Saturday 22 December 2007

The Treason of Judas In Their Own Words

I have been re-reading the transcript of the Sadie / Kanny / Matt tape and my comments are in italics beneath their words. The analysis below explains what they were doing and what their conversation reveals.

Note also how on the EiE Blog the traitors like to give the public appearance of them being an upright and moral group. Matt the traitor posted an attack on me a few days ago for me daring to use foul language on my blog.

But then note how in this private conversation it reveals that not only is Sadie Graham plotting treasonous attacks on fellow nationalists / BNP members and BNP officers but also that Sadie Graham has a foul mouth that would shame a drunken navvy.

It appears that sadie and Matt and Kenny are well versed at acting at one role in public, whilst in private they are completely different people.

They wear different masks when they want to try and fool different people.

To those in the party they were trying to deceive they wore the mask of the moral persons of principle who were motivated solely by loyalty to the party.

Whilst they were planning and plotting and undertaking their treason they were sucking up to party members and trying to build a support base in the party to assist them when they began their campaign of treason and subversion.

Whilst they were undertaking their treason, they revealed they were just foul mouthed traitors laughing about how they were betraying all the trust the party and our people into them and laughing whilst they were using the far left to attack a fellow nationalist / BNP member / BNP officer.

Now they have posted up pictures and statements on their blog where they now try and appear as moral crusaders motivated solely by loyalty to the party - which is just another mask to deceive their ever diminishing ranks of idiot supporters who were just too stupid to see through them and their ongoing farce.

There is none so blind as those that wont see, it appears.

They are damned in this transcipt by their own words and all the evidence we ever needed is contained in the words they spoke between themselves when they commenced this conpiracy.

Makes you think doesnt it how easy their betrayal came to them and how easy it was for them to decieve the people in the party ;


SADIE: Um… that wasn’t that public knowledge was it?

KENNY: Inaudible

SADIE: Ok I’ll have to have a think, um I’ve got stuff in e-mails but we can’t use any of them because it’s all um just e-mails to me and to do with stuff he’s said about people and that we can’t use any of that for this

( These are the e mails stolen by Steve Blake from off the BNP server, that they cannot use as it would reveal that Steve Blake had stolen them from other BNP officers private e mail accounts )

KENNY: Not really, not unless it’s public domain. Do you think we should go into … inaudible

SADIE: One thing you’ve written is, Mark Collett is, or who ever has written this, Mark Collett makes an arse of himself, um, it sounds like, um not being funny, it sounds like something you would say.

KENNY: I would say?

SADIE: Makes an arse, not, no?

KENNY: Does it? No, I actually used that phrase because it’s phrase I don’t use.

SADIE: Ok, really

KENNY, SADIE: Laughter

SADIE: Shit, I read that and thought INAUDIBLE

KENNY: Inaudible

SADIE: Yeah that is weird

MATT: Inaudible… widely hated by everyone

SADIE: Yeah, um, yeah but then it has got to look like it potentially could be reds.

( Here Sadie is announcing that the blog they set up must appear as it was the work of reds whilst it was really the work of them. In other words Sadie wants Kenny and herself to make it look as if those who are running the blog are reds whilst they are actually within the senior ranks of the party and secretely undermining the party. Isnt the very technique of concealment and subversion confirmation of the allegations made by Larry O'Hara, that Sadie acted as a red whilst working for special branch whilst at university and then acted as a nationalist whilst within the BNP. )

MATT: It has to look like they’re widely hated

( Here Matt reveals that the aim of their site is to create the impression within the BNP that Collett and Hannam are widely hated so as to put pressure on the leadership to get rid of them - and he also reveals he has his hands covered in the dirt of this conspiracy )

SADIE: You can refer to Ian’s letter in it as that is public knowledge. You can refer to Ian’s letter talking about things Ian mentions in his letter. Like about him being taking money and all that with leaflets. Because well, that is potentially, is potentially libellous.

KENNY: We could reproduce copies of that leaflet thing that went out.

SADIE: Yeah you could say as quoted by Searchlight or something like that, as put in Searchlight, just a replication of what went in Searchlight. Basically, we need back copies of Searchlight, because whatever has been in Searchlight about Mark we could use but lots of our people haven’t even read Searchlight, so how the f**k can we get loads of back copies of Searchlight, that’s what I mean.

( Here sadie reveals that they want to use Searchlight to bring down a fellow nationalist / BNP member and BNP officer

KENNY: Ask Laughs

( Here Kenny confirms that they should c0ntact Searchlight and sk for back copies of the mrag to put up on the site and attack fellow nationalists )

SADIE: It’s true, yeah

( Here Sadie confirms that she agrees with Kenny that they should contact Searchlight and use the information in it to attack a fellow nationalist / BNP party member and BNP officer)

KENNY: I asked for the back copy that reproduced the list of BNP branches and groups, do you remember from December last year?

Right, do you guys want access to this site to put stuff up yourselves?

( Here Kenny confirms that he and Sadie have already been in contact with Searchlight and have been collecting back copies of Searchlight to use to attack a fellow nationalist / party member / officer )

MATT: Yeah Ideally

( Here Matt confirms that he wants to have access to the site to post up attacks on fellow nationalists. At the same time as Matt was working with Sadie and Kenny to use Searchlight to attack a fellow Nationalist, the complete bastard was also in charge of the internal BNP security teams responsible for PROTECTING fellow BNP nationalists. Whilst he was in the role as leader of the BNP security team, he was plotting to attack fellow nationalists / BNP member / officer - one of the greatest betrayals of trust possible. )

SADIE: Yeah but we have to be sensible about who has it and who puts what up.

MATT: But Kas…

KENNY: It’s only gonna be us, Ian really isn’t it?

MATT: Kas, at one point you said about linking things to red sites, the only thing is if that happens then they can easily say it’s a red conspiracy or another red attack.

( Here Matt states that he wants the blog to link direct to red sites to attack a fellow nationalist and BNP party member / officer )

KENNY: Right ok, to clarify that, I’ve used media from left wing sites.

( Here Kenny confirms he has linked to red sites to attack a fellow nationalist and BNP party member / officer )

MATT: Oh right



KENNY: I had to use that because YouTube has only got 5 of the 6 clips, I had to link to Lancaster UAF to get the full clip of er… Young Nazi and Proud.

( Here Kenny confirms that he, sadie and matt have used Lancaster UAF to attack a fellow nationalist / BNP member / officer )


KENNY: Inaudible… we’ll have to take stories from left sites as well as other sites.

( Here Kenny states that they will be using more red sites to attack a fellow nationalist / party member / officer )

SADIE: OK, Basically we’ll all have to do a load of digging and loads and loads of searching and stuff. The only thing is we if we do any searching from our computers it’s traceable isn’t it? But then who the f**k is, nobody is going to take our computers and check our searches are they?

( Note the foul language of sadie. Here sadie states that on her computer, and kennys computer, are traces of their conspiracy that could be accessed if anyone gets hold of their computers. This directly contradicts the claims put out by the plotters that they had nothing on their computers that could incriminate them. )

KENNY: No. Ok. Have you guys got Google? Can you guys Google names?

SADIE: Google names? I’ve got a Google, I’ve got, when I go on Internet Explorer I’ve got a Google bar to search with.

KENNY: If you go to Google,

SADIE: I’m in it now, yeah

KENNY: Go to the thing at the top that says sign in, can you see that?

SADIE: Yeah!

KENNY: Click sign in

SADIE: Done it!

KENNY: Create a new a account, a new Google account…inaudible… new account


KENNY: A name that’s not your own…inaudible…Mark Collett’s fan club or something. Laughs.

SADIE: Yeah, I mean yeah what, anything.

KENNY: Create an account what I’d do then, is I’ll go onto this site and I’ll (inaudible) I’ll be able to add you guys to people who are able to post on this site.

SADIE: You have to set up a current e-mail address basically; it says your e-mail address.

KENNY: Have you got, have you got, this again INAUDIBLE this is the thing I worried to Steve about, and he says nobody can see these profiles. They are completely secure, unless you break the law and people go to Google. So use a Hotmail account or whatever you have.

(Here Kenny confirms that Steve Blake has been advising the plotters on how to set up the blog and remain anyonymouse to ensure their treason could not be discovered. )

SADIE: I haven’t got a Hotmail account, but you’ve got one Matt, haven’t you? Can we use that one?

KENNY: Hotmail’s not good actually, Hotmail’s definitely not good

SADIE: I’ve got an NTL World one, BUT it’s Sadie Graham.

KENNY: That’s fine

SADIE: So I’ll just use Sadie Graham at NTL World dot com

( Here sadie and matt tell kenny that they are going to use their own accounts to set up the blog )

KENNY: I’ve used my Civil Liberty one LAUGHTER

( Here kenny laughs whilst stating to the plotters that he has used his civil liberty e mail account to set up the blog to attack a fellow nationalist / BNP member / officer. Please also note that Civil Libery was an organisation set up to DEFEND nationalists from attacks by reds. Kenny as an officer of Civil Liberty was supposedly representing the interests of nationalists who were attacked by red groups etc at the same time as he was involved in a conpiracy to attack a fellow nationalist / BNP member / officer. This like Matts betrayal was the ultimate nationalist betrayal of all )

SADIE: Really?


SADIE: Alright, so Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com, ok then I just choose a password

KENNY: Yeah, just think of something yourself

SADIE: Yeah I’m just going to have write something down so I remember it, I’ll make it totally different, one I’ve never used before

KENNY: What’s your e-mail address? Sadie Graham…

SADIE: Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com. Do I say remember me on this computer?

KENNY: Um… it’s up to yourself, but I wouldn’t personally if I were you

SADIE: Ok, enable web history


SADIE: No, ok. Location United Kingdom. Ok then I accept and create my account.

( Here she accepts the pass codes to post on the blog attacks on fellow nationalists / BNP members and BNP officers )

KENNY: Yep, ok then I’ve sent you an open invitation e-mail to Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com.


KENNY: You log onto that you should be able to then post INAUDIBLE

SADIE: You know it says put my user name in, what is my user name

KENNY: Your user name is the one you see next to your INAUDIBLE

SADIE: Did I have one? I didn’t have one! I just put in an e-mail address

KENNY: Did you not create a user name?

SADIE: There wasn’t anything to create a user name. It says user name and in brackets it’s written e-mail. The user name must be my e-mail


SADIE: … And then underneath it says to log in user name and in brackets it says e-mail next to it. So it’s my Google e-mail but I don’t know what that is now.

KENNY: Let me just see… INAUDIBLE then silence and whispers

SADIE: You don’t have a user name! You just put in an e-mail and a password! How odd.

KENNY: Ok, right, put that in there see what happens, if it comes up we’ll change it

SADIE: Ok, hold on.

KENNY: Ah, I’ll tell you why, I’ll tell you why, ‘cause you need to create…

SADIE: See I’m in Google now, I’m in Google and it’s come up at the top right hand corner Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com that’s my log in name.

KENNY: Yeah that’s the same as I’ve got for mine but nobody can see that I’ve got treasurer at Civil Liberty dot org dot UK. But what we need to do is get a blog name for you.

SADIE: Right.

KENNY: So, in that case…

SADIE: Go to my account… er… edit personal information, oh it’s where you type in, you give yourself a nickname, No…. my user name is Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com, that’s what, that’s what it’s come up as, that’s my user name

KENNY: Yep, no no, that’s fine that’s fine, er I’ll just INAUDIBLE See in the Google account


KENNY: Open my account


KENNY: What do you see on the right hand side in my services

SADIE: Um it says er my services then goes to edit and then underneath try something new, then Google mail, adverts, alerts , groups, web history, igoogle and INAUDIBLE and then personal information and then edit.

KENNY: I’ve got blogger

SADIE: Well I don’t have that in my Google account

KENNY: you go to www dot blogger dot com


KENNY: Ok, my account, create blog

SADIE: Sign into blog with Google account, e-mail, password. Then do you have a Google account, create an account now.

KENNY: Does it not got to our blog?

SADIE: It says sign into blogger with your Google account and then you put in your e-mail and your password.

KENNY: Ok try that

SADIE: So I put in Sadie Graham, ahhh yeah so now it’s come up with sign up for blogger. Once you complete this process you will be able to sign into blogger using your Google account, e-mail and password. Yeah e-mail address Sadie dot Graham blah blah blah and then it comes up with display name and a box that I have to fill in.

KENNY: Good good, give yourself one of them

SADIE: Um, what the f**k shall I be…

( Note the foul langauge used by sadie - and note also the fake concern by matt the traitor at my use of bad language on my private blog. It appears that sadie and matt have one mask they use to decieve those they want to use and exploit and try and appear as upright and moral people, but that they also have another mask that they use when in private and betraying their fellow nationalists. Goody two shoes in public, foul mouthed traitors in private )


SADIE: what are you? Are you just anything?

KENNY: I’m enough is enough

SADIE: Oh right OK. Um… fed up or something like that.

KENNY: Fed up sounds fine.

SADIE: Fed up, all one word, I won’t put a gap in it, I’ll be fed up, I accept terms of service continue… Ok, you are not a member of any blogs, create one now, start posting, create your blog now.

KENNY: Is there add to blog?


KENNY: See that invite I gave you is there anywhere on that

SADIE: Um… lets have a look… yeah on that invite it says Enough is Enough has invited you to contribute to the blog join this blog and so accept this invitation by signing into your Google account below so I do that, shall I do that now?


SADIE: Sadie dot Graham at NTL World dot com, and then my password, ok accept invitation. Ok yeah, it’s now saying I can manage my blog which is enough is enough. Is this now available to view for loads of people.

( Here sadie confirms that the blog is set up and that she, matt and kenny can now post up attacks on fellow nationalists / BNP party members and fellow officers )

KENNY: yes it is technically, but nobody can see it.

SADIE: right


SADIE: I’m in now

KENNY: for admin purposes?

SADIE: OK I’m properly in it now. I’m viewing the blog, I’m in it and it’s got my e-mail at the top right hand corner.

KENNY: Excellent, INAUDIBLE… Click on your fed up name and then go to view blog, see the blog there and right down on the bottom right contributors

SADIE: ooh hang on


SADIE: Contributors enough is enough and fed up

KENNY: See fed up, that’s all people can see that

SADIE: Fed up and enough is enough … yeah



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alanorei said...

Thanks, Lee

Again, most illuminating.

As a famous law-giver once said over three millennia ago, "Be sure your sin will find you out" Numbers 32:23b.

I've seen language like Sadie's rebuked at our meetings - rightly so, for obvious reasons.

Re: allegations by Larry O'Hara. It makes you wonder if the attack on Sadie in Heanor High Street a couple of years back that was conveniently filmed by SKY was actually staged, also for obvious reasons.

Given that Party officials of the Treasury and Publicity departments have been targeted by the plotters, it suggests that individual plotters feel they had something particular to gain here, e.g. who would have replaced Mark Collett after a successful coup?

On a different but perhaps related note, I used to visit the blog of a certain PC Ellie Bloggs, noted for her publication of a book called On-Call Girl, about her experiences as a policewoman.

I don't visit her blog anymore. She clearly developed a distinct dislike for both my comments and myself.

But one time, I posted a comment with a link to the EUTruth site, The Westminster News January 2007, specifically for the article Signs of the EU Police State. The article is on page 9.

The comment was promptly removed by the blog administrator. This was most unusual for that particular blog - I had visited the blog for a couple of months and never seen any other comments removed - even ones that were quite negative towards the police were allowed to remain.

Given that both the BNP and EUTruth have similar aims and aspirations and indeed do dialogue at the highest level, I'm wondering what the implications might be, in view of Mr O'Hara's allegations. (PC Bloggs is about the same age as Sadie and likewise astute.)