Thursday 19 November 2009

Afghanistan - exposing the bullshit

Here below I analyse the lies of the politicians and media about Afghanistan ;

1) We are there to build up the Afghan nation to fight terrorism - why are we fighting in Afghanistan to build up the Afghan nation but at the same time we are betraying and dismantling our own nation via the EU, globalism, NATO and UN ? If Afghanistan needs to be a strong nation to fight terrorism, then why are our nations being weakened when we also need to fight terrorism ? Do our governments plan to surrender to the terrorists ? I think we know the answer to that as they have already surrendered our right of free speech to the Islamists in the UK by the Labour government passing laws making criticism of Islam a crime, the Judges have surrendered our right to jail terrorists, terrorist supporters and suspected terrorists, the courts have surrendered justice to the secret state and allowed in secret trials thereby creating a fascist legal system for our fascist government and the police have surrendered to the Islamists with political correctness.

We can see that surrender is the plan.

2) We are fighting terrorists that could attack Britain - the terrorists that attacked Britain all lived in Britain, had British passports or were given asylum here. The enemy is within, not in Afghanistan. British troops should be protecting Britains borders and on British streets, not in Iraq or Afghanistan.

3) We have to fight and destroy terrorist training camps in Afghanistan to stop terrorists coming to Britain to attack us - this is nonsense. The idea that we have to go into every nation of the planet wherever some terrorist may live is a license for endless war, an excuse to attack any nation anywhere in the world at any time and is the most imperalist ideology ever invented. Terrorists could train in every failed state on the planet, so unless we invade and occupy them all we cannot ever stop terrorism.

4) TO BUILD DEMOCRACY IN AFGHANISTAN - oh yeah, like Karzai's regime is 'democratic' ! with fraud levels that would shame even the Labour Party in 'enriched' areas of Northern Towns, Karzai's regime is a puppet government of the oil barons and US military-industrial complex and corporate mercenaries both US and British who work for private military companies.

5) To fight Al Qaeda - Osama Bin Laden worked for the CIA, Al Qaeda was set up, run, armed and financed by the CIA and the Taliban a product of the CIA and ISI in Pakistan. Therefore the people responsible for Al Qaeda are the CIA. Therefore according to 3) above the British government must now invade America and wage war against the CIA in order to combat terrorism.

6) To protect human rights - would that be from the Karzai government that wanted to pass a law to allow men to rape and beat their wives ?

7) To fight immigration - more Afghans have left Afghanistan since the war, and the same in Iraq, than ever left BEFORE the war started. The Iraqi's and Afghans are fleeing the occuption not the Baathists and Taliban !

The real answer is of course =


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alanorei said...

Insightful analysis, Lee

The rotten heart of the problem is that the environmental lobby in the US won't let the US Gov't exploit the country's vast shale oil reserves because it would upset the environment.

So the US has to steal someone else's oil for when its own conventionally extractable i.e. drillable resources run out.

The on-going death toll of these Mid East wars reveals the tree-huggers for what they really are - kingdom-building bloody killers.

Their colour is not green but red - in every sense of the word.

spiv said...

Lee, you mentioned about the gas pipeline, which had been the subject of negotiation between the Bush and Taliban Governments just before the false flag attack of 911, but you have omitted to mention the heroin production from the poppy fields which the invaders (both British but principally the Americans) turn a blind eye to, and which seems to be encouraged by the CIA.

Andraste said...

Lee, I believe you are totally correct in your analysis that the globalists want the energy, the Afghan pipe-line. Energy is the most precious resource, and the NWO have advanced strategies on how their hegemony is to be maintained... and in their vision is a future of reduced population coupled with more efficient means of supply and distribution of energy.

However, there seems to me one massive factor that has never been mentioned (as far as I am aware) in the war in Afghanistan and why we are really there. The NWO have their puppets - Blair, Bush, Brown, Obama, etc, etc... and these clowns dance to any tune their masters pipe... this much is obvious to any remotely interested observer. And coming back to said clowns, i.e Brown, who in reality cannot distinguish their own arse from their own elbow but they truly believe they are on some higher path, ordained from some ubiquitous Marxist deity; they will transform Britain into a more "inclusive" society they rant animate expressions of self-loathing (such demented soliloquies manifest into hideous reality under this mad Labour regime).

The real reason we, Britain, are in Afghanistan is not energy - of course this is the REAL reason of the NWO but clowns like Brown don't care one jot for energy. Brown is a knee-jerk, moronic reactive narcissist, therefore the NWO have played upon his vanity and his feeble ego in order to advance their agenda: tell him what he wants to hear and get him to go along with their agenda - and yet his actions, and how he commits our brave military, have no parity between waht Brown believes and the reality determined by the NWO.

Disregarding the machinations of the NWO and focusing on Brown, the Brown Shirt. Brown and his Marxist cronies need to contain the Taliban because Islamic terrorists can inflict grievous wounds on our "multi-cultural" society. Therefore if Afghanistan becomes the base once again for the Taliban where they are permitted operational space in order to train, consolidate, arm, and develop battle plans against Europe then they will send in their attack martyrs against such "multi-cultural" utopia's as Britain. And instantly the Marxist fantasy comes tumbling down. This is the real reason Britain, under Brown and his Marxist lunatics, remain committed in Afghanistan - in order to safeguard their "multi-cultural" dream, concerns of energy mean very little to Brown and co.

Adrian Peirson said...

Aaron Russo and Alex Jones video, Reflections and Warnings has Aaron Russo discussing his friendship with Nick Rockefeller and the agenda of the Wordls elites.

Reflections and Warnings