Saturday 22 December 2007

The Simple Questions


alanorei said...

"So why has she never sued him for his clear libel?"

A key question, indeed. It also looks like a Common Purpose operation, about which EUTruth also has some helpful material, of which Nick will be aware through his meeting(s) with Brian Gerrish.

I'd like to say, as Winston did after El Alamein, that this is "The end of the beginning."

I don't believe it is, yet.

But I think we are headed that way - and I don't just mean the BNP, I mean the British Resistance as a whole.

But the BNP is the key element, because it labours on the political front.

The other big question is, therefore, what will the enemy do now?

We may be looking at some kind of Draconian EU legislation in the next year to outlaw any anti-EU parties, thanks especially to Gordon Brown's treachery last Thursday week.

I think this has got to be highlighted at every level in the Party.

2008 is going to be crucial. At a rough guess, we have 6-12 months to forestall the "new Dark Age" that Winston also warned about.

He had his detractors but some of his forecasts are certainly being vindicated.

Defender of Liberty said...

Orwell was a prophet.

I think you are right about the ban on non-EU parties, but dont worry about that we already have contingency plans in place for such a ban.

Whoever said that Nationalists cannot co-operate across borders was wrong.

Perhaps those nationalists that are anti-EU now, are capable of agreeing on a new model for the EU that once they are in power they would create - an evolution via a political revolution.

We may be against the present EU - but if the choice is a banning of all the Nationalist Resistance parties, then perhaps those nationalist resistance parties could adopt a new agreed model for the EU that they would create once in power - a revolution within the political structures of the EU that would devolve power democratically back to the political systems of the nation states of the EU whilst creating a Fortress Europe that keeps all the 300 million plus Eco-Migrants out of Europe at the contact points where they have ben so far coming in.

If the EU is a deomcratic structure, then undertaking a democratic devolution of power back to the nation states and creating a Fortess Europe whilst in power within the EU cannot be prohibited.


The bloated pig of the EU could instead become simply a useful European border patrol force to stp imigrants coming into Europe, a simple autarchic European Free Trade Zone based on environmental sustainability and the exclusion of non-environmentally produced goods outside the EU, and an EU that invests in building new industries across Europe to employ people and create an eco-friendly autarchic European Zone that is no longer reliant on Arab oil, US dollars and Russian gas.

If the choice is a ban on the Resistance, then I am sure the Resistance will evolve accordingly to usurp their plans.

Defender of Liberty said...

If Russia wanted to join the new European Trading Zone and provide us with their energy and join us in the struggles of the 21st century then I would be delighted.

A Fortress Europe that defends the interests of the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF EUROPE and that is a bulwark against immigration, Islamism, the power of the Middle East oil barons, US Petro-Dollar Imperialism and globalism is something I could support.

Putin though does not see Russia as part of this Fortress Europe - if only he did.

We need Russia and the Russian people within Fortress Europe - though I cannot blame him for keeping Russia out of the capitalist / socialist bloated pig of the present EU.

Perhaps when we are banned by the EU, reform and then take power in Europe and create Fortress Europe -then Russia would join us and help us create it.

Anonymous said...

I was one of few Nationalists not sorry to see the arrival of Poles Russians and other white Germanic people arriving in Britain.
These people are patriotic and proud and if they wanted to make some money after the failure and brutality of Communism why not?
I'd rather have a squad of Poles fix my roof(in the absence of local Labour priced out of business by the Inland Revenue and no apprentice schemes) than a squad of Africans or Lebanese on my property.
In the ideal world all of or people would be self sufficient and happy in their own homelands but we face huge problems as civilisations clash and the white races would do well to remember we face a rabid hungry common enemy.