Thursday 12 November 2009

The Big Society - another Cameron Con

The latest con from the Cameron and his cabal of conservative fops, toffs and Thacherites is the 'Big Society' - which is nothing more than a 'Big Cop Out' ;

All this is, is a plan to cut public spending on essential social services so the Tories can then blame the unelected charities for the increase in poverty that results.

The charities that will be empowered to replace the welfare state will still be run by the same politically correct, left wing idiots as now - the same ones that the lottery donates millions of pounds too every year for refugees, lesbian pot making workshops, days out for muggers and burglars to the seaside and trans-sexual muslim gay festivals.

Instead of passing power onto the people, cameron intends to create a new version of the Quango-ocracy we have at the moment - where power is devolved down to more unelected, overpaid directors and managers of charities.

Thats not devolution of power to the people, thats another tier added to the state - the Charity-Ocracy where tax payers money will go on the wages, staff, expenses and running costs of bloated charities run primarily for the benefits of the trustees of those charities.

What we want is a a NATIONALIST SOCIETY, not a big society.

The aim of Neo-Liberalism Thatcherism was to strip away the power of the state and create a free market, and this project was then added too by Blairism which was Neo-Conservatism where the remnants of the state were used to promote the free market and a politically correct society.

Now Cameron wants to use the pitiful remnants of the power of the British state to create a nation that is reliant for charity on its essential public services - a return to the workhouses and charity run housing for the poor.

What we need is the repatriation of power back to the British state - from the globalist institutions, the EU and the international corporations.

It is the legacy of Thatcherism and Blairism which have allowed the power of the British state to be removed and the remnants of our political and economic systems serve solely the interests of the EU, the US and the global corporations, that has desyroyed our society.

We need the British State to be Re-Nationalised.

All devolved powers must be returned to the British State.

This means that the British State can then start to rebuild Britain for the benefit if the British people as opposed to the interests of the bankers and the politicians.

The British Nationalist State can then undertake the following ;

1) the re-nationalisation of essential industries and infra-structure

2) The creation of a Bank of Britain to fund massive public works schemes such as re-opening the coal mines, building coal to gas powered plants, massive green energy projects, building a national energy system, new train and tram lines, re-opening the canals networks and nuclear power projects all based on energy efficiency, increasing productivity and recycling resources.

3) The creation of a British economy that serves the interests of the British people

The Charity Britain that cameron wants to create would be a shameful place, a place where the poor would have to go begging cap in hand for assistance from the charities that get public and tax payers money.

This is just the sort of sick vision of Britain a tory toff would have - a vision of the poor being reliant on charity for their survival whilst the remnants of the British state serve the interests of the rich and the bankers.

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Anonymous said...

Play the NWO game and you get to sit on a unaccountable `charity` with an inflated wage.

Everything will be `privatised` into the NWO corporatocracy cartel and the masses squeezed a little tighter - you will now have to pay twice for the same or inferior product.

Pay for the product/service and then pay their pals for the profit!

Anonymous said...

Everything controlled by the same people but with no accountabilty and maximum perks for the political class and its corrupt treacherous stooges.

If it can also help destroy national identity and pride, all the better for the NWO.

However Lee,

This could be the straw that broke the camels back! far too many peoples lifes will be effected, and these will be people who knew the previous system so they WILL know who to blame.

Adrian Peirson said...

Can't we set up our own Lottery.