Sunday 16 December 2007

Who killed kenny ?

News just in that the hand of the devil himself has been shaken at a meeting last night in South Park by Wendy Testaburger (which begs the question what the hell was the crusade against the devil all about in the first place by The South Park Gang !!!!!!!) and that Kenny and Stan Marsh have been offered as the Judas Goats to be sacrificed in order to save their fellow plotters Wendy Testaburger and Cartman, by a deal that involved certain cartoon characters (and not kenny or Stan) being allowed to stay in South Park.


Anonymous said...

Kenny is great though because he keeps bouncing back every week in South Pork.
He's a great excuse for a pogram maker to keep spouting out pograms?
Thanks Lee for your waspish funny take on South Pork, you've managed to keep the whole thing at the cartoon level where it always belonged.

Defender of Liberty said...
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Defender of Liberty said...

If you add up from 1 to 9 of the above then do you know what you have ?


Its about time the people who have acted without thinking in support of the South Gang realised how deep this conspiracy goes.

Not only that, you are now paying for it as the fines caused by the late accounts are coming out of your membership dues.

Anonymous said...

Great take on the issue!

Whatever the merits of either side in this affair there can only ever be ONE thing that takes precedence - and that is the constitution and the right for all paarties to be taken into account before any arbitrary rule or decision is made.

I for one do not wish to be fleeced or have the wool pulled over by eyes by either side. I want the truth and the full facts, a right that all mebers should have access to.

I do not want from ANY of the parties involved the lies, the half-truth and everything but the truth.

It is good that you have seen fit to put a different perspective on the whole affair.

I for one have seen enough of Nick Griffin's lies and machinations but neither do I want the BNP destroyed or taken over by a self-elected clique.

alanorei said...

I never took to South Park - it was always too 'adult' for me. (I much prefer Shaun the Sheep.)

If you check out SP's Kenny on Wikipedia (not always the most reliable source, I know but convenient nevertheless and details can be checked elsewhere), you find he had some pretty crude expressions.

But at least he never went public as a destructive critic, as far as I know. A lesson there for some of the eie supporters, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

So true. Certain people haven't pondered the wisdom of chucking stones when they live in a bloody big conservatory.
I also would like to see the arse sued off those idiots who cast aspersions on others without proof.
Well done Lee for a level head, a cruel sense of humour and the ability to bring this sorry PR disaster down to the right level....or should that be Left level?