Monday 24 December 2007

True To Form

This will be one of my last posts on the final gasps of the plotters little rebellion. To be frank is it now boring, and taking up too much of my time when so much more interesting things are happening in the world and country.

The plot is over, even if their MI5 handlers are trying to drag it on.

The recent news on the plotters site that the police did a search on their property is a typical Black Ops event, and further confirmation on the MI5 connection.

The fact that a Police Firearms team ignored all police procedure and knocked on his door at 2PM in the afternoon instead of 3 AM in the morning and then asked politely ' Excuse me sir, please could I search your property as we have reason to believe that you may have a firearm on the premises ' is about the most revealing fact of all in this ongoing farce.

What normally happens is that a sledgehammer comes through the door, then about ten blokes with machine guns appear and you are thrown on the floor, handcuffed and held in a corner of the room whilst they tear the place apart looking for the gun.

We all watch The Bill and know the score.

Yet in this case, the police knock on the door, ask politely to come in and then allow Matt to walk around without handcuffs on whilst they 'search ' for alleged firearm.

It makes no sense, unless it was a set up.

Just when the plotters know the plot is going to fail, their support is slipping away and the posts on the comments section of their pathetic blog are down to about five a day - the police are then sent round right on time to 'search' their place knowing that the next thing that will happen will be a long, emotive, sympathy story go up on their website so all their idiot supporters can point their furious fingers at Griffin and call him a bastard for 'doing so'.

Christ, it is so obvious it is almost embarassing.

Next their will be planted stories in the newspaper about them having 'death threats' all designed to create sympathy for them - though of course no papers have ever reported on the many serious death threats to Mark Collett and others and torture threats to kidnap him and kill him.

Nor have the papers ever reported when I, Nick Griffin, John Walker etc got death threats from suspected Al Qaeda members and we had to have alarms fitted in our houses. Nor have they ever reported the endless death threats by red against us.

Oh no we never got our death threats publicised - but if the plotters get some then of course they will get theirs in the paper.

The idea the BNP has anything to gain from using the police in such a pathetic and underhand way against the plotters is so demonstrably absurd it barely needs no comment.

Regardless of all this Black Ops crap, the point is that they simply are bang to rights.

We have all the evidence we need to prove their guilt and their continued posting on the blog merely confirms their guilt.

Why would the BNP need to do anything as STUPID as ringing the police and trying to get their house searched. That would just give them more ammunition to plead sympathy and make allegations against people.

Which is exactly what they have done.

We have THE EVIDENCE on our side, they have only the sympathy of their plotters, the support of the secret state, Labour politicians like John Cruddas, Lancaster UAF and Searchlight.

They are playing their sympathisers like Yehudi Menhuin plays the violin.

The more that the emotions of their sympathisers are played, the less chance they are able to sit down, take a breath and see reason.

This is why the blog keeps putting up pathetic emotive whining articles but never answers the 14 questions below, as the less opportunity for rational reflection ON THE FACTS the plotters give their supporters, the less likely they are too see reason.

The more emotive nonsense that occurs, the more the plot lingers.

Note how they have not again answered any of The 14 Questions below ;

1) Did Sadie Graham, Steve Blake, Kenny Smith and Matt Single set up the Enough is Enough Blog ?

2) Did Sadie Graham, Steve Blake, Matt Single and Kenny Smith put links on that Enough is Enough blog to the Lancaster UAF site and did you plan to add Searchlight articles to that blog to smear and attack a fellow nationalist, BNP member and party officer ?

3) Did you allow people to post up comments on that blog attacking party officers, stirring up hatred against BNP party members and to incite dissent in the party and did you post up emails taken from within the BNP server onto the Lancaster UAF site ?

4) Did Sadie Graham, Steve Blake, Kenny Smith and Matt Single hack into the private e mails of party officers and then steal those e mails and pass them to each other as part of your plot to force the unlawful expulsion of BNP members and officers ?

5) Did you intercept and steal the confidential e mail from the party auditor sent to the Treasurer and pass it to each other ?

6) Did you whilst acting as officers of the party set up, run the site and post up attacks on fellow nationalists on the Enough I Enough Blog ?

7) Did you incite party officers and party members to resign their official party positions as party officers on the blog when you were discovered as running the Enough is Enough site ?

8) Did you demand on that blog the immediate and unconstitutional expulsion of BNP officers and members regardless of their rights as members and officers of the party ?

9) Did you work with Kenny Smith to produce , print and distribute the illegal propaganda pamphlet distributed to BNP members a few days ago where you asked for funds to set up The Real BNP ?

10 ) Did you and Kenny Smith steal and use the confidential BNP members lists entrusted to you as former party officers to send the illegal propaganda leaflets out contrary to the Data Protection Act 1998 Section 55 ?

11) Did you change and forge party account statements in order to cause internal problems in the party and cause hatred against fellow party officers and BNP members ?

12) Did you claim to the police that the party computer was yours and was stolen when it is now proven not to be the case, and did you make other allegations to the police concering the ownership of party property with the intention to try and fit up officers of the party on false criminal chrges of theft ?

13) Did you tell people your house was burgled when you knew it wasnt and that your friend and authorised key holder let the people into your house to remove their property ?

14) Did you whilst as acting as officers of the party spread lies and hatred to other members of the party against other nationalists, BNP party members and officers that you wanted out of the party with the intention of causing an internal crisis in the party, and have your actions caused by setting up the Enough is Enough Blog incited hatred and dissent in the party and led to death threats being issued in your names against party officers ?

If the answer to just ONE of the above questions is yes, then in any political party on this planet they would have been expelled immediatly.

The Black Ops games being played right now by MI5 are simply because the only way to keep their supporters on board is to generate one emotive incient after aonther to bolster their emotional stupidity and to keep them on board with the plotters.

The last thing MI5 need is for people to THINK logically and realise that their resistance to reason is the sole basis of the support of their agents.

Stop REACTING you idiots and start THINKING.

That is the path to clarity and truth.


Defender of Liberty said...

Response to Tyndallite on Stormfront;

The fact that during John Tyndalls election campaign as his campaign manager you repeatedely rang Searchlight and asked them for information to use against Nick Griffin, as confirmed by Searchlight themselves in their articles where they mock you for doing so, is proof that you are a vile little searchlight rat.

Also ;

1) A ten year membership of Greenpeace is not a membership of the anarchists idiot nor is it membership of the ALF or the Huntingdon Life Sciences campaign.

And as for me being a spy, - why look how much I have promoted myself in the party as a candidate for leadership or high office by not being a member since 2000 and therefore not able to stand for election as not being under the five year rule that is required to do so.

Look how much I have attended AC meetings, party functions and party meetings to get information on people and look how much I have been at the centre of recent events.

Even the idiot plotters called me a 'satellite of the party' - so then monkey boy searchlight grass , please inform me what good is a state agent that is not a member of the party, who does not attend meetings, who has no contact with the day to day goings on in the party and who wins mugs like yourself their court cases of any use to the secret state ?

Oh yeah, thats right, it doesnt make sense does it especially when it comes from a searchlight rat like yourself who acts the nationalist but uses the enemy as part of his plan to keep his Fuhrer in power.


Defender of Liberty said...

Note also that Andy Ritchie, a known searchlight agent, has now come on stormfront defending the plotters.

Andy Ritchie is peter barker, known searchlight tout and spy.

It looks like searchlight have realised the game is up and are now deploying all their assets to protect the plotters.

Seeing as just a few weeks ago 'andy ritchie' was attacking Sadie Graham, it now appears this was merely a way to 'reinforce' her credentials as NOT being searchlight by having a known searchlight grass being hostile towards her - now they know the game is up then all the paid touts are being pulled in to protect their assets.

Defender of Liberty said...

note also the support of the plotters on Lancaster UAF over the black ops raid,

it appears that the plotters are now being backed up by the very people that were once attacking them.

Greg said...

Of course they are. They want as much division in our ranks as possible. Only the "rebels" can't see that.

Anonymous said...

Oh I think the "rebels" are very well aware of what's going on. Its tempting to suggest they are merely stoopid but how long does Stoopid last until reason begins?
No I'm pretty sure they are all in this up to their necks.
However redandwhite I dont think its had the effect they were after. Most Nationalisrs can see through the whole thing as a "searchie" plot. We're as strong as ever, still winning the hearts and minds of poor Joe Bloggs.