Saturday 28 November 2009

Burn them all - and let Al Gore decide

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Andraste said...

Lord Christopher Monckton on Alex Jones Tv 2 Talks About Climategate and the climate change hoax

AngloWarrior said...

Today, the BNP has been handed a golden opportunity to smash Ukip, severly damage the Tories and expose the whole rotten liblabcontrick to the public gaze.
At the same time there is the opportunity to nail the climate change lies and bring millions aboard to nail their colours to the BNP mast.
Yet there's fuck all on the website.
And where's NG's iconic and historic climate speech gone?
Is the editor distracted somehow, or too busy selling his books and his arse at the gates of Vienna?

Andraste said...

@ AngloWarrior

I agree. The BNP website news articles have been pretty pathetic lately. If Arthur Kemp is struggling at the moment (as I can appreciate as it appears he is getting divorced) then he should hand the mantle of website content editor over to someone else to fill in. Of course is suffering because of the lack of quality news on the website. Perfect candidate would be Mr. Barnes. (Bit of brown nosing there).

Anonymous said...

I too would like to see Lee have a bigger input in the main website.

The main site is often slow to react and accasionally lets the key events slip through its fingers, that's not to say it's basd as it is not, it is good, but it could be better.

a partnership with Kemp and Lee would be great, especially with a quick peer review system.

The website is where it is at, Lee needs to be a key player in that role if he is not already.

Anonymous said...

The article just put up by Chris Beverley on the main site regarding UKIP was excellent.

He also has a talent for writing that i was not aware of, well done Chris.