the UN is being used to further the aims of the shia states against Israel. This would seem to be at odds with your theories.

Just one or two thoughts of mine Lee, would be interested to read your answers.

Oh, nearly forgot, but the albanian/kosovar uprising actually started in the early 80's and really, tensions between the two communities never eased it was Tito's ironhand that kept the lid on the simmering pot. We know the rest.


Defender of Liberty said...

Answers here ;

1) Because Saudi Arabia knows that it and Israel and the US are the main enemies of Shiite Iran. Saudi doesnt have nukes - the US has and it needs Israel to threaten Irans flanks. It needs the US to fight its battle against Iran for it. The west NEEDS Saudi oil as Peak Oil is about to hit. Its a marraige of convenience.

2) Al Qaeda terrorism as a weapon of US foreign policy, and it will be 'controlled' here in the UK in regard to specific political needs linked to US and UK interests (eg to start new wars or pass new laws to clamp down on dissent ) until the moment it gets out of control. This is where nemesis comes in.

3) Israel is 'surrendering' land it cannot hold whilst turning Israel into a walled Crusader Fort that will be a Jewish state - and the US air force base in the Middle East to ensure the protection of Saudi oil, by giving the shiites two targets to attack and forcing them to fight on two fronts whilst bombed by the US from the air and hemmed in by the UN and EU on the ground.

4) Ahadmanijad is having his own shiite-infidel love in with russia, china, north korea etc - so he cant bang on about it in that way. LOOK AT THE WEAPON SYSTEMS SOLD TO IRAN BY INFIDEL RUSSIA !

5)India is now a partner with Israel, and has favored trading status with Israel. India checkmates Pakistan. Al Qaeda in Kashmir ensure India remains on side with the US / iSRAEL / sAUDI aRABIA.

6)Africa and all its resouces are going to be controlled by China in the 21st century if Britain does not invade Zimbabwe, throw out Mugabe, impose a democratic Zimbabwe with favored trading status with the UK so we can then use Zimbabwe as an base in order to economically liase with other democratic nations in ex-commonwealth African nations to check the advancement of Chinese investment in africa. We need to embark on a process of economic development in africa that rewards those nations who trade with us, and that blocks china getting at the resources in africa we may need in the 21st century.

7) The UN is a pressure valve controlled by the US. It is allowed to blow off steam but Israel just ignores its resultions and the US vetos its resolutions. The US controls the UN and would also veto anything that affects its interests in Saudi Arabia as well as Israel. The UN acts as third party, under the control of the first party which is the US.

As for Kosovo - as usual this is a story of ideological multi-culturalism that was doomed to fail. Multi-Culturalism in all its forms from the egyptian pharoahs, imperial Rome, Communist Yugoslavia, Victorian Imperialism, The Third Reich ( a pan-Aryan state with multiple ethnicities, cultures and states within its borders ) and modern Politically Correct Consumer Multi-Culturalism have all failed and PCC MC will also fail as consumerism will collapse when Peak Oil hits and Political Correctness will be replaced by eco-conflict and civil disorder.

Nothing that exists in opposition to the laws of nature can survive forever.