Wednesday 5 November 2008

At Last - The High Tide Begins Its Ebb

With the election of Obama finally the high tide of liberalism has come.

Only at the peak of the high tide do the waves begin their reverse and the tide begins to go out.

This is the high point of Liberalism, the peak of the White Guilt Reflex, the pinnacle of the media control of democracy and the zenith of political correctness.

Tomorrow the tide will begin to turn.

America will not, and cannot change, it can only collapse.

Tomorrow when all its delusions are dashed upon the rocks of reality, America will finally begin to wake up.

America should ask themselves 'why did Al Qaeda go quiet in the run up to this election ? ' - and the answer is because Al Qaeda wanted Obama in power. Now the terrorists will concentrate on attacks on US troops all over the Middle East in anticipation of the fact that Obama will pull them out.

But he cannot do that - as America needs its bases in the Middle East to secure the oil.

Their will be no pull out of US troops - Obama lied, and even worse than that he has invited the terrorists to increase attacks because he spoke of withdrawl and because the terrorists know that the surrenderists in the Democrats and media will put pressure on Obama to begin a pull out - which he cannot ever do, as without Middle East oil then America dies.

The fools who listened to the fools and who gave their votes away to the media will understand that the democracy they have created is controlled by media.

This is a historic moment, the high water mark of liberalism and all its associated structures and systems.

America is today drunk on its own stupidity.

It is giddy on the high of consensus thinking and obedience to the media created 'social consesus' which in reality is the creation of a few corrupt journalists and media barons.

The independence of spirit and thinking that once defined America and its pioneer spirit has now been replaced by craven obedience to the media and its mechanisms.

The Soul of America is dead. It has been replaced by a fantasy, a narrative of deception and deceits penned by parasites and self serving journalists.

The American Dream is just a thing of gold and glitter, a mewling whore for the rich and the elite under the control of th TV stations and newspapers.

Hubris always leads to Nemesis.

Tomorrow will wake up and realise that the delusion that things can change, under a black democrat or a white republican, was always that - just a delusion.

The blacks of America who voted for Obama thinking their welfare cheques will rise or because of sublimated anti-white racism and the whites who voted for Obama because they were told too by the media because of they didnt they were racists will all see their stupidity rebound on America.

Whether Republican or Democrat - America is doomed.

The American Imperium dies when the oil dies.

The Peak Oil Era has already begun.

When the oil goes then liberalism and the media die with it. We then face a return to Natural Law.

The election of Obama will be marked by future historians as the moment that the American Imperium of Liberalism began its collapse.

The tide has turned.

Now all the myths about 'white oppression' and 'white racism' as the reason for the failure of the black community in America - its crime rates, its killing of its own people, its drug wars, its welfare addiction, its family breakdown and its innate anti-white racism will all come spilling out to the fore.

Now the black criminal cannot hide behind the spectre of 'Da Man' running America who is responsible for their failures of self responsibility.

Now a black man is running America - then the Black community cannot hide behind its perpetual bullshit of blaming whitey for all its problems.

Now the buck stops with a black man.

It aint Da Man who runs America now.

Now the Black Community has to face up to its own responsibility and culpability.

No longer can the black community hide behind the myth of racism and blame whitey for all their problems.

Today the lie of Liberalism, that the white man is responsible for the failures of the black community , is exposed.

Tomorrow the black community will have to face up to the fact that they are the architects of their own misfortune.

Today the white community can finally see that their constant abuse as being racist by a corrupt media, was nothing but a ploy to get them to vote for who they were told.

America will not change, but Americans will change.

Tomorrow the black community has to grow up and put aside the greivance culture and the racial self pity and excuses for their own community failings.

Tomorrow the white community will realise they have been played as suckers by the media.

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Anonymous said...

Today the lie of Liberalism, that the white man is responsible for the failures of the black community , is exposed.--DOL

Although from a different motive, I agree with the above. Racism has always been exaggerated by blacks in America. No group in America can blame external forces for failure or praise them success. I should say that the black American collective (I personally refuse to call it a community) isn't all about crime and welfare.

Lastly, this vote wasn't about liberalism or terrorism but the economy. Things are getting pretty bad here and dems traditionally do well in tough economic times. His race was not a factor for blacks who vote almost 100% democratic in every election. Whites, including those in red states, voted for Obama for the same reason, the economy.

People are putting too much stock in the race issue since money (as evidenced by exit polls) was the driving force. Quite a few racially biased whites voted for Obama.

Anonymous said...

And you, LorMarie, are either demurring or delusional on the subject as to whether or not race was a key factor in this election.

If Obama had been another White liberal candidate, he would have been crushed in this election and Blacks would not have turned out in droves to register or to vote.

Clifford J. Wirth, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of New Hampshire said...

Here is what the Peak Oil challenge looks like.

According to most independent scientific studies, global oil production will now decline from 74 million barrels per day to 60 million barrels per day by 2015. During the same time demand will increase 14%.

This is equivalent to a 33% drop in 7 years. No one can reverse this trend, nor can we conserve our way out of this catastrophe. Because the demand for oil is so high, it will always exceed production levels; thus oil depletion will continue steadily until all recoverable oil is extracted.

Alternatives will not even begin to fill the gap. And most alternatives yield electric power, but we need liquid fuels for tractors/combines, 18 wheel trucks, trains, ships, and mining equipment.

We are facing the collapse of the highways that depend on diesel trucks for maintenance of bridges, cleaning culverts to avoid road washouts, snow plowing, roadbed and surface repair. When the highways fail, so will the power grid, as highways carry the parts, transformers, steel for pylons, and high tension cables, all from far away. With the highways out, there will be no food coming in from "outside," and without the power grid virtually nothing works, including home heating, pumping of gasoline and diesel, airports, communications, and automated systems.

This is documented in a free 48 page report that can be downloaded, website posted, distributed, and emailed:

I used to live in NH-USA, but moved to a sustainable place. Anyone interested in relocating to a nice, pretty, sustainable area with a good climate and good soil? Email: clifford dot wirth at yahoo dot com or give me a phone call which operates here as my old USA-NH number 603-668-4207.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting essay Lee.

"Today the lie of Liberalism, that the white man is responsible for the failures of the black community , is exposed"

I don't agree with this at all. The failures of blacks have been exposed for the last 12 years in South Africa and Zimbabwe and ignored, because those who created the mess don't want the truth of their ignorant meddling known.

Black failure has also been visible in Detroit, an advanced city handed to blacks on a plate and they turned it into a cesspit, just as they are now doing with Johannesburg.

12 years on in SA and still YT is blamed for all of the failings of blacks. In the USA, YT will continue to be blamed, the perpetual racist demon, no matter what happens. And liberal whites, those who screamed about black equality and white racism will not be able to face that they were wrong and will continue the marxist-liberal course of the last 50 years. They will never admit that they got it badly wrong, denial being far more comfortable than admitting culpability. Just as the liberal idiots are still doing in SA.

It will all lead to chaos, just as is now beginning in South Africa and that's without taking into account the flood of Mexican and Central American immigrants.

Perhaps chaos is exactly what the elite are creating.

"Out of chaos comes order."

Your points about Iraq and Afghanistan, the lack of productivity, oil and irresponsible consumerism are right on the mark.

What an absolute mess the US is now in and it is going to get a whole lot worse. You reap what you sow.


Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Lormaire,

I hope you are well.

I think you may be right about the issue that the voters voted on was the economy - but the issue that was used to manipulate the public was race.

I agree the black community is not about wefare, the vast black middle class is proof of that - the problem is that many blacks on welfare will think that Obama has been elected for them and is their meal ticket - and that will cause problems when he doesnt deliver to them personally.

I can see trouble ahead with Obama - not from the white community, as promoted by the media, but by militant welfarist and radical sections of the black community who will feel let down by Obama.

What needs to happen now is that the issue of race is opened up - and the plight of the poor whites in inner city areas who suffer racial discrimination from blacks -AND ESPECIALLY THE PLIGHT OF POOR WHITES IN PRISONS - who are raped, abused and beaten on a vast scale per year by black prisoners - in the hundreds of thousands - is looked at.

Racism cuts both ways.

I wish America all the best with its new leader, but as I have said - there can be no change unless the political system changes.

Obama is not a change - Obama is old wine in a new bottle.

The new boss is the same as the old boss.

All the best,


Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Clifford,

Thank you for the information - I will keep a note of it.

All the best,


Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Chris,

you need to keep a note of Cliffords e mail and keep in contact.

I may one day see you in the same haven that Cliffored has built,

All the best,


Bert Rustle said...

A perceptive essay.

I would hazard a guess that this will play out the same way as the Credit Crunch; an alert few will prepare, a great many will eventually suffer and the cheerleaders will not acknowledge their mistakes, even at the bitter end. A Greater Detroit beckons.

Both O'Bama and McAmnesty voted for the Tanked Asset Relocation Program and for legalising around twenty million illegal immigrants, a number estimated by Bear Stearns from money sent out of the USA. For these actions it appears to me that both candidates are detrimental to the USA.

Rather than the population as a whole, what actually matters is the number of males of fighting age, around fifteen to thirty. Within this section of the population I would hazard a guess that the number of non-whites it is pushing 30% now and will approach 40% before the decade is out. Furthermore, though very few non-white groups denounce and undermine their own members whilst promoting the white group, the reverse is not true. I would hazard a guess that as a cohesive group, white fighting age males will be rather less than 75% of their total.

Furthermore, as the policing, reporting and prosecution of what is deemed racially motivated crime is biased against the white population they appear to be holed beneath the waterline. However, a partially balancing factor to this may be that in Los(t) Angeles there are a large number of inter-racial murders. As whites are are typically not the perpetrators these murders receive very little coverage in the USA or the UK. For example in Latino Gang Targets African-Americans for Murder. See here for a partial list. Whites abandoned Los(t) Angeles some time ago and this process appears to be taking place in the UK as well now.

Steve sailer has taken a keen interest in O’Bama and has just published a book on him which can be downloaded before publication, America's Half-Blood Prince

John Derbyshire has reviewed it thus:

… Steve Sailer gives us the real Barack Obama, who turns out to be very very different — and much more INTERESTING — than the bland healer/uniter image stitched together out of whole cloth this past six years by Obama’s packager, David Axelrod. Making heavy use of Obama’s own writings, which he admires for their literary artistry, Sailer gives the deepest insights I have yet seen into Obama’s lifelong obsession with “race and inheritance,” and rounds off this brilliant character portrait with speculations on how Obama’s personality might play out in the Presidency. …

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:56,

Like I SAID, blacks traditionally vote democrat in very high numbered. Had Obama been a black conservative republican, he would not have gotten much black support.


Thanks, I am well. I suspect militant blacks will be severely disappointed with Obama's presidency as he's given no indication he'd cater to them...he shouldn't. He's already received criticism for not championing "black causes" enough to satisfy some.