Sunday 23 November 2008

Set Up Your Security Cell

This is how to organise a security cell for your area.

This explains how you can form and ensure the security of a lawful security cell that can operate to deal with any direct physical threats against our people.

The suggestions below are entirely lawful and are not being given as any form of inducement to any unlawful actions.

These security cells are simply for self defence.

The security measures that are required are required not to hide what you are
doing because you are doing something wrong or illegal, but because that way it ensures your security from attack by leftist thugs when you set up a security cell.

As long as you act within the law, you have nothing to fear.

1) ONLY USE PEOPLE YOU KNOW AND TRUST 100 % - preferably only use as members of your security cell only family members and very close friends who you have known for years. This is about local people protecting themselves, so use only people you know are trustworthy in your cell and who can attend a local incident quickly.

Each area and locality must organise their own tight security cells.

Make sure you know where your fellow cell members live so that in the event of an incident you know how to get their quickly.

No more than five people in any one cell.

The organiser of the security cell must be responsible for ensuring the safe and secure operation of the cell.

Get yourself 5 pay as you go cheap mobiles with a tenners credit on each one. Give one to each member of the cell.

Keep them plugged in at home or on you.

Do not use these phones for anything else other than in an emergency situation relating to an attack on your property or the property of others.

The minute you use the phone for ordinary calls then the security of that phone is comprimised. If an incident occurs then throw both the phone and its sim card away immediately after the incident.

Do not keep the phone numbers of other cell members on your phone. The only number that should be on your emergency phone is the cell organisers number.

Only the organiser keeps all the phone numbers at hand and contacts the other cell members on their phones in an emergency.

Every phone has a unique handset code number that identifies both the phone handset and the sim card phone number. After any incidents throw both the phone and sim card away. Get a new phone and sim card.

Mention to no-one outside the security cell that the security cell exists.

Never e mail any information about the cell to anyone at any time.

Never talk on your mobile or phone about the cell to any other cell members AT ANY TIME.

Never write down anywhere that your cell exists - leave nothing on any computer or paper that even suggests the cell exists.

You must make sure the cell does not exist - until the moment it is required to be deployed.

2) No more than 5 members in any security cell.

One is the organiser of the cell.

One is the person responsible for financing the cell eg getting a video camera and using it to film any incidents.

One is responsible for the security of the cell eg making sure that new pay as you go phones are replaced in the event of any emergency situation occurring.

One is responsible for post-action clearing up if the cell is involved in any self defence activities eg storing the film footage of the thugs attacking the property of those in the cell.

One is responsible for training and fitness eg martial arts and for explaining the law to the rest of the cell in the event of arrest. Be aware of your rights and the law.

The organiser and cell members must have a car ready 24 / 7 to use if anyone is attacked to attend their property.

Always take a video camera to film the people doing the attacks if they turn up.

That way you can identify them for future legal actions.

If you are filming the people doing the attacks you may wear a face mask in the street to prevent them identifying you.

Wear gloves in case of fingerprints at an incident as the thugs may try and have you arrested by telling lies to the police - so dont make the polices job any easier by leaving fingerprints around at the scene of any incident.

After any incident ensure that any clothes are removed and shoes removed and destroyed as DNA from the persons you may have had to prevent attacking your property may be on your clothes and footprints may be able to be used to identify you were at the incident. The failure of the police as an institution to assist our members when they have been attacked, and also the police persecution of our members, over recent days means we must assume the police are now hostile to us as an institution.

Therefore those involved in the security cell network may not wish to assist the police in their investigations after any incident. Therefore do not make the polices job easy for them.

If you choose to stay and liase with the police after an incident do not mention that the security cell exists - just state that you were rung on a mobile phone and asked to attend to prevent your family and friends being attacked.

It is not a crime to prepare beforehand to look after our own people and property in the event of attack.

The Jewish community in the UK have the Community Security Trust who are trained in the exact same procedures as these in this list by the Police themselves. The ex Met Police Chief Paul Condon acts as an adviser for the CST and the Met Police work with the CST.

We are now going to organise our national security network, the same as the CST.

3) If one person is attacked then the main organiser of the unit must be contacted on the emergency phone to organise the rest of the security unit to attend the incident. Any member of the cell that does not turn to an alert without good reason must face an investigation by the organiser of the cell. If one lets the cell down, then the entire cell is placed at risk.

4) If on attending an incident and violence is being offered by persons against our members or property - THEN MEET VIOLENCE WITH VIOLENCE.

Have the ability to respond with lawful force any attempt to attack you, your family and other BNP members.


In the event of an incident THAT HAS NOT RESORTED TO ANY SORT OF PHYSICAL CONTACT - Once you have the attackers on film and the threat has been dealt with then retreat from the area and ensure the film is safely stored away - not in your own property though - have a property ready to store the film that you and your security cell are not linked too in any way, so that if the police raid you they will not find the film.

It is not against the law to use reasonable force to defend yourself and your property or the lives and property of others.

If you have been threatened with death or a firebombing, as I have many times in the past, then I work with the assumption that anyone attacking my house is there to either kill me or do extreme physical harm to me - That means I may legitimately use extreme force commensurate with that level of harm being applied against me in order to defend myself.

I will use no force other than reasonable defensive force - but force will be met with force.


As the old saying goes ' It is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 '.

If arrested say NO COMMENT at all times.

Say nothing until you have spoken to a lawyer.

Sign nothing in the police station except to confirm your name and address.

Ask to call your family and then get them to attend the police station and contact the BNP nationally so we can publicise your problems.


The police will try and trick you, so just stay silent , say nothing and wait until you see a solicitor.

In times like these we must organise our own defence, not rely on the police or the government to protect us.

We have been attacked, victimised and persecuted and no-one has has helped us - the Church has not condemned the attacks, the police have persecuted us and ignored the attacks on us and the government have done nothing to stop the attacks.

We get the message.

Now the time has come for us to organise our own defence.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post Lee and I welcome this initiative.

You know I've been saying that we are at war with our leaders and those who are supposed to protect us and that I believe it's because they are conducting a coup d' etat to establish the nationless multicultural marxist EU.

They have offered more proof of it this week and as you accurately point out no one out there is speaking out to defend us. We can only rely on ourselves that much is now patently clear.

They've escalated it this past week and I hope there will be more additions to this post Lee.

I think now is a good time to educate oneself about self defence techniques and surveillance especially counter-measures and data protection. Amazon have some great books on these.

PGP encryption I strongly recommend,especially for email. You can also protect disks and partitions with it. More here:

PGP Data Protection

They want a fight let's give them one.

No Surrender.


Defender of Liberty said...

I am collecting the lists, thanks people.

Write to the police and report the site for targeting under sections 2 and 3 of the Terrorism Act 2006 as the lists are being used for targeting people for attacks on those sites.