Saturday 22 December 2007

The Simple Questions

Yet again Shady Graham is on her pathetic blog bleating to her lemming like followers yet more lies, but note also that she does not comment EVER upon her own wrongdoings and instead only ever whines about Mark Collett, Dave Hannam, John Walker, Simon Darby, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all.

So here is a simple way to work out the facts.

Here are some very very simple questions and if you answer YES to just one of them then the plotters are traitors ;

1) Did you, Steve Blake, Kenny Smith and Matt Single set up the Enough is Enough Blog ?

2) Did you Steve Blake, Matt Single and Kenny Smith put links on that blog to Lancaster UAF and did you plan to add Searchlight articles to that blog to smear and attack a fellow nationalist, BNP member and party officer ?

3) Did you allow people to post up comments on that blog attacking party officers, party members and to incite dissent in the party ?

4) Did you, Steve Blake, Kenny Smith and Matt Single hack into the private e mails of party officers and then steal those e mails and pass them to each other ?

5) Did you intercept and steal the e mail from the party auditor and pass it to each other ?

6) Did you whilst acting as officers of the party set up, run and post up attacks on fellow nationalists on the Enough I Enough Blog ?

7) Did you incite party officers and party members to resign their official party positions as party officers on the blog /

8) Did you demand on that blog the immediate and unconstitutional expulsion of BNP officers and members regardless of their rights as members and officers of the party ?

9) Did you work with Kenny Smith to produce , print and distribute the propaganda pamphlet distributed to BNP members a few days ago ?

10 ) Did you and Kenny Smith use the confidential BNP members lists to send the illegal propaganda leaflet out contrary to the Data Protection Act 1998 Section 55 ?

11) Did you change and forge party account statements ?

12) Did you claim to the police that the party computer was yours and was stolen when it is now proven not to be the case ?

13) Did you tell people your house was burgled when you knew it wasnt and that your friend let the people into your house to remove their property ?

14) Did you whilst as acting as an officer of the party spread lies and hatred to other members of the party against party members and officers you wanted out of the party ?

For all those who do not understand how a party is infiltrated by a Deep Cover Operative it goes like this ;

A person is recruited at university by Special Branch / MI5 and is sent into action whilst at university to get basic infiltration experience at a low level prior to them being deployed on their long term Deep Cover job, say by getting involved with anarchists and the animal rights movement or hunt saboteurs movement.

They do this for a few years to get on the ground experience as an infiltrator and then when they are assessed as good enough to move to the real job they are then moved to that long term new job.

Of course as a new trainee for Special Branch / MI5 they will make mistakes and this is why some people, say the people in the animal rights movement and Larry O'Hara believe she is a security service mole and go public about her at the time she is in those left wing groups. But it doesnt matter of course, as she is not intended to stay in those groups, just get some experience on the ground before being moved to the big long term job.

The best infiltrators are always women, as most men are such mugs that they instinctively trust a woman. Also of course they are far more clever and cunning than most males.

In some cases those people can come from an seeming Anarchist / Far Left political background and then move straight into the Far Right with no ideological steps in between. That of course is a major ideological and psycholgical leap, and not usual in most people.

The job of the Deep Cover Operative once in the party they have been sent to infiltrate is to work bloody hard and to get promoted in the party they have been sent into infiltrate.

Theres not much point sending in someone who acts like a special branch / MI5 mole or who does no work in that party, as they will never get promoted and move up the ranks of said organisation.

The aim of the Deep Cover Operative is to work hard to get promoted in the party in order for them to move quickly up the ranks into a position of seniority, trust and responsibility in the party.

They then build up a support base of impressed activists who then form a sheild around them so as to develop their own little cult of personality in order to further push them up the ranks and towards the top table by building grass roots pressure for them to get promoted.

The aim of the Deep Cover Operative is not to destroy the party, but to hobble it - to appear to be working for the benefit of the party whilst corrupting it, poisoning it and causing factions to appear within it.

Only when totally neccasery must the party be destroyed as in the event of any party being destroyed, the members will just form a new one and the whole process of infiltration and subversion must be repeated again and again ad infinitum.

The role of the Deep Cover Operative is to poison the party, so that the deep cover operative appears to be the model member and real leadership challenger when the pre-arranged time of crisis appears to split the party.

Once at the top table they can then gather as much internal information as possible and pass it to their handlers, say by getting a sad man in the party who runs the internal party computer section to think he is doing something 'noble' when he infiltrates and hacks into the server of the organisation and passes those confidential e mails to her.

Then you need to raise her profile - say by having an MP like Geoff Hoon break the NO PLATFORM policy and debate with her at a public meeting in order to increase her party profile in the party and make her seem like a real contender for a leadership position.

At the same time you need to regularly debrief the Deep Cover Operative in such a way as to ensure that no-one in the country is aware she is being debreifed. So you send the person to say Australia, where ex-Nazi grasses and informers have been sent in the past. People Like Matthew Collins say, who were sent to Australia after spying on the NF. Once in Australia they can have a nice holiday and also get more training and be debriefed in strict secrecy.

Then you put in place your long term internal plans to destabilise the party - such as having a plan to use a vote of the AC to remove a person you have created a massive amount of hostility in the party against and then knowing that their colleagues would also be removed by resigning to support their colleague.

This would then allow you to have a majority on the AC and give a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the leader if they refused to remove the person you have nominated as your 'target' and demand their removal at the right time to do so.

At the same time you prepare a plan to challenge for leadership of the party iself if the internal destabilisation plan doesnt work. Get yourself a boyfriend in the party with the backing of security and prepare your plan for a future leadership challenge.

For those who say ' No one would ever do such a thing' take a look at what happened under the communists in East Germany and Russia and China - mothers spied on their children, children spied on their parents, wives spied on their husbands and grassed them up to the KGB.

The plan for the dstruction of the party has to be prepared for just the right moment - and in this case just before the London GLA elections or just after it to ensure the party implodes into warring factions.

It is very important for the special branch / MI5 people to have this plan prepared as they know that due to the collapse of UKIP - that the only party capable of filling the void on the right is the BNP.

It is even more urgant when the Tory Party has gambled on winning the Liberal Left vote and then had to watch in horror as an electable Liberal leader takes over from the fossil that once ran it. That means the Tory Party has now lost all its centre left supporters it gambled on keeping whilst it has abandoned its old right wing to the BNP.

No Kilroy stunt will prevent the BNP winning Euro MEP seats and GLA seats now - so the plan has to be prepared for deployment to destroy the party.

So the BNP must be destroyed before it can ever go mainstream and challenge the establsihed parties for power.

The BNP must never be allowed to gain a seat on the GLA or as a Euro MEP as then the BNP would have a huge injection of funds, publicity and new members and also be able to claim public funds to train more party officers.

So just as has always happened in history the BNP, and all other far right and far left parties that have appeared to be on the verge of a political breakthrough into the political mainstream - they must be destroyed before they do so.

This is in fact the role and job of MI5 / Special Branch to infiltrate and destroy all those parties the secret state thinks should not be allowed to get any power in our society. If they look they are near to getting power then they must be destroyed.

Then what happens is that your Deep Cover Operative, an intelligent woman makes the oldest mistake in the book - she gets pregnant.

You also know, because you have been bugging the phones of the party leadership, that an ever increasing number of people suspect the woman of being a deep cover operative, and you now have to decide what to do.

You decide you have to remove the deep cover operative of course as she is now useless as per any long term plans for the implosion of the party just before or after the GLA elections.

Therefore you allow the deep cover operative to walk away from the party in as messy and chaotic fashion as possible in the hope that as much damage to the party is caused as possible by the fake crisis they have engineered.

But the plan is discovered before it can be fully deployed, and so you run it as best as possible.

You set up a campaign of internal faction fighting based on such insane demands over an issue that has no meaning to ANYONE OUTSIDE THE PARTY ( say over the past actions of a minor official who you know is unpopular because you have been poisoning people against him for months ) that you know the senior party leadership cannot and will not ever give into those demands.

The demands are so unreasonable and unconstitutional that they cannot ever be met by the leadership without destroying the party and this thereby ensures the deluded supporters of the deep cover operative who are motivated by primitive loyalty and not rationalism cause as much chaos and animosity as possible.

Once it becomes clear that the party is hopelessly riven and divided and wont recover then you waltz off into the sunset forever with the appearance of a martyr - perhaps to return in a few years time even.

At the same time to put pressure on the party leadership you get you Labor Party sock puppets like John Cruddas MP and various newspapers to try and forment as much hatred and confusion in the party as possible in the hope that the chaos will tear the entire party into endless factions who will from henceforth always be at war with each other over your 'martyrdom' .

What you didnt appreciate though was that the leaders of the party would refuse to give into blackmail and instead would be prepared to lose as many people as as it takes to ensure that the party stays united and that no descent into factionalism occurs.

Instead of the leadership crumbling and giving into the demands of the plotters,and thereby ensuring that the party would descend into perpetual factionalism and chaos, the leadership just get rid of the plotters and was prepared to remove all those supporters of the plotters that refuse to obey party discipline and who threaten the internal stability of the party.

After a week or so of idiocy by about a hundred noisy brattish supporters who think that the party will give into their demented demands, it becomes obvious that the leadership wont give in.

So you hope that when you walk away that enough people will walk away with you to cause enough damage to cripple the party enough to ensure that it stumbles around but doesnt get elected into power due to the long term factional fallout you have created in the party.

But the leadership are prepared for that too and will remove anyone who indulges in any future factionalism as a result of the plot.

The party moves on, the bump in the road to power is left behind it in the rear view mirror, and we begin the long march into power.

Heres a question for her pet legal monkey - 'lawyer'.

If Shady Graham is not a special branch operative then why has she never sued Larry O'Hara for him saying in his Notes From The Borderland magazine that she was a special branch operative.

Larry O'Hara has stated for years she was a special branch plant and printed it in his magazine and still has it on his website and is even posting it up on Indymedia this week and yet she has never sued him - why not ?

She had money, a good reputation and obviously knows FOUR solicitors - so one of these could have helped her sue Larry O'Hara.

So why has she never sued him for his clear libel ?

When she was involved with the animal rights protests at the Huntingdon Life Sciences everyone there said she was a special branch plant.

On her lastest blog posting she says she has seen FOUR solicitors about her dismissal, so why it that most BNP members cannot get a single solicitor to represent them in a legal case but Shady can get four ?

She is either lieing or she has a legal back up team helping her out and assisting her to cause as much chaos as possible.

I have never known anyone be able to see FOUR solicitors - SO WILL SHE GIVE US THE NAME OF THESE SOLICITORS OR IS SHE LIEING.

Where did she get the money for these solicitors from when she is claiming poverty on her blog ?

Come on legal monkey boy - who are they these FOUR solicitors ?

Are they just another figment of her imagination or her special branch legal back up team ?


Anonymous said...

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Wheres my banana.

Sod off to your shite heap council flat you total wanker.

Anonymous said...

Hi ya Lee,
The best post you’ve put on your blog was the one about your extraterrestrial mates floating out in interstellar space. Well I hope you enjoy your Christmas with your new buddies, and I hope you don’t ‘burn-up’ on re-entry early in the New Year.

Have a good one you sad old freak.

Anonymous said...

The reason why you never completed your barrister training is because you are a fucking nut-job and no firm in the land would touch you with a forty-foot barge poll. You’re just the type of walking freak-show that griffin likes to have hanging out of his arse, no wonder he keeps you on a lead to bark for him every so often you mug! I’d rather take legal advice from an alcoholic Albanian asylum seeker. Well here's my free advice to you, go have a fucking bath.

Defender of Liberty said...

Oh dear,

Did I touch a nerve eh you sad bunch ofmonkeys.

Looks like the Smegma Crew cant handle the truth,

now go back to the zoo you monkeys.

Defender of Liberty said...

Heres a response to the stormfront monkeys still throwing their bananas on the site ;

1) FIRST LETS DEAL WITH CWM CEFYN who I suspect is one of the plotters - The idea that ANY political party once they suspected a senior official involved in a plot to hack and steal confidential e mails from the party and who had formed a faction within the party to promote their demented demands to unlawfully expel a member they had incited a hate campaign against, would let the person stay in the party is absurd.

It is obvious that this CMM CEFYN person is a hysterical female. Now take some evening primrose oil and calm down lassie. Nor will there be a police investigation, though their may well be one regarding the person who has been wasting the police time over their complaints to the police. As for the computer issue, done and dealt with regardless of the idiot Blakes attempt at trying to patch up the hole in their bullshit story about it being stolen.

As for just keeping the spy under watch - oh yeah great idea, just let them keep building up their support bse of deluded followers (who have no idea they are SB) , JUST LET THEM KEEP stealing more and more data from the party and then passing it to their handlers. Idiot. As for the infiltrators greatest asset, it is irrationali idiots like yourself who are motivated by your hormones not your brain.

2) Then my personal favourite - the well known half-Polish hysterical female nutcase Sea Vixen who is a member of the Tory Party who occasionally goes to BNP meetings to spout her poisonous anti-semitic nonsense at the members then vanishes again for a year or so. Oh yes, we all know how demented this particular loonie is, she was the one issuing death threats against Jason Douglas a few years ago. Keep taking the Lithium dearie, that way you dont become a danger to anyone but yourself. DONT FORGET TO KEEP POSTING ON LANCASTER UAF AS YOU DO ALL THE TIME YOU DEMENTED IDIOT.

3) St.George Is Cross who is a member of the BPP and therefore acting to his own agenda to attack the BNP - the idea we should have ignored the fact that the plotters were hacking internal party e mails, pasting those e mails on the Lnacaster UAF blog, put a blog online to attack their fellow BNP members, , posted attacks on the officers of the party on the blog and then incited others to resign their offices of the party when they were discovered is laughable.

The idea that a SB operative would 'spill their guts' is so idiotic also as to be laughable. They are intelligent people, not idiots.

I have never uderestimated the intelligence of SB and their agents, though the monkeys that do as they say are a different matter.

4) Insurgent / Adrian Davies - thrown out of the BNP for being a sad little creep, a nationalist profiteer grown rich from money gained under false pretences from fellow nationalists by 'representing them in court' -or as it is known usually as fleecing them of their money and leaving them skint and in the lurch.

These sad collection of fifthwits on Stormfront are the last of the Nazi Monkeys still fighting the corner on Stormfront, apart from the occasional 'drive by' shooting at people like Simon Darby ( who is now being touted by the plotters as the REAL SB plant in the party ) by a poster on the site, the rebellion is dead in the water.

All that is left is to remove the last of the lemmings that still squeal about the plotters and the whole sad story is over.


It is a lesson well worth remembering for all future plotters.

Defender of Liberty said...

Heres my response to Legal Monkey Boy ;

1) Sadie could have sued Larry O'Hara at any time for damages, got an injunction to prevent the allegations being repeated in his magazine and to get back a share of the profits from his magazine. Larry O'Hara made money out of the allegations, and she could have got that money. But she didnt. Why not ?

2) The first half an hour of any legal problem is paid for by Legal Aid - if Legal Monkiey Boy is saying that Sadie has gone to FOUR solicitors and applied FOUR times for advice, then that is a systematic fraud. The Legal Aid process only allows you to see one solicitor once under the fee payment scheme. Therefore she got one visit free - but who paid for the other three.

3) Who are these FOUR mysterious solicitors who will work with Sadie, but not any other BNP members ? I have worked with nationalists having legal problems and they can never usually get anyone to represent them due t their BNP links.

The fact that a BNP councillor can access so easily FOUR solicitors (I dont count you as a solicitor Monkey Boy as you are so incompetent you besmirch the name of a solicitor ) is a unique event - unheard of in British nationalism.

4) Let us have the names of the solicitors and show us the receipts of the bills and details of who paid the bill for the FOUR solicitors and their legl advice.

5) Sadie had a 'good reputation' and so could have made a few bob out of Larry O'Hara - so why didnt she do that ?

6) Why is it that everyone who has worked with her - from the anarchists, far left and now people in the BNP all say she is special branch ?

7) What was her role in the Gandalf Six case when at the same time she was involved with the animal rights mob at Huntingdon Life Sciences, the law firm she was working with in Brighton were involved with MI5 ?

8) What are her links with MI5 via the law firm she worked with in Brighton?

9) Was she infiltrating the animal rights movement and passing information via her law firm to MI5as part of their case against the defendants ?

10) Why was she never harrassed at leeds university like collett, beverely etc were ?


Anonymous said...

Well, it is a toss-up who is the Searhclight mole - Graham or Steve Blake, the criminal who intercepted BNP emails . . . and isn't it interesting how the contents of those emails ended up on Searchlight/UAF?

My money is for mole is as follows:

1. Prime suspect: Steve "The Snoop" Blake;

2. Second suspect: Sadie "Pyscho-liar" Graham;

3. Third suspect: Ian "Silent Farter" Dawson.

Anonymous said...

Hope you die slowly you beardy weirdy fuckface...hopefully posh cunts will walk over you as you lie in agony in a London gutter.

Sadie for Leader.

Anonymous said...

hey you big headed cunt why not please list your miltary service.

never speak of a shield wall unless yu have ever been in one and you poncy little legal poof can suck my Para 2 dick and you will never have any of the honour of serving my country.

you shit head


Anonymous said...

I see the "literate ex squaddies" are rushing over themselves to look foolish as they try to cover their tracks.
Their foolish little blogs are recieving little support except from the occasional hike from UAF pretending to speak for disgruntled Nationalists.
The Scottish buffoon in Aberdeen has resorted to posting photo's of his children and Smith's newborn in an attenpt to garner sympathy and the Ahhh vote from Leftie women.
Genuine Nationalists are wary of involving their families in their politics as we know the depravity of the Left for intimidation and victimisation knows no limits.
He mocks the diligent men who have stepped into the breach to repair the damage he has done. A real piece of work deserving of the cold shoulder he is getting.
You ask reasonable pertinent questions Mr Barnes, it's no surprise you're not getting any answers.

Anonymous said...

That ones a disgrace and he's only posting sychophantic stuff from obvious Lefties he can answer in puffed up prose about honour (sic)
I wanted to know how they'd got my e-mail addy to send me real bnp begging letters when they said they'd encrypted members details and theoretically he and Smith and Graham shouldn't have approached me at all. I await the blackmail threats next to "out" me as a member of the BNP to searchies etc.
You've probably seen these Lee but if not I'll send it to you.