Friday 7 November 2008

The Liberal Media, Africa, China and The Demonisation Process

Image - map of Chinese investments and takeovers of African states.

Last week Channel 4 news broadcast the first interview with rebel fighter Laurent Nkunda's whose rebel army has been fighting government troops in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Rather than celebrate the bravery of this Congolese patriot and defender of the African peoples, the liberal media call him a war criminal.

Yet when you read the articles below how the legacy of the end of the European empires in Africa has allowed the Chinese to begin the systematic theft, rape and robbery of Africa from the indigenous African people, you can see a new tragedy has been allowed to develop in Africa.

This time though whilst China robs Africa and steals its resources the West stays silent.

The reason why the West stays silent is because we are also the same criminal elite that funds, trades with and profits from dealing with China.

Whilst China starts wars in Africa and impoverishes the African people, the West throws development aid at Africa whilst making billions from trading with China and throwing British workers on the dole.

It is the greatest scadal in history - and yet no-one in the media will discuss it as the corporate media is a puppet of the same corporations that are causing the tragedies in Africa.

The interview is here - and it must be watched ;

In the interview the general gives his reasons for the rebellion against the corrupt government of the Congo.

In the interview he explains the aim of the rebel army is threefold - National Security , a National Army and a stable economy not based on corruption.

The main reason for the rebellion though as he stated, is to prevent the theft of the Congo by the Chinese. The Chinese are in the process of using Africa as 'Lebensraum', Living Space, and also as the basis of the mineral resources the Chinese economy demands.

Chinese money, mainly dollars and pounds made from trade with Britain and Amerca, is funding the despots and murderers of Africa from the Sudan to Zimbabwe.

Mugabe's Zanu-PF has received Chinese money for at least 30 years; Zanu-PF's national headquarters in Harare - found, aptly enough, on Rotten Row - was built by China.

Yet the media do not mention this at all - and the reason why is because the media are the mouthpeices of the same corporate elite that are profiting from trade and globalism with China.

China is the main backer of Zimbabwe and South Africa. This is why South Africa has not abandoned Zimbabwe because China is the power broker of the African continent.

The government of Congo have betrayed their own people by selling the land, the people and the resources of the Congo to the Chinese.

Laurent Nkunda, a devout Pentecostal Christian, launched his rebellion to protect his people and to save the Congo from the economic colonisation of China.

For this the media have accused him of being a criminal.

If he is a criminal then so were the founding fathers of America who fought the American Revolution against the British Empire.

Here are some articles detailing how China is taking over Africa ;

Reliable information on Beijing's African adventure is hard to come by. But we do know that trade between China and the world's poorest continent totalled about £30 billion last year - a sixfold increase since 2000.

China now buys about one third of its oil from Africa, mainly from Angola, where an £800 million deal to develop a new field was signed last May, and from Sudan, where Beijing built a 900-mile pipeline and invested at least £8 billion. China is spending another £1.2 billion on a new offshore oilfield in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Beijing has acquired mines in Zambia, textile factories in Lesotho, railways in Uganda, timber in the Central African Republic and retail developments in almost every capital.

The reasoning behind China's new focus on Africa is simple. If its economic boom is to be sustained, Beijing must find more raw materials and new markets for manufactured goods. Chinese oil consumption is forecast to grow by at least 10 per cent every year for the foreseeable future. At this level of demand, its domestic reserves will vanish within 20 years.

Thanks to Beijing's interest in Sudan's oil, President Omar al-Bashir's regime in Khartoum has received a windfall. Ten years ago, Sudan's oil revenues were negligible; last year, Chinese investment ensured that they totalled at least £3 billion.

Without this ready cash, Mr Bashir could never have sustained the war in Darfur, where four years of fighting have claimed about 300,000 lives, either from violence, starvation or disease. The military machine that has laid waste to vast tracts of land, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee their homes, was, in effect, bankrolled by Beijing. Moreover, China has sold weapons directly to Sudan, notably Fantan ground attack aircraft.

Elsewhere, China provides a convenient alternative for African leaders spurned by the West for their human rights abuses. Devoid of aid and foreign investment, President Robert Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe would be entirely isolated but for China's backing. Beijing has given Mugabe civilian and military aircraft, and its experts helped design a new mansion for the old dictator, in the style of a Chinese pagoda.

In the greatest movement of people the world has ever seen, China is secretly working to turn the entire continent into a new colony.

Reminiscent of the West's imperial push in the 18th and 19th centuries - but on a much more dramatic, determined scale - China's rulers believe Africa can become a 'satellite' state, solving its own problems of over-population and shortage of natural resources at a stroke.

With little fanfare, a staggering 750,000 Chinese have settled in Africa over the past decade. More are on the way.

The strategy has been carefully devised by officials in Beijing, where one expert has estimated that China will eventually need to send 300 million people to Africa to solve the problems of over-population and pollution.

The plans appear on track. Across Africa, the red flag of China is flying. Lucrative deals are being struck to buy its commodities - oil, platinum, gold and minerals. New embassies and air routes are opening up. The continent's new Chinese elite can be seen everywhere, shopping at their own expensive boutiques, driving Mercedes and BMW limousines, sending their children to exclusive private schools.

The pot-holed roads are cluttered with Chinese buses, taking people to markets filled with cheap Chinese goods. More than a thousand miles of new Chinese railroads are crisscrossing the continent, carrying billions of tons of illegally-logged timber, diamonds and gold.

Confucius Institutes (state-funded Chinese 'cultural centres') have sprung up throughout Africa, as far afield as the tiny land-locked countries of Burundi and Rwanda, teaching baffled local people how to do business in Mandarin and Cantonese.
Massive dams are being built, flooding nature reserves. The land is scarred with giant Chinese mines, with 'slave' labourers paid less than £1 a day to extract ore and minerals.

Pristine forests are being destroyed, with China taking up to 70 per cent of all timber from Africa.

All over this great continent, the Chinese presence is swelling into a flood. Angola has its own 'Chinatown', as do great African cities such as Dar es Salaam and Nairobi.

Exclusive, gated compounds, serving only Chinese food, and where no blacks are allowed, are being built all over the continent. 'African cloths' sold in markets on the continent are now almost always imported, bearing the legend: 'Made in China'.
From Nigeria in the north, to Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Angola in the west, across Chad and Sudan in the east, and south through Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, China has seized a vice-like grip on a continent which officials have decided is crucial to the superpower's long-term survival.

'The Chinese are all over the place,' says Trevor Ncube, a prominent African businessman with publishing interests around the continent. 'If the British were our masters yesterday, the Chinese have taken their place.'

Likened to one race deciding to adopt a new home on another planet, Beijing has launched its so-called 'One China In Africa' policy because of crippling pressure on its own natural resources in a country where the population has almost trebled from 500 million to 1.3 billion in 50 years.

China is hungry - for land, food and energy. While accounting for a fifth of the world's population, its oil consumption has risen 35-fold in the past decade and Africa is now providing a third of it; imports of steel, copper and aluminium have also shot up, with Beijing devouring 80 per cent of world supplies.

This is the legacy of the European Empires - craven surrender to the Chinese Empire through liberal guilt and capitalist greed.

I say that a victory for Laurent Nkunda is a victory for Africa and the Congolese people.

Better war than slavery.

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Anonymous said...

Another great post Lee. The weak leadership destroying the west is making it easy for the Chinese to become the new dominant super-power.

Look at this. While the US sent its sons and daughters to die in Iraq to secure the oil, guess who has outmanouvered the US and made off with the bulk of it:

Chinese Secure Iraq Oil

Funny how this wasn't aired in the media during the second coming of Christ.

The US is now a joke nation, laughed at by the whole world but especially by the Chinese.