Sunday 15 November 2009

The Red Pill - Bilderberg

Dont watch this ;




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extant said...

Lee , you do know how fond I am of the red pill and it appears that the link is broken :o(

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi mate,

just checked and link fine,

cut and paste again and see what happens,



Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

Nice link.

Here's one if you haven't already seen it.... A must see film by Alex Jones "Fall of the Republic"

extant said...

Thanks Lee,Just seen it; the Red pill is the only way !
I have been following and been part of the BNP and associated sites for over 3 years and what stands out beyond everything is that everything I was told when I first got involved , that I thought was madness have come true or is true and it's fucking frightening.
They call us Racsists,Nazis,Fascists , but when do you hear them calling us Liars ???