Saturday 29 November 2008

Where are the Condemnations ?

Where is the condemnation of the Mumbai attacks from British Muslim groups and organisations ?

Is it because they know that British Muslims were part of the terrorists ?

Is it because they secretly support the attack on the enemy of Pakistan which is India ?

Where are the voices in the Muslim community to condemn the attack and to pass commisserations onto the families of British people slaughtered by the coward terrorists as they rampaged through Mumbai killing unarmed people ?

These terrorists are gutless cowards.

Into the pig skins they should go.

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Anonymous said...

I frequently visit your site. First time I post.
This is a good observation. I have been frustrated by this hypocrisy of tolerance. We must tolerate the intolerant. I live in Canada and I have been waiting for a politician such as yourself for years. I don't believe I will see this in Canada in my lifetime. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Lee.

It's always the same with the paedo-worshippers. Anyone dares to buy ham at a supermarket where a muslim is working, any blind person dares to take their dog into a taxi driven by a muslim and, Allah (pbuh) forbid, anyone dares to draw a cartoon of paedo mo and the ragheads are outraged.

Murder hundreds of kuffars - So what? What are you anyway, some kind of muslim-hating Islamophobe?



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I've noticed the same. Perhaps they're waiting to come up with a reason to blame the west for the vicious behavior of Islamic radicals. It's the shifting of blame from many muslims that I find quite disgusting.